Were you conned by the Q psyop?

We were sent some great questions about the unmasking of Q as a sophisticated psyop. We asked our readers to send us questions. Below this audio discussion, you can read the questions that are being addressed in this audio discussion.

If you continue below to the very bottom under comments, you will find an interesting conversation about Cicada 3301, Q, and other matters.

Peggy commented on Patriots Expose Q Psyops

I wondered why Jerome Corsi and Q were saying a few weeks back Assange was free and removed to Switzerland.Now this week he is clearly still in Equadorian Embassy in London without internet and visitor privileges.My concern is with all the headlines on Alt media and Q site nothing changes at all in reality.


bj commented on Patriots Expose Q Psyops

Post 975 was not by Q. You guys really know so little and try so hard to act smart. Post 975 was not by Q. Anyone can tell by the trip code used to identify the poster. Qs is highlighted BLUE. Also Please Note: Qs reply is YOU FAILED. So silly Thomas can suck it all back in. Q is not dead. Simply moving into new digs. Its impossible to imagine as Thomas suggest, that Q was operating without Trumps knowledge and approval. Trumps was tickled in announcing the operation, THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM. Why so hard to imagine. This President Twitters to reach his people. The 4 and 8 chans are the closest to anonymous and free. It was a perfect place to host a gathering of supporters that would educate other people. Because the coming months will explode people’s heads. If not prepared could lead to violence. the chans were also selected because there were [people there that were suited to do the detailed and obsessive work to assemble the clues into actual evidence. Links from one group to another, a catalog of crime across time and across countries. Massive amounts of data were assembled and organized. ready to red pill. What a terrible psyop. The members so busy with the digging and organizing that they forget to eat and sleep. Enormous enthusiasm for the country and the chasing of criminals. Trump has been involved in many many confirmations and authentications of Q. And be clear. Q is not a person. It is a group. Q has also been authenticated by several other intel sources in Intelligence Circles. But you must have an open mind. Cause you are in a Psyop. Only follow your two gurus. Do not investigate or validate. Stay quiet and passive and do what you are told. Thomas will let you know.


Limo wreck

Thomas completely mis-read the GA board exchange today re Q. I will try to summarize.
1. It really seems Thomas has never once visited that board or perhaps even 8ch before. (Understandable – it takes more than a quick visit)

2. Thomas assumes his friends at Cicada took down /GA and had an exchange with Q on the board (he cited that Q was replying to user “anonymous”). That’s not accurate…
(a) all users are called “anonymous” which you can blatantly see for yourselves.
(b) Q often replies to various users on 8ch so a reply by Q is normal. (c), Q seems to have forgot his password and had to use a new trip code to temporarily post to CodeMonkey (“CM”) who is the board admin about the issue. Post 822075 he said hey /CM/ I’m locked out. He mentioned their network sniffers see multiple attempts to override the password lockout feature. So his team will setup a new board and be in touch. This is what happened in Dec 2017 to Q on 4ch. It’s not like there is a help desk. Just hover over the thread 824569 link to see the detailed conversation. CM confirmed to Q he was verified in the log files and it’s a simple fix. The GA board was not “taken down” by white hats. There is no evidence that happened. Q forgot his password.

3. Now for the exchange with the users “calling out Q”. It should be noted that (whomever this person is) is saying that both Q and CodeMonkey have been killed by CIA and have taken over their accounts (this is the user Thomas has aligned himself with now). This user also mentioned that the admins have CLOSED part of the OpenSource program used for 8ch (please read https://8ch.net/sudo/res/72662.html#73156 in detail). He states if someone is closing a portion to manipulate the site on the backend – this is a red flag. THIS USER IS NOT AN ADMIN ON THE SITE AND DOES NOT HAVE FULL ACCESS TO VALIDATE THESE CLAIMS.

Using the same temp trip code, Q took the opportunity to reply to this user that he is full of shit. “you failed”. Everyone knows cbts was corrupted months ago and is no good. anyone mentioning AIM on other boards has no bearing. Those boards have all been compromised.

If you’re new to 8ch /GA/ board there are MULTIPLE BOARD ADMINS including CodeMonkey and Baruch. They were interviewed multiple times by TracyBeanz, very nice guys and they know this board because they CREATED IT. They explained what happened with the tripcode in early January. Someone did try and pose as Q but failed and they can prove it. Unless THEY verify an accusation by another general user about Q or the site being corrupted, the accusation itself is simple not credible. The forensic evidence (log files) presented by this accuser about Q is weak according to the board mods. So why in the world would Thomas claim “proof!” given the history of this site or given it was dismissed by the MULTIPLE people who OWN THIS BOARD. Remember Q is a user not an admin. Is Thomas also saying the Board Ops have been snuffed out and replaced by an imposter? If anyone gives weight to this claim, it should be Baruch who has already chimed in on the site.

4. I watched the video “Q Leaked Plugged” by AIM by Thomas and Betsy today. It raised more questions rather than “Kill Q” or provide “proof”. First, “on Jan, 5th 2017 Cicada released their annual puzzle”..
(the 2017 puzzle began “a fluud is coming). The very next statement the narrator says..”weeks later a flood of leaks hit washington. this was some bold prophecies” – then they show a Q POST (119769 “the flood is coming”) from Jan 21, 2018 while saying “this was stunningly accurate” it’s at 0:28 of the video. Thomas and Cicada say any Q posts after Jan 7, 2018 are fake. So why did this video show an actual Q post AT ALL? Why show one AFTER Jan 7, 2018. Finally, the video credits Cicada for releasing the first triple-layer cipher which is great. But oddly, at 0:44 there is an noticeable audio edit when the narrator says “..and if that blatant RIPOFF wasn’t enough keep watching it gets worse. Cicada 3301 release Z”. At this point, it’s obvious the stuff about Q was inserted into this video. The narrator never even mentions Q at all! Why would you post a video supposedly about Q when the audio itself was taken from some other video? It’s a very sloppy video up front but the pictures are pretty at the end.

Cicada is definitely an impressive annual challenge. Thomas is right these people are truly genius but I don’t see any sign of them on 8ch. If you search Cicada 3301 on youtube you’ll see a video called “TRUE Story the man that worked for Cicada” and another called “Cicada 3301 All Clues and how they were solved”. The (second hand) interview with the 16-yr old who was invited to join after solving was fascinating. If true, the kid thinks they are not a govt agency but a group of individuals with global reach. He worked with them for a few years on new ciphers (likely the next year’s challenge) then got bored and went back to school. Makes sense given these types probably all know each other and make impossible puzzles to solve amongst themselves. Thomas and Betsy have made no connection between Cicada 3301 and whitehats fighting the deep state. have they? I hope so as they would be valuable rather than posting sophisticated cipher puzzles to solve.

5. Neither the video or the 8ch exchange prove anything about Q. It’s very odd that Thomas is celebrating given this video is so off the mark to prove his point. I’m listening to Thomas exclaim some weird victory and scratching my head thinking “huh? what proof?”. I could care less if Q lives or fades away. I’m not loyal to Q or Cicada. It matters little to me who turn out to be whitehats or blackhats – what we all want are ARRESTS. How they happen, how much is communicated or leaked and what anonymous actors we learn about is unimportant to the millions watching and waiting.

That is, of course, unless it’s all posted for clickbait. Anything Q is quickly becoming clickbait on youtube. If youtubers need ad revenue by putting Q in the title that’s fine I guess. Not a long-term strategy for subscribers.

6. I like Thomas and Betsy it’s just hard to follow the meandering and unexpected YELLING that happens. Very little is presented in a linear fashion but I do want to keep watching them for now. Jerome Corsi is not much better and his videos “decoding Q” are mostly fiddling around with the chat windows and impromptu housekeeping tasks while streaming. it’s truly an awful presentation for viewers. It’s like watching your grandad check his email.






90 thoughts on “Were you conned by the Q psyop?”

  1. I am sure there is some explanation for how two people by the name of Thomas are both:

    – CICADA 3301 connected via the music of Sophia Musik.

    – Connected both to Michael.

    – Both into alchemy.

    – Both thus indirectly or directly connected to Q.

    – Both into philosophy, anthropology and all other identical fields of study, including composing music.

    – Both interested in Q, with one of them being part of the original Q team and the second connected to Defango, who claims to have created Q.

    Come on Thomas, I know that on that weekend, you spoke for two hours with these Q people, connected to the other Thomas, to Michael and who in turn are connected to Defango. Again, our brilliance has figured it out without the help from anyone. Defango says he will soon explain what he knows. So it will not be kept hidden. 🙂

    I guess these guys are going to make a lot of money when it goes public.

    Pavana has done a nice job to decipher the Q connection to Rosicrucianism.


    Signed by encoded stars, decoded.

    1. Just crazy stuff happening in divine alignment. We are just a group of retired professionals trying to get the Trump Team “intelligence” we found in open source. As the election was unfolding we were concerned that the TT might be short on “real ” intelligence – especially when we discovered that the intelligence services were aligned with the swamp corruptocrats and that their goal was to overthrow the government, including the president. Prior to getting involved with our political writings and research, Tyla and Douglas were very happy in their world writing books on Sophia, the ethers, and educational material…plus our spiritual websites. We have an amazing global audience of really smart anthroposophists, neoanthroposophists, philosophers, and sages. They watch us build the AIM site and have been supporting us in getting our message scaled globally so that citizens around the world could have access to our research. We have always been the ‘Anonymous Patriots’ and posted around the internet on platforms that would run our citizen intelligence reports. In early 2017 (around February) we gathered up all of our reports and began the American Intelligence Media. The platforms that we had been posting on were growing a bit annoyed at all of our posts (smile). We have a number of really smart friends that we can bounce off ideas and these folks are known as the Conclave. They prefer to be anonymous (like you – which we respect). Our audience knows one Conclave member by name- John Barnwell who is our ‘cultural historian.’ In the course of our research we ran across Americans for Innovation and were disgusted at how Michael McKibben was totally ripped off by the IBM Eclipse Foundation. After spending hours on the phone with Michael and making sure he was the real deal, we headed to Ohio to get his story on camera. We felt this was our patriotic duty – since NO ONE in the media was telling his story and we happen to know that there are some incredible people that read our intelligence reports. We didn’t know about Cicada until someone showed us on the Q board that ‘anonymous’ had closed down the chans and had our name on it. We took this as the opportunity to do more work on Jeff Sessions. We do not receive funding or revenue for our geopolitical work and we do not follow Q because it is a psyop and a waste of our time. But it was fun to post the Cicada video as we absolutely adore Sophia Musik channel – which we recently started posting as it aligns with our work in the ethers and consciousness. We chose ‘stage names’ for our audios because we wanted to create somewhat of a barrier between our political writings and the Gospel of Sophia writings. Douglas selected ‘Thomas Paine’ and Tyla selected ‘Betsy Ross.’ We didn’t follow True Pundit at the time so we didn’t know that there was this other ‘Thomas Paine.’ But big deal – everyone uses cute monikers and stage names from ‘Diamond and Silk’ to ‘Alex Jones.’ Also–how people refer to us tells us which level they are in the Glass Bead Game, a game we established on our websites long before we knew what a Cicada 3301 or deFango were. But we get it – the development of consciousness and the waking process has always involved mystery and puzzles. No one that you mention above has contacted McKibben. He is as brilliant as you might imagine and an amazing patriot who, after being totally ripped off by Zuckerberg, James P. Chandler, David Kappos, et al, spent 17 years creating a crimeline of indictable evidence. Douglas only talked to deFango one time– Douglas and he did an audio a while back. Frankly, we haven’t been paying attention to this until we saw Lift the Veil’s recent video which we posted on 5-6-18 TNH. Guess we will need to listen to deFango’s next video.

      1. Thank you for the reply.

        We did not shut-down Q. It must have been some White Hats.

        On this video, Defango mentions Michael:


        On this video, he says CICADA = Q are Thomas:


        So I question what Defango is up to and who is the Michael and Thomas he is referring to in these videos.

        This video shows the Sophia Musik author proven connection to CICADA 3301:

        Unlocking Cicada 3301


        Other videos from PAVANA from 11 months ago, all videos before this video, in the week or so before, back to the Cicada 3301 anagram? Pavana video on Youtube give more remaining cues to make the connections I have made.

        Note – Not so important but for more details about the videos sync – Two videos sync here:

        14:09 minutes in.

        Phosphorous stone, Harry Potter discussed.

        Cues from Sophia Musik covered.

    2. Pavana was instrumental in creating Qanon. Her real name is Paula Voelkerk Davis and her brother went to prison for 47 years on child molestation charges. Paula is mentally deranged and has been for 40 years probably. But she is smart and she was involved in creating Q along with a woman named fox and defango.

  2. More info here:

    ▶ Who is Q? Figured it out. Watch as fake Q burns.


    (Thread being attacked by Satanists who have posted an offensive image).

    Synchronicity between the two Thomases:


    Who is the Fake Q? – AIM Truth Bits




  3. Interesting that you think White Hats would go behind the scenes and work in the digital realm to counter certain criminal activities that might have been going on with the Clinton election rigging. As you know, we have written several pieces on the Obama and U.S. Digital Service election rigging (www.aim4truth.org)…The real problem was something called man-in-the-middle. (See full research here: https://patriots4truth.org/2018/05/02/citizens-can-prevent-election-fraud/)

    What if we were to tell you that is why Hillary was in such disbelief that she lost? Maybe she and her criminal gang were counting on this kind of fraud and knew that in the end they controlled the digits in the ethers – no way she could lose. And what if we were to tell you that White Hats protected the cells so that they couldn’t be attacked? What if we told you that patriots have some amazing cyber warriors on their team? All election integrity warriors need to know how man-in-the-middle works so that their elections can be protected. And if they can’t protect the integrity of their electronic voting process, then move to paper ballots and purple ink on the finger. Sometimes the best dimension to work in is the physical realm, certainly not the digital.

    1. Very nice comments on this page. Thanks!

      We do not think that White Hats necessarily intervened, as we prayed and God responded at the last minute. There may have been White Hats also helping however. That we do not know. We did not take Q down the day he attacked us all also, over a month ago. Our exposing him and Jeff Sessions just so happened to coincide with work of White Hats who were taking down Q, his site and board, apparently.

      Thank you again!

      Keep us the good work!!

  4. Hi and thank you for the mention. I compose music. In ancient times, riddle culture was embraced. Mystery schools and priesthoods taught wisdom via parable,paradox, paradigm.I don’t follow Q, but I do follow AIM and enjoy their insightful articles!

    1. Wow, thanks for replying here Thomas Schoenberger! The Synchronicity is simply amazing! Your music is fantastic and admirable! Good job!! (Special powers because of the accident hey?)

      So you are not connected to current fake Q. Good, because it is completely fake, as we have exposed here at AIM. But that does not exclude you from being connected to the original Q, to to one version of them indirectly via CICADA who seems to have created at least one version of Q at some time. And, as we have seen from the Pavana video, she connects your work to CICADA 3301.



      So if the Defango “Thomas” and “Michael” are not referring to you and to Thomas Gabriel, it must be another syncronicity. Either that, or Defango has lost his marbles. Whatever the case, there is a very strong connection between all the players in this cast. All these people mentioned – Pavana, Michael, Thomas, CICADA and Defango are obviously all connected to CICADA 3301. Your website is a roadmap to the 7 steps of alchemical transformation, as outlined in The Emerald Tablets. Your youtube channel itself is the roadmap, containing the alchemical formula in a story line.

      We have Q1, Q2, Q3 and possibly even a Q4 now. We know all these characters are connected to CICADA and that CICADA 3301 is connected to at least one version of Q. So what will it be? Nothing but serendipity and synchronicity or is something deeper playing behind the scenes.

      In any case, I am glad all of us have connected and particularly that the Two Thomases have met each other. Now we have possibly found a soul mate twin to Betsy as well. (More on this soon as we progress in our research).

      So what is brewing with Defango? Time will tell. But certainly he mentiones a Michael and a Thomas and that they are connected to CICADA 3301.

      We know secrecy is paramount, but the connections are way too obvious and in the end the truth will out. We are not interested in outing anyone, only getting to the truth.

      The truth is that CICADA 3301 is connected to the supposed mythical character of St. Germain.

      Pavana has made several videos on the 7s as well, connected to CICADA 3301 and to your work at Sophia Musik, the road map. The seven planets represent the 7 steps of alchemical transformation, the secret formula of St. Germain as outlined in THE EMERALD TABLETS.

      I have not seen it yet, but your Secret Fire Series and Isabella carry the theme of St. Germain as well, the roadmap to alchemical physical and spiritual transformation.

      CICADA 3301 and thomas Schoenberger are in perfect harmony and are connected to the original Q in one way or another, either directly or indirectly.

      The key is found in this phrase:

      “To unlock the secrets of St. Germain, we have to think like an alchemist, like a Rosicrucian, like a Qabalist. The Main purpose of the Great Work is to create a transcendent, miraculous substance symbolized as he Philosophorus stone, the EXILIR of life or the universal medicine (panacea) – fascination with / _____.

      Have you seen the work of Michael McClynn and Mary McLaughlin (some type of prophet) in “Media Vita”? She is mentioned by Valiant from Rumor Mills and her prophecies carry the worlds “Tick-Tock” and “BOOM, BOOM, BOOM”, the exact phrases current fake Q has plagiarized. Her music is fantastic as well, highly recommended.

      As noted in this comment here:

      “I commented on a youtube channel’s post the other night that “Q” sure seems to be reading and quoting Valiant a lot…I’m Surprised “Q” hasn’t told us to “follow the lion” yet! My comment was deleted. Guess folks don’t like it when you call them on their B.S.” 😀

      “A link to one of Valiant’s posts below…he often has said, “Tick-Tock” and “BOOM, BOOM, BOOM”… I’ve been following and reading his posts for the better part of the past three years. The false Q is just that, False! Now they are plagiarizing those that REALLY do have the gift of prophecy.”


      The Seven Circles also comes-up in the work and discussions between Pavana and Sophia Musik. The 7 Kings, the eighth King being fused with the seventh = the AC. They call Pavana the “Immaculate conception” for some reason.

      How about turning some phosphorus into gold St. Germain?

      Thank you and have a nice day,
      AIM 4 Truth Anonymous

    1. That channel is the CICADA 3301 road-map to the 7 steps of the Emerald formula, as explained by The Emerald Tablets, the work of St. Germain = CICADA 3301. The Q source is the ancient source that at least 3 gospels drew from. That is the same group that proposes to be “Q”. They are certainly good plagiarists, for sure, whoever this “Q” group is, which has been wrong from the beginning. The original Q did not even call himself Q. And that may be the CICADA 3301 connection.

      Thomas, Michael, CICADA 3301, Q. Interesting connections.

      Thank you,

      AIM 4 Truth Anon.

  5. In the video Defango is saying that Thomas is Q and saying angrily “you fucking lied!” (directed at Thomas). Wow.

    I had a feeling that Thomas was playing with fire by entertaining Defango, and his delusions. With the rate at which Defango seems to lurch about and defame people, I’m honestly surprised he hasn’t called Thomas a “Luciferian” for his Gospel of Sophia writings. This man has betrayed the trust of anyone he’s come close to. (Exhibit A: Cicada 3301)

    The man’s name “Defango” shares the same roots of “Defame” / “De-fang”; these are obviously his two directives—to defame and thereby attempt to render impotent his targets—and he is abiding the “rules” by disclosing this directive in his very name. He is quite literally sick.

    While we’re on the topic of language, and mental illness, let’s look at the word “sniveling.” That might be a better name for him. “Snivelo” You can literally hear the mucus in his nose in most of his videos. This relates to what used to be called a “phlegmatic” temperament. It describes a clouded state of consciousness, and a disregard for facts or clarity, which is evident to anyone who has ever witnessed him read something aloud. He bumbles hurriedly through words, mispronouncing them at the highest rate I have ever witnessed, with total disregard for accuracy or his audience, and just plows ahead.

    His phlegmatic character is also on full histrionic display in the video, as he waddles from a McDonald’s (a perfect totem for his lack of impulse control and the very psychophysiological underpinning for his phlegmatic condition).

    He prattles on about himself with as little self-awareness as his regard for the unpleasant effect of his wildly swinging the camera around.

    The man’s immune system is not only congesting his sinuses, but actively impairing his cognitive abilities. (A similar process is behind the autoimmune mechanism linking autism with adverse vaccine reactions.)

    Defango is an irresponsible, obese, autistic narcissist, and poster child for the Dunning-Kruger effect. Just because this sloven can solve puzzles he thinks it somehow makes him qualified to identify who the current Q is?! HA! He should be given LSD and repeatedly waterboarded, until his maturity matches his age.

    In other words, don’t fuck with Thomas.

    1. Correction: I did not realize that Defango was talking about a different Thomas. My mistake.

      That does not change, however, my assessment of the man’s character, or lack there of. Defango repeatedly mistakes intellectual cross-pollination for solid evidence and positive identification of agency and conspiracy. He then acts on such speculative, unfounded, erroneously false-positive identifications to launch defamatory attacks.

      It is like Defame-o is playing the glass bead game, only instead of marveling at the synchronicities and admiring the harmonic structures of contemporaneous thought—and Nature Herself—he believes himself to be busting people, and exposing conspiracies.

      I personally know only one musician/composer and his last name happens to be Schoenberg. That’s a pretty close match. A synchronicity. But I’m not going to call that friend up and accuse him of being Q. I appreciate synchronicity, enjoy playing the glass bead game, and most importantly I’m not a phlegmatic psychopath like Defango.

      I may have been mistaken as to whom I was defending from Defame-o, but that does not change my recommendation as to the unorthodox treatment of his spineless immaturity.

      1. You are correct about Defango. Nobody should fall for his games. He claims to be one of the original creators of Q. Now he accuses some Thomas and Michael. Then we have Thomas Gabriel and his friend Michael. And these are connected to Defango. Coincidence. Defango was recently interviewed by Thomas Gabriel. What other Thomas could Defango be referring to? Thomas Schoenberg is clearly connected to CICADA 3301 and appears to be one of the leaders of CICADA. I did not say he is current Q nor that he originated Q, nor that CICADA or Thomas Shoenberg originated Q. Defango seemed to suggest that.

        The connections are as follows:

        1. PAVANA has shown and demonstrated the connection between Thomas Shoenberg and CICADA. This seems to be connected to The Sevens, to St. Germain, to the original Q source possibly, in some even if remote way. Thomas Gabriel also is connected to the Sevens. The two Thomas are mirrors of each other, except in appearance. Both claim not to be connected to Q. Thomas Gabriel denies any prior knowledge of CICADA, but Thomas Shoenberg only denies involvement with Q currently.

        2. Defango claims to have originated Q. Defango is heavily involved in CICADA and suggests a connection between CICADA AND Q. This may be where the confusion has originated.

        Defango suggests a Thomas and a Michael are part of CICADA. So if it is not Thomas Gabriel, not Thomas Shoenberg, (The Musician) who is part of CICADA, who else would it be?

        3. Q quotes CICADA and steals from them. He stole the ideas we came-up with also, as well as others from 2013. He makes false predictions.

        4. Thomas Gabriel claims to know who the original Q is and interviewed them for a few hours a few weeks ago. But he is a separate person from the other Thomas. I thought both were musicians, but Thomas Gabriel is a story teller and a writer and the other appears to be a musician and MUCH MUCH MORE.

        5. Both Thomases deny any involvement in Q (at least current Q).

        So, connecting the dots, if CICADA is connected to and being set-up by THE MUSICIAN, and the musician is not connected to Q, it must follow that CICADA cannot be connected to Q. Defango may be.

        Thomas Gabriel is neither connected to Q nor CICADA 3301.

        Much confusion may be coming from or originating from DEFANGO in fact. Many have accused him of being a defamer and that he covertly works as a deep state operative.

        I hope that helps to clarify. Any missing pieces to the puzzle?

      2. Yes, this does clear things up quite a bit. Thank you for the overview.

        Also, thank you for confirming that I was right about Defango. He is pathologically irresponsible, if not willfully malicious.

        I agree that Q is obviously a PSYOP, by definition. I’m not certain what faction, agency, or agenda is currently steering it, but I support anyone advising others to be wary of blindly following Q, or anyone, for that matter. It’s important we keep our wits about us.

        Anyway, thank you for offering your clarity and support.

    1. Thank you Our Spirit. I started reading the article and will finish later.

      So how did you communicate with this St. Germain?

      What is his connection to CICADA 3301?


      AIM4 Truth Anonymous

  6. Q is being currently run by Mossad, Israel Intel and is attempting along with other actors to get the U.S. and the world into World War via Syria and Iran. Now you know the truth. They use their connections to Intel and agents within the Trump administration to glean info. They post their global intelligence to sound believable and spy on Trump´s Twitter to post the appearing connections.

    AIM4 Truth Patriot.

  7. Douglas has been out of town for a few days and is just now catching up with these posts. He wanted to give you a response while also inviting our YouTube audience into this thread.

    1. Thank you for the video! Delighted to hear it!

      There is much more to the story that you did not address in your video. Please see the Pavana video I referenced:


      The video shows the connection between Thomas the MUSICIAN and CICADA. It cannot simply be a matter of like minds. Look at the video, THERE IS MUCH MORE TO IT.

      Another synchronicity – Thomas Gabriel says he composes writings for children. Thomas Schoenberger also composed music for children, per an article that I read about him the other day. The article also mentions how got hit over the head and from this was able to compose 4 full orchestra sonatas or symphonies in one night.

      AIM4 Truth Anonymous.

      1. Please let us know your comments on this video also.

        Can THE MUSICIAN and CICADA team please explain this?

        Thank you.

        AIM4 Truth Anonymous.

    2. This video was a great treatment of the whole mess. I especially love how you ended the video. While the corruption is unfathomable, and the system has become so sick, there are tangible solutions. Or as you put it a ‘magic pill that gets the dragon to go to sleep.’

      Let’s focus on making that pill.

  8. Defango true colors being revealed.
    Defango & Company attacking AIM.
    Online expose day

    Brad Pittman
    9 hours ago
    Stay in the light brother. My first thoughts about cicada and AIM was that, it seemed that they’re placing the info in such a manner as to only allow those who can actually discern the shit to read the info etc thus making like a quasi elite. Which to me is a negative thing. I understand wholly and fully that each must seek what they’re after in their own way but we are already veiled. I get he process helps to awaken and just telling people this that or the other thing doesn’t get the thought to sink down the roots of the mind but again there are lots of seekers who just don’t have the time to jump through the hoops even tho said info may really resonate with them. To me, bc someone may or may not be smarter, that shouldn’t be a case to hide info from the seeker. I hope this shit makes sense I am having a hard time wording it. Truth is truth. Regardless how you shape or package it. This to me must be the point. I know a lot of things are faith based and to each his own on that deal. But it seems from this vid that you were in a pecking order being controlled. Negative stuff. That’s what happens to the brightest souls. They’re so bright they get noticed. I stay away from anyone who tries to manipulate in any aspect. Can’t always but I try. Anyways I pray for you and thank you for everything you have done and do. Truth is light and in my eyes should be available for those who seek it and they can discern is spiritually however they see fit. Thanks again defango.

  9. Defango claims Thomas the musician St. Germain knows Thomas Gabriel and that the two are running CICADA.

    Please call Thomas the musician here to explain this.

    Thank you.

    AIM4 Truth Anon.

  10. Defango said he was going to expose CICADA a month from now. As soon as we explain the whole story, this Defango deep state agent suddenly mirrors our story about the MUSICIAN. How convenient!

  11. By putting out your truth about Q did Lionel alienate himself from you? Her appears to still be on Q psy ops bandwagon! I’m surprised he bought into it! Thanks for all you do, Thomas and Betsy

    1. We think Lionel speaks for himself about Q. We moved on. It is a psyop and we don’t want to be distracted as there are far more important things to bring to your attention.

    1. This video is just a pathetic histrionic spectacle of a delusional man subconsciously screaming for help. It’s just Defango talking more shit about Mr. Schoenberger. He flails through a few YouTube videos, and absolutely fails to reveal anything tying Thomas S to early Q, let alone the current Q.

      It’s so bad, in fact, that we’re I inclined toward paranoia I would be looking around for a camera waiting for someone to jump out and tell me that I’d been punked. In a way, I have been punked. I don’t understand why I even wasted my time.

      I did, however, find a video which gives a fair treatment to the subject—by allowing multiple members of Cicada 3301 represent themselves, and has Defame-o call in, at which point it deteriorates, of course. He ends up looking pretty bad.

      Anyway, at least Cicada is able to establish that they are anti-war (they definitely have nothing to do with the Greater Israel agenda, or Zionism).


      Defango is oblivious to the bigger picture, and has no idea how important Cicada 3301’s mission is. It’s not just about solving puzzles.

  12. Hello hello, rouge drone here. So you have a lot of knowledge young resistance fighters need your knowledge for future. Bless you stay safe thank you patriots.

  13. Thank you friend of Thomas. Defango speaks of his own experience. If one does not like him, or thinks his health is bad, this is not sufficient reason to discredit his story or to dis-credit the facts he presents. We are only trying to be neutral, without taking sides. It is difficult for us to listen to Defango also. We think someone from AIM should interview him again to get the true story and also Defango should explain this to AIM rather then say behind their back that they have created CICADA with the other Thomas. What we have is people speaking of other people behind their back, without a clear agreement or consensus among the parties. What would be the motivation of Defango now to suddenly say that the two Thomases have created CICADA together? At one point in the video, he refers to the MUSICIAN as DOUG! How can this be? He clearly refers to the MUSICIAN as Doug! HE SAYS THOMAS THE MUSICIAN IS DOUG!

    We simply cannot discredit anyone without hearing two sides to a story and that has not taken place. The only thing we see are people discrediting or discounting others without the full picture from both sides and with parties ignoring the questions raised by others.

    The Bible says that by their fruit you shall know them and that we should not have anything to do with people who claim to be Christians but bear the fruit of iniquity. Constant bad language is in antithesis to being a legitimate Christian and follower of Christ. So this is a very strong signal of people postulating to be one thing but actually being another.

    We do not care to argue religion nor support or attack anyone. We are only interested in the facts and getting to the objective truth, leaving religious views aside, with regards to all of this.

    So we strongly support the work of AIM and those who expose the truth and denounce those who claim to be “5th-dimensional beings” who claim to exist in all space-time as this guy does, while at the same time using fowl language, making claims about others without an opportunity for the other side to explain face to face the facts.

    And Defango suddenly came-out and broke this news on CICADA and THE MUSICIAN and on Thomas from AIM the day after we explained how Thomas is connected to CICADA. What would be the reason for this if not to create a narrative to counter the claims of others? But for what reason? Simply to defame? Is there any truth to what Defango says with regards to these characters? There is no way to know.

    What would be good to see is someone address the Pavana video, making the connections between CICADA and THE MUSICIAN.

    Next, for the players in this game to either confirm or deny the information being laid-out by others who make the claims. So far, none of the issues being raised by Defango have been addressed.

    The video by AIM in our response was very kind on their part and very much appreciated. It would have been good to see it produced however in response to the Pavana video and the connections she establishes between the musician and CICADA.

    The connection between THE MUSICIAN and St. Germain has been established. PAVANA has been explained within the context of Sophia.

    What is missing is the facts with regards to the MUSICIAN and a response to the issues of who is and who is or was or was not involved in CICADA. These issues have not been addressed nor has any response in this regards been made. We have various pieces to the puzzle simply missing and with all types of questions left open and not addressed.

    It is much more then synchronicity. We clearly can see the connections.

    Who is the Thomas who was supposed to stop posting CICADA information but continued, according to Defango? Who was it that broke the bargain agreement? How does this connect to Q? Which version of Q is legit? How could any version be legit if the first Q said that Hillary Clinton would be arrested and now a year later nothing?

    Has CICADA changed since now only one lead director has taken over?

    Why does Defango refer to the musician as DOUG?

    The video raises more questions then it answers and none of the parties involved are addressing these issues. What we see is silence and more questions coming up each day, with many pieces to the puzzle missing.

    Thank you.

    AIM4 Truth Anon.

  14. Please see 47:27 into the video where Defango refers to the MUSICAN Thomas as Doug.

    One version of Thomas claims his life is in danger. Which one?

    Defango says CICADA is CIA and also that is is a group of musicians. He says the rip-off report has much info on scams of Thomas. He says these people are all ex NSA, ex CIA, ex Mi5, British Intel. And Thomas one = ex CIA. Thomas 2 – ex NSA. Another coincidence?

    A member of the CIA giving a psychological review of Defango?

    Defango says in 37:20 min. into the video that the e-mails he has reveal these facts. He says it was Thomas who introduced Defango to RDS- a CIA agent.

    He says Thomas does not have access to the “PGP” key so cannot be the true leader. He said it was Thomas who directed him to the NGP van files and pen drive and to go to GWebb (saying GW is the wolf. How can this be if GW is exposing and suing the crooks?).

    Marcos Manner says all these people who support CICADA suck. They have no goal, just an idea. There is nothing there, he says. It is just one guy creating chaos on the Internet, with the names of the people who have created CICADA revealed, with one of them being the son of General Bruce Cooper Clark – commander of Europe. Is he the father of Thomas?

    Ian Murdock was murdered at 42 for having via CICADA exposed much truth and for investigating the crimes of the San Francisco police, according to many. Defango explains this.

    BRUCE CLARKE – CICADA founder also murdered. Ex director of the CIA! He fought in the Korean war and was a war hero! He got the rank of merit for his work in the SIS Secret Service! He was a Mozart scholar and a good friend of Thomas THE MUSICIAN. He was murdered in Vienna Austria, the same place The Spear of Destiny was found. Is this spear the spear with the ASTROLABE globe,m mounted to the sword with 12 sections related to the equinox?

    IAN MURDOCK – BRUCK CLARKE AND THOMAS the Musician created CICADA? Was this recruitment for the CIA?

    We have only one of the three founders still alive. Is his life in danger? This is the issue we all should be concerned with.

    Who are the Sons of Liberty? Who is Stephano?

    Thomas told Defango to have faith. Sounds like “Trust the Plan” by Q, hey?

    Pray for Defango and Thomas. They may be in danger.

    Defango says he got an e-mail from Monte Magover from Thomas the musician and it shows how Monte created !. He says he went from being anti-Q to being pro Q. The same people associated with CICADA 3301 are involved in Q. Thomas and Monte created Q anon and are now trying to destroy Defango, he says.

    So let us not discredit any of these facts until the full truth is out.

    Thank you.

    AIM4 Truth Anonymous.

  15. CICADA 3301 EXPLAINED IN FULL. Q-ANON EXPLAINED AND EXPOSED AS A PSYOPS. Original Q was legit, created by CICADA 3301, but taken-over by psyop agents.

    ① ”’THE ORIGINAL Q ANON WAS CREATED by CICADA 3301 and ended in October 31 st, November, when the CIA – Israel Mossad took it over. ”’

    ② Defango is attemting to destroy truth, liberty, justice, freedom and those who are seeking this via CICADA 3301. Defango is guilty – he is not exposing the true criminals, but rather trying to destroy the lives of true patriots!

    “While the government is bombing Syria and killing innocent people becuase of Youtube videos, Defango attempts to destroy CICADA and the truther community, going all over the internet, slandering people and attempting to destroy lives.”



    AIM4 Truth Anon.

  16. And more:



    Per comment made here:

    1 month ago
    leisha rommel

    “No they haven’t. I’m on the Chans and I was on there when the imposter was posting in real time. We spotted it as well as Q, and that’s why the board they post on was shut down. This was right after they posted “You FAILED”.

    “When a new board will show up we don’t know, but it’s also part of the reason they changed their tripcode. Clowns were trying to crack the old one, and nope foiled again! 😄 ”

    AIM4 Truth Anonymous.

  17. Note – please note how this “praying medic” character is actually a praying Manta- fooling everyone propping-up this fake Q anon. Do not listen to anything this “prayingmedic” says in his videos. The video was only posted to explain what took place.

    DO NOT FOLLOW Q ANON. IT IS A ROGUE CIA – ISRAEL MOSSAD PSY-OP intended to steer the world into World War III and to prop-up the Khazarian mafia of the Khabbalah and of the fake Israel of the fake Jews!

    Thank you.

    AIM 4 Truth Anonymous.

  18. Note: So when a rogue Q posted “You failed”, the White Hats took down the fake Q and may have been attempting to gain back control of the Q account by hacking it. So the fake Q created a new trip-code and a new board.

    Each time Q is hacked is most likely a White Hats operation to take-back or take-down the fake Q. This is why Q has changed his trip-code and boards so many times. He is being attacked by the White Hats attempting to expose his clown operation.

    Now you know the truth.

    AIM4 Truth Anonymous.

    Thank you AIM, Thomas and Betsy!

    Have a nice day.

  19. (Count St Germain} Sophia Musik


    Alchemy, music, the secrets encoded. The man who always shows-up before a nation is to fall. Rothschild the cause of the fall of nations. America is soon to fall. 2015 is the year the sign arrived.

    “The difference between a good life and a bad life  is how well you walk through the fire.”





    Who is Defango attacking but if not those among the greatest men on the face of the planet? Defango, a once in life-time opportunity lost. The man who threw away a chance.

    Michael = Michael A. Levine


    ……He scored the Lego DC Supergirls film, Brain Drain, the not-yet-released George Lucas-produced Star Wars Detours animated Star Wars parody, and the award-winning documentary


      1. It is frustrating to be mis-understood but reckon that is just part of life. We have stated that Defango must be referring to Michael Levine, in his associations with Thomas S. and not Michael Douglas. I hope this sets things straight. And in your video review, which you kindly produced, Thomas said that whoever the anonymous is that wrote these things did not watch your original videos about the fake Q. How could we have not watched them if we are the one the prophecy was about and we are the ones who took down the fake Q as we denounced Jeff Sessions and all the others? Various facts need to be clarified. And yes, Defango is attacking perhaps the greatest musicians on the planet. Their music is admirable and fascinating!

        Remember, we have divine appointment to destroy the demonic NWO and our mission is at least 50% accomplished. However, we still have a long way to go. We should all get behind those who are also fighting to restore our Republic and expose the take-over of our Republic by Crown Agents. Defango is not doing us a favor, as he is attacking those who seek to free humanity and not denouncing those who are attempting to lead us to World War III, by breaking nuclear treaties and bombing innocent countries and leaders without consulting Congress or the United Nations Assembly before carrying-out reckless bombing raids.

        Please also compare these two videos and maybe the pieces will come together:



        I hope this helps to clarify things.

        Thank you.

        AIM4Truth Anonymous.

    1. This was a good video.

      LTF also made another great video, yesterday, about the Q method of psychological research, which is fascinating. It may just be a ‘coincidence’ to have that name, or is it a double entendre?

      We may all be unwitting participants in a massive psychological study used to sort and catalogue us all according to how we interpret ambiguous ‘Q’ posts—as well as analyzing and mapping-out the social information networks we use to disseminate our ideas about Q.

      I find it especially fascinating to apply this Q research concept to the identity we presume to be behind Q.

      Some people are absolutely SURE that Q is Mossad. Others are convinced it’s DIA, or an A.I. etc. Many are SURE of it. Others only know that they don’t know.

      This most recent video, presents the claim that Q is run by a collective of people who post on the CBTS board. It’s an interesting claim. It is quite different, however, from the claim that it is run by Mossad or rogue CIA/DoD, yet the person who posted it rejoiced. Does this reveal that they believe CBTS is run by Mossad? What makes more sense is that it reveals that only the ‘Q is fake’ part matters to this person (for whatever reason/agenda). As long as it serves to discredit Q, it doesn’t matter who Q is said to be. Why? What does this tells us about the motive behind this person’s assertion?

      The whole thing is fascinating. It forces us to question what we believe, and WHY we believe it. It also gives us incredible insight into others, as well, to see what THEY believe. If someone decides that Q is ‘fake,’ or a ‘PSYOP,’ (the two are not necessarily the same thing) at what point does the person make that decision?

      Was it right after the picture of Catholic cardinals giving the Nazi salute? Or maybe after Q reposted the blatantly anti-Semitic drawing? We learn a lot about each other observing the branching/breaking point for each person.

      Is it really our belief, or is it our affiliation, a top-down institutional directive, which tells us what to do? And at what point does our ego get involved? If we state emphatically that it is definitely one way, how much does that influence our ability to change our mind going forward?

      Personally, I am intrigued by anyone with a strong BELIEF about Q. ‘Trust Sessions’ is a directive. ‘Don’t follow Q’ is another directive. There are many directives, and they ALL require ‘belief,’ rather than solid proof. What these directives tell us about the people giving them is interesting, and what we decide to do in response to them is just as interesting, is it not?

      It is similar to how bats use sound, echo-location, to fathom the contours of the darkness. We are all fathoming the contours of each other’s minds. The stronger our beliefs about Q—in whichever direction—the more we reveal about ourselves, our affiliations, our fears and desires. How open, obedient, gullible, fearful, brave, etc.

      Can we say ‘it smells like a Zionist PSYOP!’ yet still remain cautiously optimistic that it really is in the hands of the Alliance? Will our social group allow such freedom of thought, or demand obedience? Or is it just a strong suggestion, not to waste one’s time, esp. when there’s so much else to investigate? What is really at risk? Do we dare ask?

      Thomas and Betsy seem to have beat me to the punch with this idea, however, which they summed-up so pithily in both the title and thumbnail of their video, posted earlier in this thread: ‘Q is whoever you are.’ Brilliant, pithy, and wise. I love you two!

      Anyway, here’s the video about the Q sorting research method, also from LTF:


    2. This may be a Baruch or clown operation to distract from those who truly took over Q-CICADA – CLOWNS IN AMERICA AGENTS.

  20. Clue :

    Annunciation | Thomas Schoenberger From the famed Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy


    Sophia Musik
    Published on Feb 6, 2013
    With divine vocal creations by Marnie Breckenridge

    Please visit http://www.uffizi.org The Official website for the famed Uffizi Gallery in Florence Italy. Salute !

    “There is a riddle in this painting.A riddle most art experts have overlooked,Can you find it ? On January 5th, I left another clue. Its Feb 6th and I leave another. On March 7th, I will leave yet another..The key, like breadcrumbs, is here…”

    “I am simply looking for a few highly intelligent people….”

    (See video description for more details).

  21. Thomas & Betsy – so you are good friend of Thomas C & he never told you about CICADA, correct?

    1. Who is Thomas “C’? We don’t know a Thomas this that last name initial. We do know Thomas S. We post Sophia Musik on our site and like his videos and music.

      1. Hello Thomas & Betsy – I meant to type Thomas S and the C was a typo. So you are good friend of Thomas S & he never told you about CICADA, correct?

  22. CICADA = original Q.

    – Breadcrumbs.
    – Follow the White Rabbit.
    – Riddles.
    – Questions asking for answers.

    – Followers of Thomas became the Q-anon creators.
    – Q hijacked October 31st 2017 – is when the clowns moved in.
    – Recently the Mossad rogue DOD agents moved in.
    – POTUS saw some benefitd from the op and let it ride or even maybe used it somehow to further this war mongering agenda?
    – Now the world is seeing the possible results of something good turned into a monster by these monsters who took it over – war with Syria and Iran.

    If you are a follower of fake Q, leave now!!

    AIM4Truth Anonymous.

    1. The idea that Cicada 3301 started Q, and subsequently lost control of it, has enough supporting evidence to entertain.

      The idea that it was commandeered by an intelligence agency is also a reasonable idea to entertain.

      The idea that it was definitely Mossad/CIA that commandeered it, however, is a fascinating conclusion. What evidence exists to support entertaining this belief?

      It appears that Q is indicating that Hussein and the deep state had a plan to start WWIII via Uranium One sourced Uranium, and blame it on Russia. Q is saying that Trump and Military Intel busted their plot. What part of this is promoting war?

      Do you think Trump pulling out of the Iran Deal has anything to do with whether anyone follows Q? You don’t think he would have done that anyway?

      Do you think the supposed ‘monsters’ who you say have taken over Q are somehow to blame for Israel bombing Iranian targets in Syria? Israel wasn’t going to do that anyway?

      I understand the idea that one wants to be wary that it could have become a Zionist PSYOP, which is a very real possibility. There is no evidence, however, to support your claim of war mongering, or to link it with Zionists, or the CIA. It’s a very real possibility. It’s definitely something to look out for. But no evidence has been presented for this claim.

      I am not a ‘follower’ of Q, nor am I going to suggest that ‘trusting Sessions,’ or anything like that is a good idea. I understand how such directives to ‘trust’ this or that obvious deep stater by Q have raised red flags for many people, such as Thomas(Douglas).

      Douglas is a brilliant man, and he knows—more than most of us—just how much an SES/swamp creature Sessions is. I understand he has many reasons to think that Q is a malicious PSYOP, and to warn people not to waste their time. I get where he’s coming from, and I support him.

      What fascinates me, however, is the following:

      —You think you definitely know who Q is currently being run by—Mossad/CIA—yet you provide ZERO evidence for this claim. It is certainly a possibility to be wary of, yet you have made it a solid belief.

      —You claim Q has become war mongering, again with ZERO evidence.

      Indeed, it appears Q is detailing the uncovering and preventing of a plot to start WWIII with Uranium tied to Russia. So far, there is only evidence that Q is preventing war.

      —Most fascinating of all is the reverse tribalism. ‘If you are a follower of Q, leave now!!’ This is just as much a directive as ‘trust Sessions,’ and just as unfounded as the claim that ‘Mossad rogue DoD agents moved in.’ We’re just supposed to believe this, with no proof?

      First off, I don’t ‘follow’ Q; I am skeptically aware of the phenomenon. Anyone in intelligence right now is paying at least some attention, no matter what side one’s on.

      Second, I fully understand the position that Thomas and Betsy take, which is to not waste one’s time on Q—a PSYOP of unknown agency—especially when there is so much actionable intelligence from other sources. I agree with them whole-heartedly. They also don’t like to see people promoting Q as legitimate, and I agree with them on this point as well. I am in no way saying I know who is behind Q, nor am I suggesting anyone ‘follow’ or believe Q, or even spend time trying to decipher Q. I agree with Thomas and Betsy 100%.

      YOU, however, somehow KNOW who Q is currently run by, you somehow know they are ‘war mongers’ and ‘monsters,’ and know that Q is somehow responsible for what’s going on between Israel and Syria right now—all without ANY evidence. And you tell anyone who follows ‘fake Q’ to ‘leave now!!’ This is fascinating.

      ‘Fake Q’ is an interesting term. To be honest, it tries a bit too hard. Q is obviously a PSYOP. It was always a PSYOP (btw, it doesn’t have an ‘S’ at the end when it is a singular ‘psychological operation’; let’s keep each other’s grammar crisp;). It was a PSYOP when Cicada was running it, and it is a PSYOP now. It was Q then, and it is Q now. Was Cicada any more ‘real’ than whomever is now in control?

      I have actually seen more evidence to suggest that Cicada 3301 is associated with CIA—and Skull and Bones—than I have seen for the current Q being of the Clown variety. At the same time, that doesn’t mean they aren’t good people. I support their stated philosophy, and I’ve known good Bonesmen and CIA… (Just as I’ve known good Jesuits 😉

      I have learned FAR more about you, and your organization, from your treatment of the subject than I have learned about Q. Just as well. It’s important to fathom all ‘anonymous’ sources of information.

  23. WOW WOW WOW!!

    We have done an analysis of a post on the 8 chan board.
    We analyzed the message, the hand-writing style.
    Please have a look here:
    We conclude it was posted by POTUS!
    POTUS is being banned from the Q-research board!
    A few of the Q posts are from POTUS while the rest may be fake!
    POTUS is indicating to us which posts on 8-chan are his and are real!


    Please see this reply here:


    He is giving us signals and asks us questions!

    AIM4Truth Anonymous.

    Note – not part of anonymous or any organization. Just a name am using.

    More to come on next post about CICADA and Q.

    What we have are various versions of Q – some legit and some not him. Now we have a clear signal to discover which posts are legit.
    And yes, Mossad and Netanyahu are attempting to influence POTUS to go to war with Syria and Iran. Potus recent moves indicate this. Many have stated that fake Q posts are pushing the world and the people to accept WAR WAR WAR, not only AIM4Truth Anonymous.

    Thank you.

    1. We have not done an analysis on this so cannot agree or disagree with you at this time. However, the post may be instructive for others to explore.

      1. Thank you for creating a new topic link on this on today´s AIM for truth main page!

        I do hope this wakes many up.

        Got new info to add to that link soon, tomorrow, to help clarify things even more. (Review of Tosh – UNIROCK – Defango videos from today – the live streams they did today.) More lies and deception revealed in these live streams. Defango and UNIROCK divert attention away from the prying questions being asked to Baruch, who stumbles to answer, offers contradictory stories. The entire Q charade is crashing, thank God!!

        AIM4Truth Anonymous.

    1. Thank you for the video!

      However there seems to be growing confusion as to who Defango refers to when he mentions Thomas or even Michael. We have new information to share on this soon, to help clarify things.

      There is also confusion as to what is coming from Defango and what is coming from us.

      We have new info also to prove the Baruch story is full of holes and contradictions, how he offers various contradictory stories online in the same interview. First he says Q started posting on his board around November 15th to 18th, then in the same interview today with Unirock, he says Q started posting on his board the first few days of November – two contradictory stories. And why would Trump or Q, after being hated and persecuted on 4-chan by Nazis and kicked out of 4-chan suddenly trust some foreigner with a British accent – Baruch, on a board they did not know if they were MIL intelligence? The whole thing is ridiculous and absurd! Anyone falling for the Baruch lies and fake Q narratives is idiotic!

      Also, Corsi story not making sense – if Q were MIL intel, how could his account be taken-over?

      Q was taken-over October 31st – November 1st.

      Original Q was CICADA members, but even original predictions about Hillary being arrested never came true.


      AIM4Truth Anonymous.

    1. We love you Thomas Schoenberger composer!

      Humanity will soon be grateful for what you have done and are doing

      Deeply, from the heart, we would like to THANK YOU!

      May the Father in heaven bless you!

      AIM4Truth Anonymous.


    1. I thought I addressed this in the interview with Douglas, out today in TNH.

      First of all, I am not, nor have I ever been, in a Luciferian cult.

      Secondly, the Protocols were written by ME (I am not Q). The part she gets all upset about is the last Protocol, which was MY creation. It has absolutely nothing to do with Q, Cicada, or anything else. Your assertion that this is evidence of a Luciferian cult being behind Q is wrong in every way possible.

      NOT Luciferian
      NOT cult
      NOT behind Q

      Could you get any more wrong in a single defamatory statement? Is it even possible? Seriously.

      How was this mistake made by the person in the video?
      I accept partial responsibility. I did use some provocative language, such as ‘Golden Dawn,’ which has been misconstrued to refer to the occult Order of the Golden Dawn, connected with Aleister Crowley, a notorious Luciferian.

      Let’s make this clear: I am neither associated with that outdated occult ‘Order,’ nor the current Greek political party, nor any other organization using the term ‘Golden Dawn.’ I am referring to the Dawn of the Golden Age, and to our Golden Don (POTUS). Do you see the double entendre? I’m not a Luciferian, I’m a wordsmith.

      I understand that some aspects of the final Protocol are provocative. I addressed some of them in my recent interview with Douglas. We may do a follow up video, to debate some of the finer points. That is the civil way of doing it.

      I am thankful that my material is being so widely shared. It is unfortunate that some are misinterpreting it to fit their end time expectations, and are concerned. I hope to have as many chances as possible to clarify any misconceptions and set any concerns to rest.

      YOU, however, my misguided anon, have metastasized the misunderstanding to sensational levels. When I woke up this morning I had no idea that I was
      a.) behind Q (Wow, how’d that happen?! Did I sleepwalk?)
      b.) a Luciferian (I must have done some crazy things while sleepwalking)
      c.) in a cult (Damn. I knew sleepwalking would get me in trouble one day, but a CULT!)

      I am not usually one to condemn hyperbole, especially if it is used to get people to read my work, but this is beyond the pale. Not only is it an unconscionable LIE, but one used to scare Christians. Do you not have anything better to do than to scare your fellow Christians, with LIES?!

      1. In case you missed it, we addressed many concerns about the Golden Dawn in this video.


        If we do another interview in the future, perhaps any unanswered questions of anons can be further addressed. That would be the venue. There are civilized ways to uncover truth, and Douglas is masterful at just that. Civilized but fearless in the pursuit of the truth.

  24. Please information on replies we made on this thread here:


    Thank you.

    AIM4Truth Anonymous.


    Please compare this Golden Dawn and “the Protocols of the Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn” AIM 4 truth anons. You will find they are IDENTICAL.

    Despite what C-change claims, it IS CONNECTED to Luciferian doctrine.

    Please see the links above I have posted and do your own research.

    This is the world Q and all these people are promoting. Those who promote this whether directly or indirectly, are promoting Q.

    All of this was posted on the chans. This is where this hoax of Q and The Golden Dawn ideas were first posted.

    Now we see this agenda being carried out tit for tat. How convenient!!

    Be fooled no longer AIM.

    Thank you.

    AIM4Truth Anonymous.

    1. Your ignorance is beyond spectacular!

      You obviously don’t even know what ‘tit for tat’ actually means, because you can’t use it correctly in a sentence. If three letter words are too much for you to properly employ, maybe you want to reconsider trying to convince others of your powers of deductive reasoning.

      You ask people to compare the ‘Golden Dawn’ to the ideas proposed in the Protocols. Which Golden Dawn? The Greek political party? The occult Order? This is the same sort of muddled thinking and irresponsible ambiguity that Defango is always up to. ‘Aha! It was Thomas!’ Which Thomas?!

      Are YOU Defango? Then it would all make sense.

      You claim I am lying, and that it is connected to ‘Luciferian doctrine.’ You wanna give us ANY evidence? I’m not only not Luciferian, I’m not even entirely sure what you mean by ‘Luciferian doctrine.’ I noticed this phrase once in a famous Albert Pike quote, and have wondered ever since. Is there a specific book you can point us toward?

      The Alliance is doing a great deal of real work to take down the NWO, whilst globalist shills try to confuse, distract, and sow discord within the movement. You frankly sound more like a globalist Deep State troll than anything.

      You are either a spineless shill of the globalists, or you are well meaning but cognitively challenged in the extreme. Which is the best way to give you the benefit of the doubt? Since backbone is the most noble trait, I will just assume you have backbone, and that your low-IQ was not your fault. Maybe you ate paint chips as a boy (Yes, I assumed your gender; statistically speaking, it is extremely rare for girls to be at your level of ‘challenged’—even after eating paint chips).

      In case you haven’t noticed, we are in a revolutionary war. (Dim)wittingly, or unwittingly, your actions are aiding the enemy by dragging us down with your ignorance.

      This, ladies and gentlemen, is why the US military has an 83 IQ threshold for joining the Armed Forces. People with IQs under 83 were found to do more harm than good. (Maybe AIM anons should be given an IQ test, too, to avoid this problem)

      Please take your ignorant and unfounded defamatory statements off the field, and let the big boys (and girls) fight this war.

      Sorry, maybe those words were too big. Here’s a video to demonstrate my point. I know you’re not that sharp, but I think we ALL know which one you are in this video:


      1. Your demonic anti-Christ spirit is not spectacular. It is shameful.

        We are not globalist shills and abhor globalism. We are children of the light, encoded upon The Stars.

        Clearly, YOU are the one who sounds like a globalist deep state shill. Who is paying you?

        You claim others have low I – Q as you promote this fake Q while denying it. Even Thomas must acknowledge we are brilliant. So much so, that everyday he posts and quotes our articles. How can you be so blind? He has admitted in his videos that we are brilliant and beautiful minds. How can you be so blind and ignorant of these facts?

        Did you get abused as a child? Or are you just plainly being eluded by Satan? What do you eat to make your mind become so deluded? Here is what you eat – the lies of Lucifer and every day, of demons and deceitful spirits.

        In case you have not noticed, we are leading the revolutionary war, having created the original concepts of The Quiet Strom, The Storm, which lead CICADA 3301 to create Q. Then, board mods and volunteers sent it over to 8-chan as a larp. Then, the CIA took over Q.

        After this, Mossad and rogue DOD agents took over. You are too blind to see this.

        Please take your ignorant and defamotory Luciferian statements elsewhere. You are no match for the truth of the Spirit of God. Sorry, maybe those words are too big for your Luciferian deceived mind.

        Here is a video to demonstrate my point:


        I know you are not as sharp as you claim for you do not follow the truth and The Spirit of The Son of God. Anyone who denies that God is come in the flesh, was crucified and rose again on the third day is following the spirit of the anti-Christ. You are of anti-Christ spirit.

        Repent and be saved by the true gospel of God or face the consequences.

        You have been warned.

        AIM4Truth Anonymous.

    1. We disagree that c-changes is tied to Aleister Crowley if this is what you are saying in the above comment. We enjoyed his crisp, clear thinking and vision of these waking times. You are more than welcomed to join Douglas in an audio to explore this topic in more depth.

      1. Alister is connected to Read The Protocols of the Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn – Protocol 9; sections 4,5,6&10

        I thought the Golden Dawn had to do with Aleister Crowley…

        [–]TheCIASellsDrugsWhy is this relevant? – Q 4 points 1 month ago

        “He (Alister Crowley) was one prominent and important member. (Of the Golden Dawn).”

        “Golden Dawn was essentially a project of Grand Lodge Freemasonry, with substantial overlap between the personnel of the Quatuor Coronati Research Lodge and Golden Dawn. Crowley’s work was important to a lot of the 20th century cults such as Scientology, the Church of Satan, and so on.”


        In the end, all that is LUCIFERIAN is inter-connected.

        Crisp and clear thinking does not equate with truth. Who has more clear and crisp thinking then Satan himself?

        AIM4Truth Anonymous.


        Re read drops. – Q

        “I thought the Golden Dawn had to do with Aleister Crowley…”

        Why is this relevant? – Q

        “He was one prominent and important member. Golden Dawn was essentially a project of Grand Lodge Freemasonry, with substantial overlap between the personnel of the Quatuor Coronati Research Lodge and Golden Dawn. Crowley’s work was important to a lot of the 20th century cults such as Scientology, the Church of Satan, and so on.”

        You have more than you know. – Q

        William Wynn Westcott

        “William Wynn Westcott (17 December 1848 – 30 July 1925) was a coroner, ceremonial magician, Theosophist and Freemason born in Leamington, Warwickshire, England. He was a Supreme Magus (chief) of the S.R.I.A and went on to co-found the Golden Dawn.”

        Babalon Working

        “The Babalon Working was a series of magic ceremonies or rituals performed from January to March, 1946 by author, pioneer rocket-fuel scientist, and occultist Jack Parsons and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. This ritual was essentially designed to manifest an individual incarnation of the archetypal divine feminine called Babalon. The project was based on the ideas of Aleister Crowley, and his description of a similar project in his 1917 novel Moonchild.”


  26. The Great Awakening = Q.

    Q connected to the Golden Dawn, The Protocols of the Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn – Protocol 9; sections 4,5,6&10, to Alister Crowley, to Satanism.


    Legit originator of first Q ideas.


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