Kamala Harris is an illegal alien

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Kamala Harris is an illegal alien. She is committing immigration fraud and must be immediately arrested. She is a foreign actor and security threat to the United States Senate and must be removed as a senator.

Senator Kamala Harris does not appear to be an American citizen. Neither parent was American. . . not to mention that Kamala’s Jamaican father Donald Jasper Harris’ Berkeley, California student housing address did not qualify as a “residence and domicile” that would satisfy the 14th Amendment “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” qualifying proviso. Donald’s Jamaican, British & United Nations diplomatic sponsorships actually prohibited Kamala from any citizenship by birth claim pursuant to the precedent-setting case United States v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898). Conclusion: Short of naturalization, for which no evidence has been presented, Kamala may not even be an American. She was a Jamaican citizen at birth.


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Be prepared to have your N.W.O. brainwashing triggered re. the anchor baby question. The subject is off limits for you because that is part of your programming. That is why you have such violent emotional reactions on certain topics, and reject all rational, factual conversation on certain subjects the Tavistock people have determined they need to make you join their side whenever the dog whistle is blown. They have been refining these Tavistock Institute mind control techniques for over 100 years. You aren’t alone.

Push through. You can do it!

There is no such blanket law saying all babies born in the U.S. to foreign parents are automatically citizens.

The test of such citizenship is fact specific and the U.S. Supreme Court established a test in Wong to determine the critical issues of jurisdiction, residence and domicile, along with several other prohibitions, one being a parent being subject to a foreign power, which hindsight shows that Kamala’s U.N. One-World Order father Donald was and still is.

The primary questions in Kamala Harris’ citizenship as having been born of non-US-citizen parents (absent later evidence of naturalization, which she has not provided).

Since her father’s citizenship governs such matters in U.S. law, for certain, the Jamaican Constitution defines her as Jamaican.

Section 3C(b), Citizenship by decent, Jamaica (Constitution) Order in Council 1962. (Jul. 25, 1962). Caribbean and North Atlantic Territories, Statutory Instruments, 1962 No. 1550, Amendments through 2011 appended. Queen Elizabeth and Privy Council.
Section 3C(b), Citizenship by decent, Jamaica (Constitution) Order in Council 1962. (Jul. 25, 1962). Caribbean and North Atlantic Territories, Statutory Instruments, 1962 No. 1550, Amendments through 2011 appended. Queen Elizabeth and Privy Council.

Now, the question is whether she also qualifies as a citizen under U.S. law at the time of birth.

To answer this we must turn to the 14th Amendment and the Supreme Court’s clarification of “jurisdiction” in United States v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898).

wong kim ark

The Wong Kim Ark decision created a simple test for jurisdiction for which all the elements must be true before it applies:

  1. Child was born in the U.S;
  2. Birth parents are citizens of, and subject to the laws of, a foreign country;
  3. Birth parents have “a permanent domicile and residence in the United States;”
  4. Birth parents “are carrying on business;” and
  5. Birth parents “ are not employed in any diplomatic or official capacity” by the country of their citizenship”

“Domicile and residence” are questions of law important in many subject areas including taxes, custody, citizenship, student scholarships (in-state vs. out-of-state), etc.

Domicile defined:

Mitchell v. United States, 88 US 350 – Supreme Court 1875


Slaughter-House Cases, 83 US 36 – Supreme Court 1873


Miller v. Albright, 523 US 420 – Supreme Court 1998

father child

Adoption of Lindsay C., 229 Cal. App. 3d 404 – Cal: Court of Appeal, 1st Appellate Dist., 3rd Div. 199

domicile 2

Vlandis v. Kline, 412 US 441 – Supreme Court 1973

domicile 3


regent street 1

Obvious student housing… a 16 unit apartment

Certainly not a legitimate residence and domicile for citizenship purposes.


regent street 2


deport kamala harris


Michael Voris mistakenly calls Obama black in the video below. Obama is not black. Never was. Indonesian dude – also not qualified for president but SCUMBAG Roberts who gives his allegiance to the Knights of Malta, not the United States, gave him the all-clear to hold the office.

Y’all know that the gallows can hold many traitors? Just line ’em up. Noose ’em up. Drop and haul away. Next line. No different than the 4.5 MILLION people Susan Rice had murdered in the Congo, Sudan, Libya, and Somalia. What? Rice’s life is worth more than anyone of those she murdered?

Air force space command badgeTraitors need to spend some time in the spiritual world reflecting on their past life mistakes here on Earth, from the Rothschilds to the Clintons to ‘the lovers Strzok and Page. They all need to leave Earth now. Perhaps the new space force can help us ‘off-world’ these criminals. They have not been good citizens of our planet. After their “time out”, we welcome them back into their next incarnation where they will be able to make amends to all they have harmed. For Clinton and Rice, that will be a lot of incarnations! Get busy, girls. You have a lot of karma to rectify!

The Vortex — Kamala Family, Slave Owners

What we have here, folks, is an ILLEGAL ALIEN interfering with our election (see meme below). Foreign interference in the 2020 election. Make sure to contact Mike Pompeo to test him and see if he is a TRAITOR or a PATRIOT.

Remember that ‘Pompous’ asked us to send anything we had about foreign interference in our elections. There’s a $10 million reward! Here is one that he cannot ignore, unless Mike Pompeo and his SES staff are TRAITORS. Seriously, AIM Cats. Only ten of you would probably carry out this task…that’s a million each. Get on it! Save your mailing receipts so that we can track and verify to see how fast Pompous moves on this breaking intel.

Bundle up our articles with documentation and citations to show that Kamala Harris is not an American citizen. She is posing as a citizen which is immigration fraud. Furthermore, she must be immediately removed from the Senate because her immigration status is a threat to national security. Put Mike Pompeo on the job, patriots. Let’s see what he does. Remember, as Secretary of State he can fast-track her deportation. But as an SES traitor, he will protect the foreign interloper – Kamala Harris.

‘furtive’ noticed and posted:

Fox News Bret Baier just repeated the BIG LIE:

“Kamala was born in California and she’s a Natural Born Citizen, an all that…anyway who is running Trump’s campaign?”

Another ignoramus afraid to buck his boss.

“ all other persons born within the Republic, of parents owing allegiance to no other sovereignty, are natural born citizens. Gentleman can find no exception to this statement touching natural-born citizens except what is said in the Constitution relating to Indians.” (Cong. Globe, 37th, 2nd Sess., 1639 (1862))

Kamala’s birth parents had allegiances to foreign nations – Jamaica and India. Again, reminding you that her birth father indicated that his race was Jamaican, not African American or Black. Phony Kamala, from head to toe, from birth to present day.

Kamala Devi Harris. (Oct. 20, 1964). Birth Certificate, m. Goplan Shyamala, Caucasian Indian, Age 26, f. Donald Jasper Harris, Age 26, Jamaican, File No. 64-295984, Alameda Cty. Oakland, CA.
Kamala Devi Harris. (Oct. 20, 1964). Birth Certificate, m. Goplan Shyamala, Caucasian Indian, Age 26, f. Donald Jasper Harris, Age 26, Jamaican, File No. 64-295984, Alameda Cty. Oakland, CA.


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  1. Consider . The Mafia = British monarchy . the Financial mafia = Khazar Jews .

    The Rothschilds = The British monarchy . they became a Mafia operation from 1852 . the monarchy as Mafia was head of state of the British Empire from 1852.

    That was with Lord Palmerston who appointed Guiseppe Mazzini as the head of the mafia . and the inner mafia . we are told that the mafia is some Cosa Nostra from Sicily . but it’s not the case . the Mafia is the British monarchy . the other Mafia is the Financial mafia, which is Khazar Jew.

    What are the Rothschilds worth . how much do they own.

    Since William the Conqueror in 1066 all of the property of England, Britain . the United Kingdom belongs to the Crown . when we think we own our property outright . when we have no debts due on our house . we just own license to the title . it’s the monarchy that actually owns all the property!. Cheers

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