Pilgrims Society Membership List

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Links to Pilgrims Society membership lists have been updated.

When you spot a Pilgrim whose name needs to be called out because it helps connect today’s current crimes to those criminals of the past, send them in and we will TAKE AIM. This way we bring a collective consciousness onto a person through our network. Naming everyone in the book, all at once, doesn’t teach the deeper lessons.

Under one of our YouTube videos, we found a person who was listening to us discuss fake news, propaganda, and the Pilgrims. He got curious and looked up Walter Cronkite’s name on the list. It helped him understand how deeply he had been brainwashed by the media since he was a little boy.


Congressional Record – PILGRIMS SOCIETY membership lists, Aug. 06, 1940:


Selected  PILGRIMS SOCIETY shortlist:




PILGRIMS SOCIETY list with detailed commentary:



Bankers and Pilgrims Enemies of Humanity


Killer Bankers (aka PILGRIMS) Are Humanity’s Enemies



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  1. I follow Sean Hross on YT. He links every society to Egypt Pharaohs using symbolic historical connections, language and historical events. From that point I see PS as one of the subgroups of one of the Knights Templars. The symbol cross over and repeat. They do this in their clothes, on the internet, their buildings, their speech and hand gestures. Much of the detailed interaction is mean to be secret of course, but the symbolic display is in or faces.

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