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U. S. Patent Office and Justice John Roberts Support Lawlessness in America

Alien Invasion of America by Globalist Attorneys and Judges


Make sure everyone in your circle of influence knows that the U.S. Patent Office STEALS patents from inventors. We have posted much about this over the last year. They are run by British-owned SERCO. Once they steal your patent, good luck finding any thiefcourts to protect you. Until the U.S. Patent office is run by 100% American interests and supported by LAW AND ORDER from the highest court in the land, expect to be ripped-off, left penniless with hefty law suit fees, and permanently silenced in ever expressing your creation again.

Make sure all the entrepreneurs and inventors you know understand how corrupt this office is. The U. S. Patent Office does not protect property rights of inventors. Their attorneys hover over you like the vultures they are and STEAL your property and rights from you – all done very legalistically so that their corrupt courts can uphold their theft.

Just ask Justice John Roberts how he ruled in the Leader v Facebook case, all the while holding Facebook stock, never recusing himself from this huge conflict of interest. So it’s ok for a Supreme Court judge to grab his adopted children through illegal means, then rip off Leader Technologies, financially benefiting from Leader’s invention when its true inventor and courageous patriot Michael McKibben’s has never received anything for inventing this powerful internet tool of scalability.

Facebook Unmasked: How the World’s Most Relevant Entrepreneur Was Screwed by Zuckerberg

Keep in mind that globalists are like lizards. Energetically they are “reptile beings” with lack of imagination and creativity. James P. Chandler III, for example, is/was just a clever attorney, among a swamp of B. A. R. lizard beings, who stole patents from hard-working American entrepreneurs. Chandler never invented or created anything himself, except for teaching more attorneys how to steal from inventors.

Beware of patent attorneys

And who was under Chandler’s tutelage? Hillary Rodham Clinton, for one, a patent attorney, whose early work at Rose Law Firm was dedicated almost exclusively to intellectual property and patent infringement law.

And what is Hillary’s relationship to Richard C. Walker, the prolific patent creator from Agilent who has a patent for the Internet of Things, all the while Hillary holds the encryption keys to the internet.

Frankly, the citizens of America are beyond upset that three branches in Washington cannot clean up this mess.

We have posted volumes on indictable evidence showing the corruption of the swamp, from Rat Rodenstein’s wife Lisa Barsoomian to Dianne Feinstein’s (D-China) foreign interference in the elections, from Robert Mueller’s involvement with terrorizing Americans on September 11, 2001 to the nasty corruption of Mitt Romney who operates rigged voting machines along with his son Tagg, funded by  his globalist colleague George Soros.

American Intelligence Media patriots have placed the entire swamp on notice. And they had better pay attention because We the People are sick and tired of their



GOVERNMENT FAILURE TO PAY FOR VENDORS (Leader Miller Act Notice has still not been paid.)

Hillary R. Clinton
Hillary R. Clinton



To that end, our compatriot Christophe E. Strunk made an official filing with the Supreme Court on Friday. The petition calls out election rigging and the means by which it is done, the corruption of Senior Executive Service, SERCO, the Crown Agents, and the British and Chinese interference with our elections and government operations.

The Writ shows that the government hasn’t paid Leader Technologies for stealing its trade secrets, which have been the technologies that our enemy – the Globalists – have used to censor and surveil Americans. It provides links to hundreds of files from Americans for Innovation and their HUGE crimeline, with judicially recognizable evidence, of illegal and unconstitutional actions of the swamp creatures.

The filing was accepted by Justice Roberts’ office.




take actionLike Christopher Strunk, Michael McKibben, Tyla and Douglas Gabriel, you, too, can take action against a tyrannical government and its bad actors.

Examine the Writ of Mandamus yourself and see what you can do with your talents, skills, and time to push this important citizen-effort into your truth community.

Can you send a copy of the Writ to your Congressperson or Senator? Can you send a copy to VP Pence, who received his own copy from Strunk, but who might need to know you are watching him and that you demand that this globalist nonsense be defeated?

Do you think President Trump would be interested in seeing this filing? Then make it happen.

Are you a foreign person or country, an inventor, a business or person who has been wronged by these criminals?  We suggest that you check out the Crimeline on the AFI site and search the names of the companies and people that have harmed you. Check out the evidence we have and use it to take your own action.

Check out the dozens of citizen intelligence reports on the American Intelligence Media site. Read each one and educate yourself on the true nature of the enemy. Then educate and enlighten your circle of influence.

There are countless ways we can attack these bad actors. This is the Great Information War and we have given you a plethora of information tools to fight the battle in your part of the world.

Now get out there and start reclaiming the Republic.

The Ball (Writ of Mandamus) is in Robert’s Court

As we wait for Robert’s action on the People’s Writ of Mandamus, we are reminded what Judge Roberts said and/or affirmed to Congress between September 12–15, 2005 in his confirmation hearings.

“A judge should inform himself about his personal and fiduciary financial interests”
28 U.S.C. § 455(c) Disqualification of justice, judge

“A judge should avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety”
Code of Conduct for United States Judges, Canon 2

“ROBERTS: …If confirmed, I would resolve any conflict of interest by looking to the letter and spirit of the Code of Conduct for United States Judges . . . the Ethics Reform Act of 1989, 28 U.S.C. § 455, and any other relevant prescriptions.”
S. Hrg. 109-158, Roberts Nomination Hrgs., p. 118.[01]

“ROBERTS: …Well, I don’t think special interests should be allowed to lobby federal judges.”
S. Hrg., p. 431.

“KYLE: …Judge Roberts, I expect you to adhere to the Code of Judicial Ethics.”
S. Hrg., Statement of Hon. Jon Kyl, p. 20.

On threats to the rule of law, “ROBERTS: …The one threat I think to the rule of law is a tendency on behalf of some judges to take that legitimacy and that authority and extend it into areas where they’re going beyond the interpretation of the Constitution.”
S. Hrg., p. 256.

“ROBERTS: …[The Soviet Constitution] purported to grant wonderful rights of all sorts to people, but those rights were empty promises because that system did not have an independent judiciary to uphold the rule of law and enforce those rights. We do, because of the wisdom of our Founders and the sacrifices of our heroes over the generations to make their vision a reality.”
S. Hrg., p. 56; See also p. 447.

“ROBERTS: …I became a lawyer, to promote and vindicate the rule of law.”
S. Hrg., p. 447.

We are watching you, Justice Roberts. Time to get on the right side of truth.

Betsy the bulldog

Citizens ask the Military to Shoot Down Chemtrail Planes

AIM4Truth James M. Miller writes: “If I were the POTUS, I would tell Sec. Mathis to shoot down any airplane that pollutes the skies over American territory. Why has this not happened. Man is not causing ‘climate change’….it’s the bloody sun, and in fact; there are indications that a mini-ice age is developing with the lack of sunspots.  This will really chap the globalists asses, when we have to switch the slogan to ‘burn coal’ and ‘warm the climate’!”

How did you know, Jim, that November is ‘Ask the Military to Shoot Down Chemtrail Planes Awareness Month‘.


Chemtrail planes
Anybody have the backdoor keys to the QRS-11?

American citizens are sick and tired of this globalist operation pouring poisons in our sky, on our land, crops, and families. We aren’t bugs to be sprayed on by SES-SERCO and the Evil Empire of psychopathic globalists.

We demand to know who are flying these unidentifiable planes and what their purpose is.

We demand an immediate no-fly zone for chemtrail operations – whether they are domestic or foreign enemies.

We demand that the U.S. military start shooting them down as the enemy. We are at war with the globalists. They are spraying on innocent citizens.

cat angelCalling on all AIM cats to use your skills and talents to educate and enlighten your circle of influence to eradicate chemtrail operations in your country.


bug sprayThe globalist enemy couldn’t be clearer in sight than they are in our skies. This effects all citizens around the world as our common enemy – the globalists – spray us all like bugs.

We call on U.S. military to protect its citizens and start popping these out of the sky. Of course, the pilots and crew need to be given notice that they will be shot down as the intent is to keep these poison planes grounded, not active. However, citizens are getting fed up with the lackadaisical efforts of our military in this area of protection and demand that they be grounded immediately and, with proper notice, if they continue to fly, the military will use whatever means necessary to ground them.

What can you do to get the military in your country to do its job and protect citizens against globalist aggression?

“Threats to shoot down aircraft or harming pilots are becoming more prevalent, overt and alarming,” says Mike Glynn, a current airline captain and former vice-president of the Australian and International Pilots Association.

“While most can be discounted as empty threats, there remains the possibility that some unhinged individual or group may act. It is beginning to cause consternation in pilot ranks.”  Source

Danger in the Sky

The issue of chemtrail poisoning is not just a problem in American. Chemtrail globalists are poisoning all of us – around the world. AIM4Truth Ulrich is first to respond to our global call to action and gives us the links below for our German audience. Please feel free to leave your suggestions in the comment box below and we will move them up to the main post.

From Ulrich:

I regard Mike Morales as up to date educator with a special narrative style!
Dane Wiggington and others did mindblowing fundamental work.
But Mike Morales is the guy from neighborhood with his sloppy style he reaches far out to ordinary people!
I updated all articles – with this list at the end:
Let us hear from you!


Emergency Application to Preserve Paper Ballots Filed with U.S. Supreme Court, DHS, VPOTUS

Two Well-heeled NY Veterans Respond Powerfully to Executive Order 13848 to Disclose Proof of Election Interference

Exhibits Prove Foreign Interference from Britain, China and Shadow SES Government

Spread the truth.


On Oct. 29, 2018, two well-heeled U.S. USAF and Navy Veterans, Christopher Strunk and Harold Van Allen, filed an Emergency petition for a Writ of Mandamus and Injunctive Relief.

Their application was officially filed with Chief Justice John Roberts at the U.S. Supreme Court, John M. Mitnick at the Department of Homeland Security, and Vice President Mike Pence as head of the Presidential Election Investigation. Readers should note that both Justice Roberts and Mr. Mitnick are both Senior Executive Service (SES) members that is identified as one of the groups interfering in our elections.

The emergency petition asks: (1) to preserve paper ballots in all 50 states, (2) to convene a court of inquiry into foreign election meddling, (3) to report to DHS from the inquiry and (4) to order other appropriate relief.

Strunk and Van Allen provide over 300 pages of hard evidence, citing thousands of judicially-recognizable government documents, that the 2016 midterm election is threatened by numerous election meddling activities by:

Guarantees of a Free & Fair Vote:

Unbroken, Bipartisan Chain of Custody

One-Citizen, One-Vote

(1) The British Privy Council;

(2) George Soros’ Open Society Foundation in collaboration with former UN Deputy Secretary General Lord Mark Malloch-Brown;

(3) Massive fascist Big Tech election fraud and censorship of conservative voices in conspiracy with the Senior Executive Service (SES), U.S. Digital Service, Hillary Clinton, The Clinton Foundation, ENTRUST, Acxiom, Google, Alphabet, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Alibaba, Baidu,, Lockheed, Big Finance, Big Audit, Big Law, USAID, OPIC, UN and others;

(4) Chinese “courtesy copies” of Hillary’s private server emails about classified U.S. State Department matters;

(5) British-controlled SERCO infiltration, with the British Crown Agents, in most US agencies, including the U.S. Patent Office;

(6) Social networking intellectual property theft (scalability) and brainwashing algorithms;

(7) Election machine tampering and fraud (ES&S, Smartmatic, Sequoia, Diebold, Hart Intercivic, Dominion, OpTech);

(8) Breaches of chains of custody on ballot counts, (8) man-in-the-middle ballot tally fraud;

(9) Congressional confirmation of these frauds (e.g., proposed Wyden Protecting Americans Votes and Elections Act of 2018).

Patriots are encouraged to contact these agencies and demand that all paper ballots be preserved by each state Secretary of State, until such time as a fair vote can be confirmed, and that their votes have been confirmed by bipartisan chain of custody citizens oversight (not bureaucrats and “expert” third parties), and one-citizen, one-vote.

Full SCOTUS filing. (Note: The actual petition is 30 pages. The other 339 pages are exhibits in support of the arguments. Suggest you scan quickly the first 11 pages that establish legal “standing,” then start reading in earnest about page 12.)


Listen to Michael McKibben and Douglas Gabriel discuss the filing with petitioner Christopher Strunk. The People put the Supreme Court on notice

In the audio below we hear from in-the-swamp patriot Christopher Strunk after he delivers the petition to the Supreme Court. The document is now officially received by Justice Robert’s office.

AIM Cats go to SCOTUS on behalf of the PEOPLE


Links to Source Documents:
Executive Order 13848. (Sep. 12, 2018). Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election. 83 FR 48195, Doc. No. 2018-20816, Vol. 83, No. 179 published Sep. 14, 2018. Federal Register. See also

Executive Order 13818. (Dec. 20, 2017). Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption. 82 FR 60839, Doc. No. 2017-27925, Vol. 82, No. 246 published Dec. 26, 2017. Federal Register. See also

Americans for Innovation

In the heart of the swamp is Richard C. Walker. Expose him.

Betsy winks. The Conclave took the bait, A4T Patriots, and started getting curious about Richard C. Walker after she planted a few seeds in their brilliant heads. Look what they found just today?! Again, Conclave notes are just that. Pertinent “miner finds” thrown out to the community as we get them.

If you are new to our site, you might think of these notes like Q drops – we give you the hard evidence and it is your job to piece it together and keep digging.


In the heart of the swamp is Richard C. Walker. Expose him.



sharkHere’s the Walker page posted on Oct. 03, 2002

Make sure to watch this gif – either here or in the link.

On Oct. 01, 2002, two days earlier, Walker and Wilmer Hale filed the PFN/TRAC patent for the Internet of Things.

Deep State are wetware.JPG

IBM is acquiring the main web operating system on the planet that isn’t controlled by Sun Solaris/Oracle or Microsoft… and then there were three-all IBM Eclipse… as was Redhat anyway. The monopoly is hardening.

IBM To Acquire Red Hat For $34 Billion, Makes Bid For Lead In Hybrid Cloud Market


Finding more anomalies in Richard C. Walker going back to 1991.

Genius or fraud. Taking bets.


Walker wisdom traditionsAn MP3 audio that went with this slide show is attached in the PDF below. If you play both sides of the bridge in the Glass Bead Game, you will be very interested in this pdf:

Question for AIM4Truthers: What is the hidden meaning of this web site. omni terra

This is the guy who holds the patent for the Internet of Things….

Rick Walker biz card

Not a Clinton…

Richard Clayton WalkerRichard Clayton Walker 2

Note that some of Walker’s early patents were assigned to Broadcom-Singapore, then Avago Technologies, then HP, then Agilent.

Richard Clayton Walker. (Jun. 29, 2001). Consciousness, Communication and Cooperation – in brains, bodies, business and biospheres (Hewlett-Packard/Agilent/Avago Technologies Limited/Broadcom/Broadcom-Singapore). Omnisterra.

Richard Clayton Walker. (Accessed Oct. 29, 2018). Biography and related records (Hewlett-Packard/Agilent/Avago Technologies Limited/Broadcom/Broadcom-Singapore). Omnisterra.

walker split frames


What does this similarity mean? We don’t know…but couldn’t help notice the obvious.

walker Split frames with obama


Overthrow the Globalist in One Signature

Are we going to overthrow these global criminals and digital tyrants….or not? One signature can wipe them off the face of the planet – and put the technology, which was stolen in the first place, back in the hands of PATRIOTS for freedom of speech and transparency around the world.

Make sure you have contacted the White House with one or more of these documents: Miller Act Notice Documents

You do not need to be an American to send your correspondence to the White House as this crime, committed by the IBM Eclipse Foundation and the U.S. Patent Office, effects everyone on the planet. Write or Call the White House

target with arrow

Corrupt Media AFI
Full value of social networking must be returned to original AMERICAN inventors


AIM4Truth Caller ‘Bob’ Calls Alex Jones and Tells Story of Leader Technologies and Theft of Social Media

Here are the Miller Act Notice documents that Leader shareholders have been sending to the White House.

Daria and Alex (referring to the Alex Jones staff that ‘Bob’ spoke to on the phone) can help ensure that the President has seen these. The SES legal gatekeepers at the White House may or may not have briefed him. Listen to the video clip below.

One Pager:

Cover Letter re. new revenue, new media opportunity:

Actual Miller Act Notice:

5G Can End Humanity as We Know it

5G can end humanity as we know it


Here are several of the articles we have posted from two of our sites. Douglas mentions them in his discussion with Michael.



You Are Wetware and Will be Controlled


The Spiritual Battle Between Humans and Machine


Behold: The Frankenstein of our Day


Rudolf Steiner on the Effects of Radiant Electricity and Electromagnetic Technology



Learn about sigils


Learn How to Antidote EMFs and 5G


One of our AIM4truth readers (Charles P.) sent us this explanation of 5G. We thought it was post-worthy and wanted to share with everyone.

I was listening to your broadcast explaining the new 5G. The length of the waves is the subject of this document:

CORRECTION: You stated Milli waves being worse than the present; proper would be smaller than Microwaves; i.e.; Nano waves.

decimal line

Typical components rated and measured like this are Capacitors- uFarads; Inductors- uHenry’s etc.

This decimal line reveals how short the wave is: a scope display of the analogue frequency will show the (sign wave; ~) around the zero-horizontal cross-over with 50% above the line and 50% below the line, over time.

As shown; the new 5G waves are Nano? and may possibly be Pico? waves. I am not sure what the frequency is. 4G is 2.4 Giga Hertz (2.4GHz) I know we use also 5GHz routers, but I am not sure if this is still 4G? So, if we think about frequencies and their “names”:

Kilohertz (KHz) – Voice from 0-20KHz

Megahertz (MHz) – radio and older analogue TV as well as earlier computers and even some Radar

Gigahertz (GHz) – Radar, Doppler Radar, SAT Communications, modern Digital TV and computers

Nanohertz (NHz) – Who knows? It would be useful in Hospital X-Ray type of equipment’s and MRI’s to replace radio-active stuff; BUT….

Where do we go from here?

Comment Cont.: The higher the frequency, the shorter the distance required to travel one full wave-length. If you are familiar with the tool dial-caliper; it is usually 6” long and is used to measure the inside and outside dimensions of small objects with a resolution of one one-thousandths. So, you can see in your minds eye how short these waves are!

  • I agree, just based upon common sense; that waves in the order of nano-waves would be detrimental to the human body because the bodies cellular structure. Each cell is as large or much larger than the nano-wave! Therefore, the stronger the signal or the increased length of exposure time they will be damaging and separating the cellular bonds!
  • The higher the frequency; the more power must be used to propagate the signal! Worse, the more towers it will take to obtain and use the signal!
  • Yes; it will be faster to communicate digitally because our technology switches state on the upside AND on the down-side of each cycle. So, increasing the frequencies will give us technology that will have fluid video and natural communication by voice + video will be much nicer to view with more detail. But is using technology like this worth “cooking” us to accomplish this? I think NOT! 5G WILL BE LIFE-THREATENING. I believe THAT is what “They” want! To control the world’s population to less than 500 million; BILLIONS MUST DIE!

They tried; Fluoride in the water – everyone drinks water, Chem trails everyone breathes, gasses of all sorts, man-made virus epidemics, GMO; etc. So now, why not use nano-waves to just simply kill us!



Globalists Use Weather Warfare to Take Out Florida MAGA Voters

In the audio below, Douglas Gabriel introduces MICHAEL THOMAS, the founder and editor of two of the independent media’s most substantive news sites – State of the Nation and The Millennium Report.

As a resident of Florida, a first-hand eye witness of the devastation of Hurricane Michael, and a citizen journalist who has followed the progress of weather being weaponized against citizens, Michael is outraged at what is happening in Florida’s panhandle just as the midterms are around the corner.

Weather Terrorism Obliterates MAGA Panhandle

Read these reports from Michael Thomas’ sites to educate yourself and your circle of influence on WEATHER WARFARE.

HURRICANE MICHAEL: A Geoengineered Superstorm Targeting Tallahassee and Florida Panhandle—Why!

OCTOBER SURPRISE: Weather Warfare Across the Nation is Being Purposefully Geoengineered (Video)

MIDTERMS: It all comes down to Florida!

Also check out this patriot citizen report on teh hurricane.

Hurricane Michael Was a TARGETED STRIKE!

Tools of Tyranny: CECC Report Shows Use of Technology and Surveillance to Repress Citizens

The collection of articles and intelligence show how surveillance technology is being used in China to repress its citizens. Pay attention as this is the exact technology that Google, Facebook, and the global spying intelligence networks have in store for citizens around the world.

. . . . . . . .


Chairs Release 2018 Annual Report—Seek Additional Actions to Address Possible ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ Targeting Muslim Ethnic Minorities in China

“Among the major trends that the Report highlights are the unprecedented repression of ethnic minorities in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR); a dramatic increase in Communist Party Control over government, society, religion, and business; and the increasing use of technology and surveillance as a tool of repression.”

[Readers: See below for the highlights of this report, pulled out for your review.]


East Turkestan

“Since the occupation of the Uyghur homeland of East Turkistan in October of 1949 by the People’s Republic of China, the Uyghurs have been victims of Chinese state repression, colonial subjugation, discrimination, and systematic ethnic and cultural genocide; ultimately becoming a nation at risk of being wiped out….

…During the Cultural Revolution, hundreds of thousands of Uyghurs were  massacred by the Chinese regime for being “counter revolutionary and nationalists”. It was during this period that China began to rewrite the history of the Uyghurs and East Turkistan, distorting the realities and claiming that “Xinjiang (East Turkistan), has always been a part of China since ancient times, and the Uyghurs are part of the larger Chinese family.” Millions of Uyghurs would be killed by various means, including an estimated 750,000 who died as a result of 46 nuclear tests in the Uyghur homeland. Yet over the decades, Uyghurs continued to resist Chinese domination, with numerous uprisings and demonstrations.”  SOURCE


This article gives a very good overview of the Uyghurs, short of reading the 300+ House document:

Salih Hudayar. (Feb. 13, 2017). Contemporary Colonialism: The Uyghurs Versus China. Intercontinental Cry.

Salih Hudayar. (Feb. 13, 2017). DOCUMENT LINKS (25 MB), Contemporary Colonialism: The Uyghurs Versus China. Intercontinental Cry.


“Cliff’s Notes” on new Oct. 10, 2018 Congressional Report on Chinese totalitarianism/social credit score repression.

H. Rept. 115-NN. (Oct. 10, 2018). Congressional-Executive Commission on China, Annual Report, 2018. 115th Congress, 2nd Session. Congressional-Executive Commission on China. GPO.

See also

China aggression 1China aggression 2China aggression 3China aggression 4China aggression 6China aggression 7China aggression 8China aggression 9China aggression 10China aggression 11China aggression 12China aggression 13China aggression 14China aggression 15China aggression 16China aggression 17China aggression 18


Coming to America (tested in China by Eric Schmidt/Google): China’s social credit score supports repressive “convenience police station” recruiting

Located in a grid staffed with an average of 12 “assistant police” (lower paid and less training) per station. They are fed social credit score data and instructions for preemptive police actions.

H. Hrg. 115-FA05-Wstate-ZenzA-20180926-SD002. (Sep. 21, 2017). China Brief, Vol. 17, Issue 12: Chen Quanguo: The Strongman Behind Beijing’s Securitization Strategy in Tibet and Xinjiang, by Adrian Zenz. The Jamestown Foundation. U.S. House of Representatives, Congressional-Executive Commission on China. See also

Xuar 1Chinese policingChinese policing 2Chinese policing 3Chinese policing 4Chinese policing 5


How does this effect citizens around the world? Listen to Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben explain in this blockbuster audio and then take your education to a deeper level and read the post: Learn how prison planet operates.

Learn how Prison Planet operates – your freedom depends on it

Data Brokers, Cyber Secrecy, and Digital Fascism – YOU are the Product

Big Data analytics expert whistle blows on Acxiom and Palantir, identifies The Netherlands as another destination of America’s personally identified information, in addition to China. Acxiom was evasive in its answers.

Wooyung Lee, Eunji Jang, Joon Lee. (Jun. 28, 2017). Data-driven Modeling and Service based on Big Data Analytics and Perception Process, 18-2: 201-214, 2017 (ref. Acxiom, Palatir,Peter Thiel, Big Data). Journal of Cognitive Science, Seoul National University.

data drivendata brokersdata brokers 2palantirdata brokers 3big lieharvesting dataconclusions 2data broker 4

Staff Report for Chairman Rockefeller. (Dec. 18, 2013). A Review of the Data Broker Industry: Collection, Use, and Sale of Consumer Data for Marketing Purposes. Office of Oversight and Investigations Majority Staff. U.S. Senate.

Senate failed

Data 1data 2data 3data 4data 5

Acxiom data 1Acxiom data 2Acxiom data 3Acxiom social media.

socialist voters.JPGconclusion 3.JPG