Hillary is a Chinese Agent

The AIM-AFI research teams reviewed the Grassley – Johnson Investigation of the DOJ’s and FBI’s Handling of the Clinton Investigation. Their initial findings are highlighted below the audio.  Listen to Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben talk about these national security crimes.

Hillary is a Chinese Agent

Hillary was our first Clinton Foundation Secretary of State.

She knew it would eventually be discovered, but the SES would protect her until the Chinese takeover was accomplished, then it would not matter.

The engineer who set up this system knew these idiots didn’t know they were leaving a trail to China.

First, this reports shows ample proof that within weeks of her nomination to be Secretary of State (Jan. 21, 2009), Hillary as Secretary of State was using her clintonemail.com private server to conduct The People’s business and secretly send each and every one of her emails to The People’s Republic of China.

Here’s an indexed version:

Staff Memo. (Aug. 14, 2019). To Charles E. Grassley and Ron H. Johnson on Investigation of the DOJ’s and FBI’s Handling of the Clinton Investigation, 105 pgs. U.S. Senate.



This is a criminal offense.

sullivan 2.jpg

Jake Sullivan was sending messages to Hillary from the State Department to her Blackberry (routed through a Blackberry “decombobulator” server “@bxe1228.bisx.prod.on.blackberry” ) to her private email server.

This is a criminal offense on both sides of this transaction.

clinton email 1.jpg

Press Information. (Accessed Aug. 15, 2019). Introduction to Shandong CARTER HEAVY INDUSTRY Machinery Co. Ltd. Carter Heavy Industry.


carter industry.jpg

Note: Carter has an R&D office in Illinois, according to their website.

This is a criminal offense.

Hillary is having State.gov communications automatically forwarded to third parties without being evident to the sender or receiver ( carterheavyindustries@gmail.com ) and to her private mail.clintonemail.com server.

Carter Heavy Industries is a Chinese heavy equipment company. https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1161930684954550272.html

clinton email 2.jpg

Everyone at the State Department could easily see Hillary was using her private server. This Email was being secretly forwarded to the Chinese company Carter Heavy Industries that had an R&D office in Illinois, according to their website.

By not reporting Hillary’s breach of Email protocol, each of these employee became co-conspirators in this racketeering across state lines.

These are each criminal offenses.

clinton email 3.jpg

Here’s another email being sent by Hillary @clintonemail.com to Jake Sullivan @state.gov with a copy forwarded to the CHINESE company carterheavyindustries@gmail.com

This is a criminal offense.

clinton email 4.jpg


Michael and Douglas also discussed Obama’s Executive Order #13526:




6 thoughts on “Hillary is a Chinese Agent”

  1. Yes, this was a total conspiracy and a takeover of our government, our manufacturing and technology, engineering and all that made America great over several hundred years. We are so proud to have our savior, President Donald J. Trump on the scene to destroy the evil plot of Ahab and Jezebel, to take over our country and install the communist agenda in our nation. Praise God for a reprieve. But we must pray and continue to pray that God continue to intervene and reverse the downward spiral we were in, due to subversives, the Clintons and all their cohorts to take our nation down. Praise God for His mercies.

      1. actually, the Savior of our nation is the Lord Jesus Christ, Yeshua, who raises up leaders and takes down leaders. Blessed be the name of the Lord forever! He it is to whom we must turn and faithfully look for guidance and mercy from our enemies, who are still pursuing us and will try to overtake us if we let our guard down, So prayer is the vigil that keeps the enemy at bay.

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