Ronna Romney and the RNC Rigged Election Boxes

Seriously, why hasn’t Ronna Romney McDaniel disclosed her family’s business of election rigging software? Have you asked Ronna about Uncle Mitt’s Optech software used to rig elections for nevertrumpers and DemonRats? She knows all about the family business and plays like a sweet girl who gives nice speeches and supports the President. We call B.S. She needs to immediately come clean and report her family crimes.

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Scrap election corruption

Here is Ronna’s Romney’s Facebook page:

Be an information warrior and post any of these articles on her Facebook page. Ask her why she is silent on her family corruption. Make sure others on her Facebook page know  about the Romney family business of election rigging machines as well as other crimes against the United States by Uncle Mitt.

Ask Missy Ronna why she isn’t advocating the use of PAPER BALLOTS nationwide!

While we are waiting for the RNC swamp to be drained, make sure that NONE of your 2020 donations go to the corrupt nevertrump RNC.

Ronna’s Uncle Mitt is a Complete Dirt Bag


Readers ask about Uncle Mitt Romney’s corrupt voting machines. We answer.

“Can you provide me with the source material for the 2006 or 2007 DOJ sale of voting machines company to Bain Capital and Mitt Romney as stated in your flow chart?
We have not yet found the source or terms of sale. This is a key point we want to highlight.”


Mitt Romney and George Soros Work Hand-in-Hand to Rig Elections Around the World


Time to REBUKE the Romney Republican Party


six gop republican globalist senators
Read all about it!


AIM Patriots heard it through the grapevine


5 thoughts on “Ronna Romney and the RNC Rigged Election Boxes”

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  1. I have received really disturbing info from a site i am not sure about. May I send it to you for verification? i have several things that i need to send to Ron Johnson or
    Judicial Watch,.,asap. please let me know what to do.

  2. I just fixed a drink, a white Russia, I am so mad I can’t believe what is being done to our country on so many levels, this can’t be allowed to continue, all these people must be arrested, down to the thousands of ballot floor workers. We as a nation can never allow this to go on ever again. Whatever it takes, however our president must go about this without the FBI, CIA, DOJ, our nation cannot let these traitors go unpunished !
    This is all connected to this fake virus to shut down the world for this very nefarious UN agenda, human ginnie pigs
    the PCR test
    They want humanity to shut down for a test that does not test for any virus, and why does the disgusting sick little Hitler Bill Gates smile when he says , oh they will notice the second round….Because its in the vaccine’s they will force on women, children and men !
    Ladies and gentlemen we can not allow this to happen.. This is the killing off of all humanity and Everything and Everyone we have ever known…for a few thousand insane madmen and women !

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