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Whistleblower Exposes America’s Fascist Warlords

James Chandler, Andrew Marshall, Paul O’Neill and Anthony Tether are identified by an eyewitness whistleblower as Washington, D.C.’s brownstone war mongers who decide who lives and  who dies in war via the DoD Office of Net Assessment, the Highlands Group, the IBM Eclipse Foundation, DARPA and the Senior Executive Services (SES)

Patent invention theft and weaponization is the lifeblood of their conspiracies to keep their corporate, judicial, banking and political friends in power perpetually

The Senior Executive Service (SES) 10,000 are their fascist brown shirts

Conclusion: We have lived in a fascist economy for 100 years while the propaganda from their SES, MSM, NY, Washington, London & Vatican bankers have led us to believe that American corporations espoused free enterprise. That’s how long they have been stealing inventions from our best and brightest to enrich and empower themselves

Meet America’s Chief War Mongers:

america warmongers afi

*Marshall just died.

Read the Whistleblower Affidavit

(Redacted to protect the person. The document has a dead-man’s switch should harm come to the person.)

Here is the revised Miller Act notice:

American Warlord – James P. Chandler III – EXPOSED

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Demand Telcoms Suspend 5G Ops

U.S. Day of Action Demanding Telecoms Suspend 5G Installation Since No Studies Show 5G Exposure is Safe

Citizens demand moratorium on 5G

Even ‘DaNang’ Dick is concerned about 5G wireless technology health risk. What does he know that POTUS does not?

How the next generation will be destroyed from within


insane 5g

5G: The Dominoes Are Starting To Fall

USA, 24 March: Portland Oregon city officials state clear opposition to the installation of 5G networks around the city, supported by the mayor and two commissioners.
Italy, 28 March: Florence applies the precautionary principle, refusing permissions for 5G and referring to “the ambiguity and the uncertainty of supranational bodies and private bodies (like ICNIRP)”, which “have very different positions from each other, despite the huge evidence of published studies”.
Italy, 28 March: One Roman district votes against 5G trials, with others expected to follow. Other motions to Stop 5G are expected in the four regional councils, one provincial council and other municipal councils of Italy.
Russia, 28 March: The Russian Ministry of Defence refuses to transfer frequencies for 5G, which effectively delays any 5G rollout there for several years.
Belgium, 31 March: The Belgian Environment Minister announces that Brussels is halting its 5G rollout plans, saying, “The people of Brussels are not guinea pigs whose health I can sell at a profit.
Germany, 4 April: Germans sign a petition en masse to force the German Bundestag to debate 5G.
Netherlands, 4 April: Members of Parliament in the Netherlands insist that radiation research must be carried out before any approval of the 5G network.
USA, 5 April: California Supreme Court Justices unanimously uphold a 2011 San Francisco ordinance requiring telecommunications companies to get permits before placing antennas on city infrastructure.
Switzerland, 9 April: The Canton of Vaud adopts a resolution calling for a moratorium on 5G antennas until the publication this summer of a report on 5G by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment.
Switzerland, 10 April: Geneva adopts a motion for a moratorium on 5G, calling on the Council of State to request WHO to monitor independent scientific studies to determine the harmful effects of 5G.



Globalist 100-Year Patent Theft Ring Exposed

Millions of U.S. patents are being given to Britain and New World Order globalists

death of marshall banner

Institutionalized patent theft has driven American and British (fascist) economies for 100 years

andrew marshall at computer

(Apr. 17, 2019)—The theft and weaponization of Nikola Tesla’s wireless inventions by the British Privy Council (formalized by Parliament on Aug. 08, 1913) signaled a shift in the new world order control strategy away from natural resources like mining and agriculture to intellectual property and technology.

Whistleblowers have now further confirmed that Andrew W. Marshall, from his Office of Net Assessment inside the Pentagon, created the Neocon movement and its “mutually assured destruction war strategy” where inventions are weaponized continuously.

Read full story here.

Globalist warlord DEAD. Big win for patriots.

(Apr. 17, 2019)—The theft and weaponization of Nikola Tesla’s wireless inventions by the British Privy Council (formalized by Parliament on Aug. 08, 1913) signaled a shift in the new world order control strategy away from natural resources like mining and agriculture to intellectual property and technology.

Whistleblowers have now further confirmed that Andrew W. Marshall, from his Office of Net Assessment inside the Pentagon, created the Neocon movement and its mutually assured destruction war strategy where inventions are weaponized continuously.

Our previous posts have shown how the British Empire and its axis of robber baron bankers in London and New York conspired to steal Nikola Tesla’s wireless inventions and weaponize them for mass brain washing. They learned quickly that whatever the world heard on the radio, they believed, even if it was a total lie.

For example, historians agree that the British were not particularly anti-German before World War I. In fact, the House of Windsor is of German ancestry (the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha).

However, socialism and notions of a one world order were sweeping the world at the time, so the bank robber barons of the time (e.g., Rothschild, Rockefeller, Rhodes, Milner, Vanderbilt, Hambro, Warburg, Bush, J.P. Morgan) devised a clever plan to assume control of colonial resources using private corporations to create a new empire based on British federalism. It included a plan to bring America back into an Anglo-American empire and destroy their main commercial competitors—the Germans and Russians.

In short, these Anglo-American robber barons believed that a world war would accelerate their plans for permanent global control based in the Cecil Rhodes’ Manifesto to control the world through private corporations based in London and New York.

To foment a war with Germany, they used the wireless, print and film media to fabricate stories of a German atrocities that never happened—a false flag.

One particularly effective lie was a story that German soldiers were deliberately mutilating Belgian babies by cutting off their hands, in some versions even eating them.

Patent Theft Timeline

Here is a timeline that focuses on the patent theft activities of the robber barons that continues to this very day, with largely the same players.

In 1900, GEC was incorporated as a public limited company in the UK, The General Electric Company (1900) Ltd (the ‘1900’ was dropped three years later).

On Aug. 08, 1913, Parliament agreed to a 28-year monopoly contract (renewal in 1941) with Marconi Wireless, facilitated by Charles Masterman, a Cecil Rhodes relative and the founder of The Wellington House, British War Propaganda Bureau in Aug. 1914.

On Oct. 17, 1919, RCA was founded by General Electric (GE) after having purchased the American assets of Marconi Wireless (later ruled by the U.S. Supreme Court on Jun. 21, 1943 to have been stolen from Nikola Tesla).

GE founder was Thomas Edison where Tesla had worked in 1884. Notably, Edison and GE were heavily backed by robber barons JP Morgan and Vanderbilt. JP Morgan later pulled the financing from a Tesla project to produce free energy wirelessly. Labeled by propagandists of the time as foolhardy, the real story is that it Tesla’s work competed with JP Morgan’s petroleum interests, so he spiked it.

In 1926, NBC was founded by RCA (GE).

On Sep. 10, 1929, RCA Photophone was incorporated in the UK.

Over 50,000 patents confiscated under the fog of World War II

Was World War II nothing but a false flag for stealing the world’s most valuable intellectual resources—patents?

On Dec. 07, 1942, President Roosevelt confiscated over 50,000 patents of inventors from all countries with the Axis powers and countries they occupy. He used the War Powers Act and wrote an executive order creating the Office of Alien Property Custodian. (Read: Foreign Patent Feeding Frenzy For Our Robber Barons.) The U.S. Patent Office managed the redistribution of “some of the finest foreign research achievements of modern science.”

On May 14, 1956, RCA Photophone was renamed RCA Great Britain Limited.

On Mar. 03, 1969, RCA Great Britain Limited was renamed RCA Limited.

On Apr. 22, 1981, The Common Law Institute of Intellectual Property Limited (UK) formed.

Geoffrey E. Pattie

On Aug. 01, 1986, SERC (Science and Engineering Research Council, UK) published a report quoting MP Geoffrey Pattie, Minister of State for Industry and Information Technology.

On Dec. 31, 1986, Geoffrey E. Pattie was appointed to the Privy Council.

On Jul. 29, 1987, RCA Limited was renamed SERCO Limited

On Aug. 04, 1987, Geoffrey E. Pattie was knighted by Queen Elizabeth.

In Jun. 1990, Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie appointed chairman of Marconi Electronic Systems, Ltd. Held this position until company sold to BAE Systems (British Aerospace) in 1999.

In 1997, Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie became marketing/communications director of GEC.

On Sep. 22, 1994, The Common Law Institute of Intellectual Property Limited (UK) was reorganized as The Intellectual Property Law Institute; Sir Geoffrey Pattie was appointed Chairman of the Board of Governors with Sir Robin Nicholson, Sir Alfred Shepperd, Sir David Walker and (Sir) Stephen Stewart. In short, the Privy Council took full control over the organization.

On Jul. 19, 1995, the British Crown Agents were reorganized to be run by the Secretary of State (Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie’s successors), not the monarch directly.

James P. Chandler, III

On Nov. 30, 1999, Marconi Electric (GEC-Marconi) sold to BAE (British Aerospace).

On Jun. 20, 2000, Sir Geoffrey Pattie was awarded the Silver Star Award in Washington, D.C. as the evident excuse/cover to come to Washington, D.C. to be briefed on Leader Technologies’ solution to the Office of Net Assessment and SERCO’s scalability stumbling block with IBM and Microsoft platforms. This was just 12 days after law professor James P. Chandler, III, had been fully briefed on Leader Technologies social networking inventions. Chandler also directed/advised Andrew W. Marshall and the DoD Office of Net Assessment on weaponizing patents.

On Apr. 15, 2002, Sir Geoffrey Pattie formed First Defence (UK) think tank.

On Jul. 20, 2005, Sir Geoffrey Pattie formed Strategic Communications Laboratories Limited (SCL Group), parent of Cambridge Analytica, who advertised themselves as “experts in mind bending” (Tavistock mass mind control propaganda).

On May 17, 2006, SERCO acquired first contract from the U.S. Patent Office to process the patent applications of AMERICAN inventors. (Editor’s note: Efforts to obtain a copy of this contract have been rebuffed. GSA bureaucrats list only “0” in the amount of this contract. They require a FOIA request for further information. Notably, this contract was granted before SERCO had acquired SI International, Inc. that it renamed SERCO, Inc. on Dec. 29, 2008.

On Mar. 19, 2013, SERCO had processed the 2 millionth U.S. patent application.

On Nov. 30, 2015, SERCO awarded a $95 million contract with the U.S. Patent Office to process American patents.

On Nov. 15, 2018, SERCO had processed the 4 millionth U.S. patent application.

In 2018, Britain’s Crown Agents USA partners with USAID, Millennium Challenge, USTDA, Gates Foundation, U.S. State Department, U.S. Trade and Development through 35 offices around the world.

On May 11, 2018, Serco had been awarded 5,000 contracts by the U.S. Government, including many in SPAwar for the U.S. Navy.


One hundred years into Cecil Rhodes’ 200-year Manifesto, the British Crown, via the American Senior Executive Service (SES) that employed Mega Warlord Andrew W. Marshall and SERCO, has been given full control of America’s most valuable intellectual property assets — the U.S. Patent Office.

Stay tuned.

Follow up posts will focus on James P. Chandler, III’s leadership over Andrew H. Marshall and the Office of Net Assessment / Highlands Group.

A war monger responsible for the deaths of millions of souls around the world is dead. Now we must unwind and dismantle his SES treachery.

Sound the alarm!

The British have already been given Washington, D.C., Wall Street and the engine of the American economy—the U.S. Patent Office by American traitors.


Trump advocates 5G nightmare on humanity



5g death

Donald Trump,  Ivanka, and Ajit Pai are advocating the hardware installation of 5G throughout the United States. The faster, the better. Who is advising them on this HORRIBLE action? Don’t they know the lethal effects of 5G on humans?

Trump advocates 5G nightmare on humanity


Evil Spirits in the Swamp. They Go Forth. 5G

Get Involved. Citizens must educate Donald Trump on the dangers of 5G. Are Ajit Pai and Ivanka clueless or conniving? Why is it that Mar-a-Lago (Palm Beach) does not permit 5g towers? Or how about Rome, Brussels, CityofLondon. What do the rich elites and globalists know that they aren’t willing to share with the regular folks?

Has POTUS heard from you and your family?

Contact the White House


5g banner from SOTN

Wetware soft kill
The Queen’s SERCO is killing us with chemtrails and 5G – it’s the extermination cocktail for all humanity.


We are really at a pivotal moment of the American Republic. Either We the People terminate 5G … or 5G will terminate US.  Source


Are the Deagel population predictions making sense? It will be a quiet death for humanity as the elites and globalists take us out. We wonder how many times in human civilization they have done this to an unsuspecting population. Dumb us down, then wipe us out. Then change the history books and suppress the science so that the sheeple will never know what happened to their ancestors.

Many will die prematurely of cancer and other health ailments. You may already be experiencing health problems from increased EMFs. The full 5G infrastructure hasn’t even been rolled out yet, not to mention “turned on.” We will only have ourselves to blame if we do not wake up fellow citizens and sound the alarms.

But the real devastation to the future of the human being will be the zapping of the eggs and sperm in our children, deep inside their forming bodies, so that they will not be able to reproduce.

Just like what happened to the Pottenger cats in the study where cats were withheld enzymes in their diets. By the fourth generation, they could not reproduce.  (Hint: That is why your food is being zapped with radiation before hitting your grocery shelves. They say it is for longer shelf life, but the irradiation kills the enzymes and then you have a difficult time digesting your food…which leads to chronic health conditions.)

We are literally building our own 5G extermination ovens.

And, so sad to say–so very sad to say, our beloved President Trump, his daughter, and the FCC Chair Ajit Pai are cheering us on to the 5G holocaust trains.

deagel map.JPG.

Trump Considers a Lesson for CA

This is the paper that Nancy references in the video above: 15G: Great risk for EU, U.S. and International Health! Compelling Evidence for Eight Distinct Types of Great Harm Caused by Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Exposures and the Mechanism that Causes Them

5g emf facts.JPG
Read full report and video here


These are the Big Telcom companies to boycott for rolling out the exceedingly dangerous 5G.


POTUS tweets that he will never forget this awful tragedy (tweet below), yet he is supporting the full scale rollout of 5G which could have horrific life and death consequences for millions of Americans. Clearly, we are not doing a good job educating him and our elected representatives. Take time today to send the White House and your congresspeople your concerns.

Enemies Used Google to Access Hillary’s Emails

MESSAGE: Migrating HRC mailboxes via Google is a guarantee they ALL fall into foreign hands

Hillary’s ‘engineers’ Pagliano & Platte River would know that, DOS engineers knew that, the SES and rogue C.I.A. knew that, as did the Queen’s Privy Council

Here’s an optimized, compressed (149 MB down to 17 MB), indexed version of the DOJ/FBI FOIA release to Judicial Watch, the 422 pages are appended to the JW press release discussing key elements of the content.

Press Release. (Apr. 08, 2019). Judicial Watch Uncovers ‘Cover-Up’ Discussions in Latest Production of Clinton Email Documents, incl. JW v. DOJ, HRC emails, 02046-1, 422 pgs. Judicial Watch.

In all the analysis of individual items in this release, we should remind ourselves that the very existence of the Hillary Clinton private email server violates the most basic protections citizens must expect from their government.

Hillary not only sent classified information on this server, but its very existence is morally and legally bankrupt. She was duty bound to use Department of State systems for her official communications. The fact that she went to such great lengths and expense to maintain this private system is treasonous.

The fact that FBI Director Comey and AG Loretta Lynch chose not to prosecute these evident crimes is in itself evidence of his conspiracy to hide Clinton’s activities from the public. It is evidence that he too was in on the treasonous activity.

The fact that so many government officials, including President Barack Obama, sent messages to her on this private server is prima facie evidence of their conspiracy to defraud the American People.

These message show the deep involvement of officials from The Clinton Foundation in the processing and cover-up of these communications, with the full knowledge of the DOJ/FBI that they were doing it! This is glaring evidence of both treason and likely espionage since some of her messages were to foreign actors like former British prime minister Tony Blair, Open Society Foundation, George Soros and a legion of other foreign and domestic co-conspirators.

Another telling sign of conspiracy is the fact that the DOJ redacted the name and signature of the Clinton person who signed the contract with Platte River Networks, the firm that assumed the network management from Brian Pagliano.

One glaring point that is probably lost on most people is that Hillary’s private email contractors often used Google services to transfer email mailboxes from one device to another. In effect, this meant that the contents of those mailboxes were available for sale to the highest bidder via Google. Here is a snippet from the Google end user license agreement whereby the license holder gives Google the right to use their data:

p. 244

terms 1.JPG

p. 298

A DOS Security Bulletin on 2011 even admitted that Google knew Gmail was being used for espionage.

Oh, but wait, FBI Director Comey said Hillary had no malicious 1.JPG

Google (rogue C.I.A.) Terms of Service – Your Content in our Services

THE BAIT para. 1: Some of our Services allow you to upload, submit, store, send or receive content. You retain ownership of any intellectual property rights that you hold in that content. In short, what belongs to you stays yours.

THE HOOK, para. 2: When you upload, submit, store, send or receive content to or through our Services, you give Google (and those we work with) a worldwide license to use, host, store, reproduce, modify, create derivative works (such as those resulting from translations, adaptations or other changes we make so that your content works better with our Services), communicate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute such content.

The devil is in this detail “and those we work with” ….

google 2.JPGKnown Google collaborators: the Communist Chinese, the Russians, Israelis, British, French, German, IBM, Lockheed, Facebook, Apple, Instagram, YouTube, Senior Executive Service (SES), OPIC, USAID, United Nations, Privy Council, European Union, JPMorgan, IBM Eclipse Foundation, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, George Soros, Open Society Foundation, Sir Geoffrey Pattie, Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, Sir Nick Clegg, Baron Richard Allan, Tavistock Institute, CIA, FBI, NSA, DOJ, DOS, DOC, Highlands Group, yada, yada, yada.


leader private email form.JPG

We recommend that our truth community switch over to a email service. It is not free. It will cost you $10 a month, but the value is priceless. You get a secure email service provided by Leader Technologies, plus the benefit of supporting a great patriot Michael McKibben and his team of researchers.

You will have very cool email of which is a digital proclamation of Make America Great Again. People will ask “Where did you get that email account? How can I get one?”

Support AIM Patriot Michael McKibben. Support his team. Support free speech and support your privacy.

Get your LEADER EMAIL account here.

Beware VIRTRU Shadow Government Email Encryption

VIrtru 1virtru 2

virtru 3

James bidzos

Bessemer is a Clinton Foundation donor and partner. Bessemer participated in the $1 billion Hillary Clinton’s  give away of American technologies to the Russians through Skolkovo technology campus with Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, Raytheon and Google. After this give away, the Russians paid Bill Clinton $500,000 for a single speech to Moscow’s Renaissance Capital. Millennium gave a “BUY” recommendation to the Uranium One sale immediately.

Bessemer also founded Verisign (encryption keys) in 1998 that is controlled by Hillary and Bill Clinton. Verisign’s co-founder D. James Bidzos who helped organize the weaponization of the Internet at John Podesta’s and James P. Chandler’s FBI encryption key conference on Jun. 07, 1993.

In addition, Virtru’s end user license agreement is a mine field of exceptions that give them license to read your content any time they want . . . at the end of this long, dense Restrictions paragraph. We will highlight the double-speak mines written by their scum bag lawyers meant to lull users into a false sense of security and privacy:

2.2 Restrictions. Customer shall not, without the prior written consent of Virtru:

(a) copy all or any portion of the Materials or Virtru Services;

(b) decompile, disassemble, scrape or otherwise reverse engineer the Materials, Virtru Services or any portion thereof, or determine or attempt to determine any source code, algorithms, methods or techniques embodied in the Materials or used in the Virtru Services or any portion thereof;

(c) modify, translate or create any Derivative Works based upon the Materials or Virtru Services;

(d) distribute, disclose, market, rent, lease, assign, sublicense, pledge or otherwise transfer the Materials, in whole or in part, to any third party or export the Materials outside the United States;

(e) engage in any activity that interferes with or disrupts the Virtru Services (or the servers and networks that are connected to the Virtru Services);

(f) remove or alter any copyright, trademark, trade name or other proprietary notices, legends, symbols or labels appearing on or in copies of the Materials or the Virtru Services;

(g) perform, or release the results of, benchmark tests or other comparisons of the Materials or Virtru Services with other programs or services;

(h) transfer the Materials to any computer other than a computer owned by Customer and used by Customer in Customer’s operations;

(i) permit the Materials or Virtru Services to be used for processing the data of any third party; [OPEN ENDED, SUBJECTIVE, SELF-SERVING TERM]

(j) incorporate the Materials, Virtru Services or any portion thereof into any other program, product or service, or use the Materials or Virtru Services to provide similar services or functionality to third parties; [OPEN ENDED, SUBJECTIVE, SELF-SERVING TERM]

(k) provide any third party with access to the Virtru Services other than as expressly permitted herein; [OPEN ENDED, SUBJECTIVE, SELF-SERVING TERM]

(l) trade or resell the Materials or Virtru Services for any purpose;

(m) use the Materials or Virtru Services for any unlawful or tortious purpose; [OPEN ENDED, SUBJECTIVE, SELF-SERVING TERM]

(n) use the Virtru Services to transmit Customer Content that is illegal or that infringes or misappropriates any third party’s privacy or intellectual property rights; [OPEN ENDED, SUBJECTIVE, SELF-SERVING TERM]

(o) use the Virtru Services to transmit any viruses, worms, time bombs, Trojan horses or any other harmful or malicious code; [OPEN ENDED, SUBJECTIVE, SELF-SERVING TERM]

(p) use the Materials or Virtru Services for any purpose where an accurate verification of identity has critical or life-threatening consequences; or  [OPEN ENDED, SUBJECTIVE, SELF-SERVING TERM]

(q) use the Materials or Virtru Services for any purpose other than in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement or Virtru’s then-current privacy policy (available at “Privacy Policy”). Customer shall ensure that all Customer Users of the Virtru Service and Materials comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Customer shall be responsible for compliance with this Agreement by each Customer User and it shall monitor and manage all Customer Users in connection with this Agreement. [OPEN ENDED, SUBJECTIVE, SELF-SERVING TERM]

In short, Virtru will do whatever the hell they want (please excuse the French) to with your “encrypted” data simply by having their corrupt Deep State lawyers (like the ones who have attacked President Donald Trump in the Russia HOAX) fabricating a charge against you.

Note: PROTON MAIL, another supposed encrypted email service has a similar corrupt pedigree and is run out of ZURICH, SWITZERLAND.

AIM and AFI logo


Here’s a great alternative to these ‘big brother’ email accounts.

Get Your Free Speech Email Address



Trump leads the global patriot movement

Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben explain how the Deep State can be dismantled by destroying the corporate propaganda news media which is, as President Trump continues to remind us, ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.

Afterwards, round off your citizen education on fake news by watching the blockbuster interview with Michael McKibben in the hyperlink below the audio embed.

Once you have completed your ‘assignment’, make sure to find out about the Miller Act Notice and let the White House know what’s on your mind.

Trump leads a triumphant global patriot movement


A plusAIM Patriot Michael McKibben hits a home run with this interview. Listen and watch here.

Then share on your social media sites!


Overthrow the Globalists in One Signature!

Corrupt Media AFI


Continue your citizen education by looking at these two AIM citizen intelligence reports:

Who Really Owns the Military Industrial Complex: The Highland Forum Exposed


Yellow Journalism: Globalist Weapon of Mass Deception

Internet of Things + 5G = Extinction Level Event for Humanity

Below is a drawing for the globalists’ patented plan to control the world. Those of you who have been with the American Intelligence Media for awhile know that we are not exaggerating!

How they plan on controlling everything in your life.

But just like any appliance or piece of machinery, their world wide digital prison needs JUICE to run it. An energy/communication source has to keep all these devices and technologies in operation.

That’s where 5G comes in. The globalists must have 5G to operate their diabolical internet of things.

cat face on floorIf you don’t care that 5G has not undergone long term testing in humans, think about the animals – the rabbits, birds, kitties .. all wildlife that will be killed, maimed, or harmed by human insanity. If we are willing to kill all God’s creation just so that we can have more power to run the globalist prison planet, then perhaps humanity needs to be its victim, too.

What have you done as a patriot to stop the roll out of 5G in your neck of the woods?

Find the 5G rollout meetings now taking place in your local communities and state houses. Attend these meetings. Speak up.
How they plan on controlling everything in your life.


Learn more. 5G Wireless: A Dangerous ‘Experiment on Humanity’

British War Office targeted Americans as propaganda targets during the War

Our research is showing that the British War Office targeted American soldiers in England as propaganda targets during the War. These notes come from official documents and show how the British War Office uses propaganda to target its enemies.


Propaganda (Lies) as official British Government policy during the First World War was continued through the Foreign Office, therefore continued to be formal government policy. The continued management of “Cable and Wireless” in the Propaganda Department speaks volumes about the British government’s contemporaneous involvement of the Privy Council in “The Internet of Things” and Facebook.

British propaganda.JPG

“Cable and Wireless Communications” began in Britain in 1852 and exists today – apparently this “private” company is controlled as an arm of British Foreign Office.

propaganda department

Dec. 01, 1918: The day the Foreign Office took control of the Propaganda Department, aka Ministry of Information, and privatized some lucrative bits, like films, photos, graphics and intelligence

On Dec. 1, 1919, the British Foreign Office formalize a Propaganda Department & private propaganda began simultaneously.

horrex hotel

Buchan gave the Foreign Office part of the propaganda machine, and gave part to commercial cronies… in Spain. (Perhaps this explains that Facebook’s Sir Nick Clegg’s and Baron Richard Allan’s wife and paramour respectively are both SPANISH.)

transfer to foreign office.jpgeric hambro

Eric Hambro (1871-1947) became chairman of Hambros Bank.

‘Good propaganda makes good banking.’ A George Soros mentor?

In February 1919, about six weeks after this Buchan memorandum, Hambro was appointed a Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire in recognition of his service at the Ministry of Information during the Great War.

“No. 31206”The London Gazette. 28 February 1919. p. 31206.

(Note: This record has been removed from the Gazette archive.)


British “Propaganda Department”

“Department of Information”

Feb. 20, 1917 (a day that will truly go down in infamy). The day the British formalized lying as official government policy… for the war, of course

The formalization of modern propaganda as a government department by the British War Cabinet on Feb. 20, 1917.

Previously, The Wellington House had been carrying on these functions by direction from the War Cabinet. This brought those activities into formal British government policy.

Earl Curzon, A. Bonar Law, co-chairs for the Prime Minister. (Feb. 20, 2017). SECRET Minutes of a Meeting of the War Cabinet held at 10, Downing Street, on Tuesday, February 20, 1917, at 11:30 A.M. War Cabinet, 75, Cat. Ref. CAB 23-1-75. The National Archives.

john buchan.JPGwar cabinet

humanity queen tavistockContinue your patriot education by reviewing our other blockbuster reports on the Crown and its centuries’ old system of keeping the masses brainwashed and uninformed

Dethrone the Queen and Shut Down Her Tavistock Surveillance and Propaganda Operations


2018: The Year Citizens Busted the Royals for Their Attempted Overthrow of Donald J. Trump


Before memes were digital, the British Propaganda Office perfected and distributed posters like this to keep people willing to fight bankster wars.

women of britain

it can happen hereour allies the colonies

war propaganda