Rogue Senior Executive Service Busted on Sean Hannity Radio

Many have you have written in to tell us of a show that Jonathan T. Gilliam did on Senior Executive Service.

A4T April writes, “Today Hannity’s radio show 3hrs was guest-listed by Jonathon Gilliam. He had head of Judicial Watch on. Almost the whole time was talk about SES. It’s hitting mainstream. That’s 50p radio stations over 50 million listeners.”

A4T Dorothy writes us:

Here’s a direct link from YouTube to 96 minutes of the podcast. Jon starts right off with SES and speaks a lot about it and also in light of the IG Report with Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch joining him from minute 19:00 thru minute 38:00. And yes, they talk about SES.

The Sean Hannity Radio Show, Friday June 15th. Jonathan Gilliam – The IG Report Fallout & The Senior Exec Svce (SES) 96 mins

Hannity Radio Show Recap: Jun 15

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Nice work, Patriots. We need all hands on deck to inform Americans about this rogue faction of unconstitutional governance. Who are they? There are many, many names that you will recognize in their rosters. Here is a short list of Senior Executive Service operatives that we found in their Plum Books:

Robert Mueller

James Comey

Andrew McCabe

The lovers Strzok and Page

Rod Rosenstein

Jeff Sessions

John Huber

Michael Horowitz

James Baker

Stefan Halper

Andrew Marshall

Bill Preistap

James Rybicki

Christopher Wray

Once we awaken more people about the details of the shadow government, especially with our Plum Book searchable data base, the more targeted we can be in removing it from the swamp. Then next on our list is the corruption of Federal Courts, Inc. and Federal Reserve, Inc, systems, as well as the British controlled Serco that manages too many government functions, including the entire U. S. Patent Office.


Just ask the folks at Leader Technology how it turned out for them once James P. Chandler, III, David Kappos, Sir Geoffrey Pattie, and the IBM Eclipse Foundation stole their patent and distributed it for free to the Silicon Valley Boy Kings.

Keep on telling other patriots about this rogue faction of government workers who are obstructing the President, handing our no-bid contracts to Serco to run the government, stealing American innovation through teh U.S. Patent Office.

Senior Executive Service Employees Get Red-Pilled!

Mulvaney and Trump just kicked SES out of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Did you know that they fly their own flag and not the flag of the United States of America?


SES flag

Here is another solution for these enemies of America…look up the Holman Rule.

SES annual salary


By the way, isn’t it curious how closely the SES flag below resembles the European Union flag. Coincidence?

us_ses flag

European union flag



8 thoughts on “Rogue Senior Executive Service Busted on Sean Hannity Radio”

  1. Makes complete sense. Add Paul Ryan & McCain. It explains Chris Wray’s underwhelming reaction to IG’s report, which was mildly stated but revealing. There had to be an umbrella organization & SES appears to fit that bill. Move these ttaitors out of their govt. positions. Americans don’t want their tax dollars blown on traitors.

  2. Weiner laptop seized by NYPD, Aug 2016 had irrefutable evidence of multiple crimes, seized by FBI on Sept 26, 2016 and suppressed [1]. Included were Orgy Island and other child abuse videos, which were state AND local crimes. FBI suppressed investigation, changes by feds and NYPD. Failure to prosecute is OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, so massive that only military tribunals can resolve.

    [1] TruePundit(.)com/”IG Report, Multiple Crimes”

    [2] Jason T O’Quinn @ABC13Houston > Weiner “Intimate XXX” file

  3. FYI: I personally heard the show on Sean hannity, I couldn’t believe I was hearing them talk about the SES , SENIOR EXECUTIVE SERVICE,

  4. The SES in the FBI is mentioned by the head of the FBI at recent Senate Judiciary Hearing

    Occurs at the 3 min 20 sec point of this YouTube video posted on Jun 18, 2018:
    Hatch on IG Report: “This is Appalling”

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