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Will Trump Visit the Windsors and British Warlords in June?

The Queen is ‘set to invite Donald Trump for a full state visit on 75th anniversary of D-Day this June’

Request of POTUS: While you are there please ask the Queen why her Privy Council is out to destroy your administration. Let them know that despite fake news, the American and British people are fully aware of Robert Hannigan‘s shenanigans with John Brennan as they committed espionage and treason to overthrow your administration.

Ask her to bring you up to speed on what they are doing with Arvinder Sambei who, along with her cohort in crime Robert Mueller, have been running operations against the United States since 911. Let her know that the American people are demanding sanctions against her entire country, its oligarch warlord bankers and brokers, and the Windsor Monarchy for their overt election meddling.

We are also demanding that all offshore accounts of the royal conspirators be seized, including those of George Mark Malloch-Brown, Tony Blair, Richard Dearlove, Stefan Halper, Alison Saunders, Geoffrey Pattie, Nick Clegg, Andrew Wood, and the many others we have named for espionage.

Queen Elizabeth as a lizardTell old Lizard Lady that you know how she controls Lockheed Martin, BAE, and other strategic companies in the US military industrial complex with her golden share.

On behalf of the American people, please let her know that we understand how SES and SERCO work with the Crown Agents to keep British rule over America.

We ask you to proclaim that America is free from British Rule and we are terminating their operations in America.

Then we can party like it’s July 4, 2019, which could become, under your presidency, our true Independence Day from British Rule.

British Attempt to Overthrow Donald Trump – FAILS

Espionage posters corrected

While you are dining with the lizard family, Mr. President, Rand Paul has a few questions…. basically was Brennan colluding with the Brits – a foreign government – to insert itself into our elections? We are feeling some juicy American economic sanctions on these British oligarchs! Seize their offshore accounts for ESPIONAGE. Then let the international tribunals begin. Let’s leave our children and grandchildren a world of peace and prosperity and not one filled with globalist oligarchs and sociopaths.

Rand Paul Goes Off On The Russia Investigation

Shenanigans of Robert Hannigan

AIM Patriots, don’t forget the British involvement here! ROBERT HANNIGAN set up wiretaps for the FBI. 

trump tower frame up

Wanted Robert HanniganMeet the British spy that came over to America and worked with John Brennan to set up a wiretap on Trump. Companies like Infosecurity Group are proud to sponsor an enemy of America to be their keynote speaker…..but then maybe they don’t know about Robert. Has he not told his compatriots what he did to meddle in U.S. elections?

Calling a digital flashmob here. Please leave your comments under the video so that we can educate the folks at Infosecurity Group. We started the party with the comment below. The last person we did this to resigned his political position within a few weeks of our digital flashmob that exposed his corruption with the US Patent Office and SERCO.

This is just another information weapon that you can use against the opposition – you and your audience don’t have to leave your chairs. Please info flashmob along with us.

robert hannigan comment.JPG

Here’s Robert Hannigan.Then please visit the YT site directly to leave your comments.


The Origin of The Feces – President Trump Smartly Draws Attention to Beginning of Russian Conspiracy Effort

tt russia collusion

trump tweet how did it start


Make sure to contact the White House. The President needs to know that ordinary citizens like us know what happened. Here is his email box:


British Attempt to Overthrow Donald Trump


This is serious, folks. The Privy Council is out to overthrow Donald Trump and destroy what’s left of America.

Espionage posters corrected

SPYGATE – British Coup against Trump – INTEGRITY INITIATIVE


Please keep doing your citizen homework and read these related articles so that the Brits can’t trick us anymore with their propaganda, spies, and operatives.

WindsorGate is Espionage


British Espionage – American Treason


Mueller Sambei

The FBI-Mueller-Sambir/Sambei Connection Exposed


Papadopoulos was set up by Mifsud and Halper


And don’t forget who was running the London CIA office while all of this was going down until she became the head of the entire CIA!

gina haspel lies


CIA Director Gina Haspel is Complicit with the Coup


Wanted Gina Haspel.jpeg



Papadopoulos was set up by Mifsud and Halper

So obvious Papadopoulos was set up by Mifsud and Halper.

Equally obvious the DOJ/FBI did not want to bring any attention to the fact that Mifsud, Halper, Roh, Downer were FBI assets, agents, or both.

This is such a nothing burger.

George Papadopoulos. (Oct. 25, 2018). TRANSCRIPTION: Interview of George Papadopoulos, Joint Committees on the Judiciary and Reform and Oversight. U.S. House of Representatives.

p. 16




The honey pot… and favored tried and true KGB tactic to compromise a target




p. 21


p. 22


p. 25


p. 27


p. 28


p. 28, 29


p. 30


p. 33, 24


p. 36, 37


p. 38


p. 38


p. 41


p. 43


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p. 45


p. 47


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p. 129


p. 135


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p. 204


p. 213


p. 214





Clinton’s Secret Back Channel to India and Pakistan


U.S. State Department FOIA PART I. (Feb. 01, 2019). Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State, Case No. F-2016-07895, Doc. No. C06162980, Date: 09/26/2018, emails Oct 18 00687-1, 376 pgs. Judicial Watch. [Fully indexed and searchable]

A first revelation from our review is that as early at Sep. 16, 2010, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was using Lanny J. Davis as a secret back channel to India and Pakistan. Davis is Michael Cohen’s current lawyer. The task was so secret that the DOS CLASSIFIED it before this Judicial Watch release. Tellingly, just 14 days later on Sep. 30, 2010 Hillary secretly paid $250,000 and hired Facebook’s Russian manager Dmitri Shevelenko for a second tranche to create a “template for election winning.” Shevelenko’s own Linked In page says he moved to India to write the program. Apparently, Lanny J. Davis and the Department of State itself was being used to rig American elections by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. This Facebook contract occurred just two months after the Leader v. Facebook trial which was going to appeal at the time. Such tampering with witnesses in an active litigation is obstruction of justice by Hillary Clinton herself, not even counting treasonous election meddling.

Indra Nooyi has a globalist NWO resume: Pepsi, Boston Consulting Group, Booz Allen Hamilton, Motorola, ABB, Yale

NEW JUDICIAL WATCH Mar. 22, 2019 FOIA TRANCHE: Michael Cohen’s attorney Lanny J. Davis was a CLASSIFIED Hillary Clinton secret back channel to India, Pakistan and the Middle East using Pepsi’s Indian-American CEO Indra Nooyi as early as Sep. 16, 2010.

State Department CLASSIFIED a Hillary Email to LANNY J. DAVIS, Michael Cohen’s attorney!


U.S. State Department FOIA PART I. (Feb. 01, 2019). Judicial Watch v. U.S. Departmentof State, Case No. F-2016-07895, Doc. No. C06162980, Date: 09/26/2018, emails Oct 18 00687-1, pp. 293-297. Judicial Watch.


lani davis email

This was just 14 days before Hillary secretly contracted with Facebook to build a “template for winning elections”… in India using Facebook’s Russian programmer/manager Dmitri Shevelenko


hillary template for winning

Proof Peter Strzok mislead (lied) to Congress about when Hillary Clinton set up her private email server.

Strzok’s testimony:

peter strzok afiPeter Strzok big fat FBI lie about the reason for the set up of the private email server. The FBI knew years before they released tranches of Hillary’s emails starting in Sep. 2016. Tellingly, he volunteered this explanation even though he wasn’t asked about WHEN.

Peter Strzok. (Jun. 27, 2018). Peter Strzok TRANSCRIPTION of Interview with Peter Strzok released by Rep. Doug Collins (GA 9th), Committee on the Judiciary, pgs. 312. U.S. House of Representatives.

strzok testimony

FACT (which he should know as a top FBI officer)(we in the alternative media have known this ever since DATE):

jan 2009 clinton

clinton interview

who is clinton email


AFI AIM logo combo


The Great Faker: Robert Mueller

The Great Faker: Robert Mueller

Posted by u/The_Web_Of_Slime

Every single one of Robert Mueller’s important investigations has ended in failure and disaster. Robert Mueller specializes in thwarting justice while giving the appearance of legitimacy.

With a large swathe of the country finally realizing what millions of Americans have already known for years, Robert Mueller has “botched” yet another important investigation. Like allowing Jeffrey Epstein to openly operate as a pedophile pimp in exchange for information; the “frame job” in the Anthrax investigation that was used to assert greater authoritarianism in America; or managing to see to it that they left the curious and unsolved collapse of a whole building out of the 9/11 Commission report; Mueller has been faking investigations his entire career to cover for high level corruption.

Soros is the top of the pyramid for a giant RICO conspiracy.

George Soros Transfers $18 Billion to His Foundation, Creating an Instant Giant

This deal means the FBI helped The Clinton Foundation accept bribes for a Uranium One deal.

This means Mueller, who was head of FBI at the time allowed it to happen.

This means FBI was aware of pay to play and collusion with Russian companies by The Clinton Foundation while Hillary was secretary of state.

Comey’s draft memo cleared Hillary before she was even interviewed.

Mueller’s tight with The Clinton Foundation. He is a fake Republican.

A black market uranium smuggler was caught with uranium on its way from Novosibirsk (Rosatom’s chemical concentration plant) to Iran. The Russians refused to help the Georgian authorities, who had to let the smuggler walk after a short time in jail. Georgia, then asked for the US to help in the investigation where they sent a sample of the HEU, enriched just under weapons grade. Mueller, himself, rather than admit where the uranium came from RETURNED THE EVIDENCE HIMSELF TO RUSSIA, hand delivering the HEU sample on a TARMAC in Russia. Here is the cable that proves it:

In the Middle of the Russian “Reset”, Mueller was already protecting the Uranium One.

Mueller has been investigated his own crime and pinned it on Manafort, while purportedly giving the Podestas immunity. They worked for Russia under the guise of the European Center for a Modern Ukraine to infiltrate the Ukrainian government.

Paul Brennan, who approved all the “Saudi Hijackers” visas at Jeddah Station also contributed to an alarming number of coincidences that deserve attention.

Robert Mueller is a criminal. His primary job is to cover for crimes being committed by the CIA and he accomplishes this by running his investigations as limited hangouts, where only the minimum amount of justice is applied in order to protect those who are paid into the protection racket. The Clinton Foundation is a payment receiving arm of a deep state sponsored protection racket that specializes in forensic interruption, using the media to work in tandem with law enforcement agencies and the court system through “fusion” projects that allow a complete infiltration of everyday life and normal organizations by our intelligence agency. Worse, is that these services are for sale to anyone with enough money, regardless of the laws that apply to you or me.

The FBI has a history of participating with media outlets to stage news narratives to sway the populace in favor of policies that are not in their best interests. A lot of those tricks the movies and TV shows feature are, in reality, unreliable.

One thing the FBI protects above all others, is the illusion that they are an authority on solving crimes, even though their actions prove that they are primarily concerned with covering them up. I posit that is because the CIA has riddled the FBI leadership with corrupt infiltrators who are not there to serve the country, but to protect clandestine activities. They aren’t “botching” investigations, they are using it as a cover for corruption.

James Comey operates under the exact same MO. He investigated Marc Rich, gave the appearance of justice, then let him go with a last minute pardon from his friends, the Clintons.

One early limited hangout of Robert Mueller’s was creatively letting his fellow Marines in the Hell’s Angels off the hook by failing to prosecute dozens of known criminals and using no evidence except witness testimony that was paid for. Even the 5 that were convicted were let go on appeal.

prosecution of hells angels

In a remarkable coincidence, Mueller was also made head of the FBI one week before the 9/11 attack, where we see he botches another investigation in favor of his friends in the Muslim Brotherhood, and where he botched the Anthrax attack that was used to pass legislation to spy on the American people, when even 9/11 proved not enough to sway the public. Later, these same friends would be involved in the Gulftainer deal that installed a great deal of foreign power next to important military assets in Florida.

comey Mueller Anthrax


mueller fbi priorities

While Mueller runs cover for the Russians, the same way Comey and the Clintons ran cover for Marc Rich, who was selling uranium to the Russians, Mueller and his law firm are putting in place a troubling national security threat where Islamic terrorism was allowed to take hold at Pt. Canaveral.

mueller delivers uranium

Mueller was meeting Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, then client of Paul Manafort. The meeting took place in Kyiv. The pair met about two months after the Boston Marathon bombing.

“I would like to focus on the most important issue for us – the issue of combating terrorism,” Mueller said, according to a Ukrainian Embassy’s Facebook post. “I would like to say thank you for the assistance provided to us after the Boston Marathon.”

Boston bomber

In fact, there were a number of concerning aspects about the Boston Marathon Bombing and the coverage, at the time. Cover up after cover up; no one has explained how the news made this mistake, yet:


The Obama appointee, Aimen Mir, who also approved Uranium One with no paperwork in record time, also approved the questionable Gulftainer deal to buy Port Canaveral’s cargo container terminal to the Middle eastern company, which partners with the Russian state-owned firm ROSTEC, overseen Putin. So, not only are these traitors in government selling out to Russia, they are also selling out to organizations with known terrorist ties.


Robert Mueller wants terrorism. Robert Mueller wants nuclear terrorism. Robert Mueller is helping the media stage these events so that the Deep State can gain consent from the populace for asserting authoritarianism and subverting the Constitution.

gulftainer 2.JPG

Gulftainer is run by the brother of Saddam Hussein’s nuclear weapons chief. Let that sink in. He is friends with Obama, Clinton and Muelelr. ROSTEC owns the company that exports the Russian missile-launch container known as Club K. Obama and Clinton’s collusion with Russia undermined national security.

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America’s 100 Most Wanted

We put together this media kit for your independent information network. The videos are fun and short. Make sure to access the link below which contains all of these images, plus a template for you to make your own “most wanted” posters

America’s Most Wanted in the D.C. Swamp

Citizens Demand Arrests!


Learn how to start your DON THE VEST movement.

It’s Time for a Spring Uprising!

We saved all these posters in one PDF file below. Enjoy and make your own to create America’s Top 100.

Wanted Poster Magazine

To read the indictable evidence we found on these criminal thugs, please access our article below which provides links for your own research:

Grab your digital pitchforks and torches



alison saunders 5


Alison Saunders, CB, the Queen’s top prosecutor came to dinner at Bruce and Nellie Ohr’s home four days before the infamous Trump Tower meeting

Election interference by a Queen’s agent is espionage and for the Americans who helped is treason

(MAR. 21, 2019)—Following a month-long investigation—aided by a Judicial Watch Mar. 7, 2019  release of more stonewalled DOJ FOIA releases—the long held suspicions of many that British Privy Council intelligence, technology and banking interests are behind the attempted coup d’état of President Donald J. Trump can now be confirmed, in our minds anyway, beyond doubt.

What moved our thinking from circumstantial evidence to fact?

“Dinner with the Ohrs” —A secret Jun. 05, 2016 dinner meeting between Alison Sanders and her entourage at the home of Bruce and Nellie Ohr’s in McLean, VA on .

That was just four days before the infamous Trump Tower meeting.


She is a British barrister (lawyer) who at the time of the Ohr dinner was the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for the Crown Prosecution Service (CCP). In short, she was the Queen’s top prosecutor. She held a roughly equivalent post to U.S. deputy attorney general Sally Yates—Bruce Ohr’s boss.

On the surface, one might think that such contacts are not uncommon. After all, lawyers and law enforcement officials the world over compare notes. So what was different about this meeting?

A closer look at Saunder’s past and her conflicting relationships shows that she was on a secret mission by her Privy Council handlers to stop Donald Trump. The “Why?” will become obvious as this evidence unfolds.


The circumstances of “Dinner with the Ohrs” were suspicious on their face.

As Judicial Watch just uncovered, the Ohrs started planning this dinner party with Alison Saunders a month earlier, on or about May 06, 2016. Anecdotally, Peter Strzok refused all House questions about the activities of this May-Jun 2016 time period. He even said that his reason was to protect a “very sensitive source.”

At least six people dined at the Ohrs: Alison Saunders, her executive assistant, Helen Kershaw, Sue Patten and Patrick Steves, Bruce Ohr and Nellie Ohr. Saunders also had MI-6 security with her. We do not yet know who attended on the American side besides the Ohrs.

From a protocol perspective, this meeting was a non-starter. First, Saunders was meeting with an underling of her professional equivalent, Sally Yates. Second, being there under diplomatic immunity begs the question:

What did Saunders bring with her to give to the Ohrs? McVities, tea, crumpets, money, non-traceable gems, documents, weapons, drugs, what? Both Saunders and Ohr were international organized crime experts, so they would certainly know the opportunities that such a secret meeting provided. It appears that they were engaging in their own organized crime this time.

So, thanks to Judicial Watch, we have proof that American Bruce Ohr, one of the DOJ’s paymasters for Obama’s stay behind 10,000-man army innocuously named the Senior Executive Service (SES) Performance Review Board, is having a secret meeting with the Queen’s top Crown prosecutor.

Hindsight being 20-20, we can now look back to the date of the Dinner with the Ohrs, Jun. 05, 2016, and then see that the Trump Tower meeting occurred just four days later on Jun. 09, 2016.

It makes sense. Saunders’ American assets, the Ohrs, Strzoks, Comey, Mueller, Lynch, Page, McCabe, etc. were committing treason, and the Privy Council was anxious to make sure they would execute on the plan to frame the Trump campaign with their phony Steel “dirty dossier.”

Before we draw any conclusions regarding this suspicious timing, we need to review Alison Saunders’ background.


April 21, 2019 note:

AIM Patriot Jim sent us this note to further elucidate the ‘Dinner with the Ohrs’ theme. Jim writes: 

This same dinner occurred on September 1, 1933 at the nome of Alice Barrows, and employee of the Department of Education. The home was located in a Virginia suburb of Washington, D.c. In attendance were: Rober Breuere, a member of hte New Deal Textile code Advisory Board and a WWI supporter of the revolutionary IWW movement; David Cushman Coyle, and employee off the Public Works Administration(PWA ); Lurence Todd, Washington representative of the Soviet news agence, TASS, and a former official of the American Civil Liberties Union; Hildegarde Kneeland, and employee of the Department of Agriculture, amember of the ACLU, and the person Dr. Wirt claimed did most of the talking about the communist plans to take over the New Deal; and Mary Taylor, also an employee of the department of Agriculture.”


If each of these names were to be researched and traced to the origin, one Harry Hoppman, the first U.N. representative and controller of the flow technology and arms, including ‘yellow cake’ through Alaska, whose purpose was to ‘balance’ the planned cold war between ‘Soviet Union’, ‘Communist China’, and ‘America’…with enormous profits for the same ‘globalists’. The same agenda, the same purpose, the same ‘British Crown’.

Strzok Tells a Big Fat Lie About Hillary’s Email Service

peter strzok afiPeter Strzok’s big fat FBI lie about the reason for the set up of the private email server. The FBI knew years before they released tranches of Hillary’s emails starting in Sep. 2016. Tellingly, he volunteered this explanation even though he wasn’t asked about WHEN. Whoops.

Peter Strzok. (Jun. 27, 2018). Peter Strzok TRANSCRIPTION of Interview with Peter Strzok released by Rep. Doug Collins (GA 9th), Committee on the Judiciary, pgs. 312. U.S. House of Representatives.

private email server strzok

FACT: The alternative media is better at presenting FACTS than the FBI. Her domain was registered in January 2009.

The ‘rank and file’ FBI SUCK at their jobs! When ordinary citizens do a better job at finding facts, then why do we employee these people?

clinton email.JPG

fbi clinton email.JPG

who is clinton email.JPG


Here are the FOUR TREASONOUS CARTER W. PAGE FISC warrant requests

james comey afiHere are the FOUR TREASONOUS CARTER W. PAGE FISC warrant requests certified as true by Comey, Yates, McCabe and Rosenstein.

Download the PDF and use the Bookmarks to navigate the document and see the criminal fraud signatures more easily.

We now know that these warrants were TEASONOUS ATTACKS to attempt to take down a sitting U.S. President.

In re. Carter W. Page. (Oct. 2016). 17-cv-597(FBI). SURRVEILANCE WARRANTS #1 (10/2016), #2 (01/2017), #3 (04/2017), #4 (06/2017). Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC).

carter pagecarter page 2


CIA Director Gina Haspel is Complicit with the Coup

When we saw these tweets from George Papadopoulos, we thought we could help him out with some answers. If you can get them to George, please do.

Has congress figured out why Peter Strzok’s former boss, Bill Priestap, was in London (of all places) the days before Alexander Downer was sent to spy on me and lie about our meeting? If not, time to get a move on it.

— George Papadopoulos (@GeorgePapa19) March 12, 2019

Britain is in a political crisis. To push Brexit hard, declassifying the spy role of the David Cameron government on Trump and his team is paramount. Congress can not overlook the vital importance of London as the center of the coup attempt.

— George Papadopoulos (@GeorgePapa19) March 12, 2019

What was I REALLY under surveillance for then? Explosive

— George Papadopoulos (@GeorgePapa19) March 13, 2019

Our reply to George:

preistap bill.JPGBill Priestap was the Director of the FBI national security division and would have gone to the London CIA “office” for a meeting. There he would have met with Stefan Halper and Gina Haspel who was, at the time, head of the London CIA office and would have been in charge of the connections with Robert Hannigan (British GCHQ) and John Brennan who planned and executed the wiretapping of Trump Team at Trump Towers. Haspel’s communications, when released, will reveal the full scope of the CIA led international attack on the 2016 presidential election.

Gina Haspel would have known about the coup. If she has not reported all of this to the President Trump, she is complicit in the coup attempt and is guilty of HIGH TREASON.


Keep in mind, Peter Strzok was a CIA Regional Director who John Brennan appointed as the head of Crossfire Hurricane, the CIA counter-intelligence operation to “take out” candidate Trump – later it became the Mueller Witch Hunt after 13 different iterations spanning:

the CIA (John Brennan),

FBI (James Comey, Andrew McCabe, James Baker, etc.),

DoJ (Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates, Andrew Weisseman),

State Department (Victoria Nuland, Jonathon Winer, Hilary Clinton, John Kerry),

ODNS (James Clapper),

NSA (Admiral Mike Rogers)

and the White House senior staff (directly to Obama, Biden, Jarret, Rice, Powers, etc.).

Bill Preistap was the supervisor for Strzok and Lisa Page who also worked for John Carlin in the Department of Justice National Security Division under Sally Yates. Then Strozk and Page continued their CIA operation as they were appointed to Mueller’s Special Council Investigation.

Gina Haspel worked directly for the instigator of the Crossfire Hurricane operation – John Brennan. It would have been impossible for Haspel not to have known about the British spying from London since it was reported in UK newspaper on a weekly basis. She certainly was controlling Stefan Halper, Josef Mifsud, Stephan Roh, Alexander Downer, Andrew Wood, John McCain, Mark Warner, Adam Schiff and the other conspirators.

All of these facts are well known and reported in open source documents. As the 53 testimonies of the House Intelligence Committee are released, we will see the house of cards all fall down and Gina Haspel will go with it.

Keep in mind Haspel was Michael Gaeta’s handler. Gaeta handled the frame-up of George Papadopoulos.


It’s Called TREASON


Lisa Page testimony.

trump wiretap tweet