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Emergency Application to Preserve Paper Ballots Filed with U.S. Supreme Court, DHS, VPOTUS

Two Well-heeled NY Veterans Respond Powerfully to Executive Order 13848 to Disclose Proof of Election Interference

Exhibits Prove Foreign Interference from Britain, China and Shadow SES Government

Spread the truth.


On Oct. 29, 2018, two well-heeled U.S. USAF and Navy Veterans, Christopher Strunk and Harold Van Allen, filed an Emergency petition for a Writ of Mandamus and Injunctive Relief.

Their application was officially filed with Chief Justice John Roberts at the U.S. Supreme Court, John M. Mitnick at the Department of Homeland Security, and Vice President Mike Pence as head of the Presidential Election Investigation. Readers should note that both Justice Roberts and Mr. Mitnick are both Senior Executive Service (SES) members that is identified as one of the groups interfering in our elections.

The emergency petition asks: (1) to preserve paper ballots in all 50 states, (2) to convene a court of inquiry into foreign election meddling, (3) to report to DHS from the inquiry and (4) to order other appropriate relief.

Strunk and Van Allen provide over 300 pages of hard evidence, citing thousands of judicially-recognizable government documents, that the 2016 midterm election is threatened by numerous election meddling activities by:

Guarantees of a Free & Fair Vote:

Unbroken, Bipartisan Chain of Custody

One-Citizen, One-Vote

(1) The British Privy Council;

(2) George Soros’ Open Society Foundation in collaboration with former UN Deputy Secretary General Lord Mark Malloch-Brown;

(3) Massive fascist Big Tech election fraud and censorship of conservative voices in conspiracy with the Senior Executive Service (SES), U.S. Digital Service, Hillary Clinton, The Clinton Foundation, ENTRUST, Acxiom, Google, Alphabet, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Alibaba, Baidu,, Lockheed, Big Finance, Big Audit, Big Law, USAID, OPIC, UN and others;

(4) Chinese “courtesy copies” of Hillary’s private server emails about classified U.S. State Department matters;

(5) British-controlled SERCO infiltration, with the British Crown Agents, in most US agencies, including the U.S. Patent Office;

(6) Social networking intellectual property theft (scalability) and brainwashing algorithms;

(7) Election machine tampering and fraud (ES&S, Smartmatic, Sequoia, Diebold, Hart Intercivic, Dominion, OpTech);

(8) Breaches of chains of custody on ballot counts, (8) man-in-the-middle ballot tally fraud;

(9) Congressional confirmation of these frauds (e.g., proposed Wyden Protecting Americans Votes and Elections Act of 2018).

Patriots are encouraged to contact these agencies and demand that all paper ballots be preserved by each state Secretary of State, until such time as a fair vote can be confirmed, and that their votes have been confirmed by bipartisan chain of custody citizens oversight (not bureaucrats and “expert” third parties), and one-citizen, one-vote.

Full SCOTUS filing. (Note: The actual petition is 30 pages. The other 339 pages are exhibits in support of the arguments. Suggest you scan quickly the first 11 pages that establish legal “standing,” then start reading in earnest about page 12.)


Listen to Michael McKibben and Douglas Gabriel discuss the filing with petitioner Christopher Strunk. The People put the Supreme Court on notice

In the audio below we hear from in-the-swamp patriot Christopher Strunk after he delivers the petition to the Supreme Court. The document is now officially received by Justice Robert’s office.

AIM Cats go to SCOTUS on behalf of the PEOPLE


Links to Source Documents:
Executive Order 13848. (Sep. 12, 2018). Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election. 83 FR 48195, Doc. No. 2018-20816, Vol. 83, No. 179 published Sep. 14, 2018. Federal Register. See also

Executive Order 13818. (Dec. 20, 2017). Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption. 82 FR 60839, Doc. No. 2017-27925, Vol. 82, No. 246 published Dec. 26, 2017. Federal Register. See also

Americans for Innovation

Live Action False Flag. Watch Rogue CIA Work Through FBI to Terrorize Americans


Boom banner

LIVE ACTION: Watch the rogue CIA work through the FBI in the continuation of the MAGABomber False Flag in real time. In the just-released complaint documents below (wow that was fast….hmmmm), you will see the desperate narrative that the globalists want you to believe. Can’t wait to see what “energetic material” is.

There are so many things that are outright idiotic in this filing, that we will save it for a Betsy-Thomas discussion. In the meantime remember that the complaint document comes from the same direction as the inter agency task force that Peter Strzok worked out of. He hasn’t been fired… yet….from the CIA, has he? Remember he was both FBI and CIA. He was fired him from the FBI. Is David Brown one of his close associates from the Joint Terrorism Task Force?


Cesar Sayoc

Other points to pay attention to are the jurisdictions involved. As a Conclave member explained to us in a text: “Where people named in a complaint in different areas it’s called diversity of jurisdiction. They only needed one of them to have been in New York to have the excuse to file it…the dirtiest jurisdiction in the country. The one Mueller owns.”

Then where do they find the darn van? In Broward County! Can we say Debbie Wasserman-Schultz?

For every false flag ….there is ‘THE PATSY’. Pictured below is the “over zealous” truck. Notice the professionally and freshly applied vinyl stickers covering windows of a Florida licensed van – which we think is illegal for their vehicle laws. Notice that there is absolutely no graffiti or vandalism on the van!

FBI Arrests Man in Connection to Mail Bomb Campaign

Wow, that was fast! Hmmm…FBI + False Flags + Midterms + Swamp Draining Sounds = Same old crap from the Fibbin’ Bureau of Instigation.

Patsy truck
Close-up of the stickers on the alleged bomber’s van


he is not a republican


bomber arrests 1Bomber arrests 2


Great pictures and videos under the hyperlink below:

Suspect Cesar Altieri Sayoc Jr. Arrested in Bizarre Mailed IED Plot


Sir Nick Clegg was Lord President of the Privy Council and worked closely with Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie in communications and trade

Sir Nick Clegg was Lord President of the Privy Council for 5 years (2010-2015), worked closely with Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie in communications and trade.

Rt. Hon. Nick Clegg. (Accessed Oct. 22, 2018). Lord President of the Privy Council. Gov. UK.

clegg president of privy council.JPG

Rt. Hon. Nick Clegg. (Accessed Oct. 22, 2018). Lord President of the Privy Council. Gov. UK.

Lord president

Sir Nick CLEGG hides his profoundly fascist/socialist family heritage by declaring himself “a radical centrist”, espouses some conservative positions while ultimately supporting the Privy Council agenda.

Sir Nick grew up rubbing shoulders with the infamous “Cambridge Five” Soviet spy ring. His great aunt Moura Budberg was a mistress to numerous infamous socialists and Soviet spies, including Guy Burgess, Maxim Gorky and H.G. Wells.

Budberg was actually at Gorky’s bedside in Jun. 08, 1936 alongside the new head of the Soviet Secret Police (NKVD), Nikolai Yezhov, leader of the Great Purge “Yezhovshchina” named after him that appears to have started soon after Gorky’s funeral, and none other than Joseph Stalin.

No one could possibly have attended such an event without being a loyal Communist Party apparatchik approved by Joseph Stalin.

Guy Walters. (Jan. 13, 2015). Was Nick Clegg’s aunt a Soviet Spy? She was an enigmatic Russian baroness who cut a swathe through London’s best connected men. Now secret MI5 files pose the question. Daily Mail.

Nick Clegg aunt

Deep Green 1.JPG

Deep Green 2

Sir Nick worked for GJW Government Relations which was shut down after UK LobbyGate pay-to-play schemes

Clegg bio


The Story Behind Donald Trump and America First

By AIM4Truth Condor

I was listening to the recent interviews and at the 15 minute mark of Alibaba and the Globalist Thieves, there was the discussion of the Clintons from the 1990s coupled with murder by Chinese tyrants.  That triggered a memory.

I began searching my archives concerning a group of U.S. military patriots who had discovered the Clinton’s treason with China back in 1995.

As noted in your video interview, the Clintons had indeed been selling American technology to the Chinese.  These American military officers, who had discovered the treason, intended to seek impeachment with their evidence.  They were all murdered as they attempted to escape Washington D.C. and fly back to their own military base in Texas.  If you have heard the story before, you can stop here.

If not…here is the rest of the story.


In February, 2017, I was listening to a Dr. Jim Willie interview (link is now broken:, ). In the opening four minutes Dr. Willie shocked me with claims that on April 17th, 1995, President Clinton took out an American military coup intending to impeach him for treason due to the sale of military secrets to China. Dr. Willie indicated President Clinton, was also mixed up with a Fannie Mae fraud involving fraudulent bonds approaching one trillion dollars (link is now broken: Both issues were cornering the President in April of 1995. If this were true, and evidence was available, how could he get himself out of impeachment and prison? Would he ever be able to run for a second term in office?

It was time for me to see if Dr. Willie was off his rocker, or if, with Trump as President, he believed he could disclose facts which should rock the world. I jumped onto the internet to see if there was any evidence to support these incredible claims. Here is what I found. I have included six attachments with links.  They appear to support Dr. Willie’s claims.

Support for Claims:

These attachments detail all aspects of the sabotage of the military plane with the loss of all passengers which I dug up. The military plane, with generals and other top military brass, flew out of Washington D.C., to return to Texas to strategize how they would disclose these revelations to the American public and pursue impeachment proceeding through Congress, conviction and ultimately have the Clintons sent to prison.

Once in the air, the Constitutional patriots, on a historically reliable Air Force C-21 Learjet, realized they were losing control of the plane. They made an emergency change for a military airport in Alabama. The jet crashed into a wooded area near Alexander City, Alabama, at about 6:30 p.m.

One eyewitness to the plane explosions reported what he saw: Jimmy Keel, who saw the plane coming down, said he could see the pilot was struggling. The plane flew just above the tree line. “It was coming in a straight line for my store, said Mr. Keel, who runs a bait and tackle shop. “I could see the pilot fighting the plane. He was in trouble. He fought it up, it went left, then right, then it exploded.”

Miranda Wyckoff, who lives nearby, told The Alexander City Outlook, “It sounded like an earthquake when it came over our house.” She said she heard three explosions, including one as the jet plunged to the ground. (again attachment 5)

This particular C-21 had been in the Air Force inventory since only 1984 with a good safe history. There were 80 aircraft in the fleet. The only other Air Force C-21 crash was recorded back in January 1987.

Among those killed were: Clark G. Fiester, (attachment 4) Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for acquisitions; Air Force Major General Glenn A. Profitt II (attachment 4); Major Hubert B. Fisher (attachment 4) who researched sensitive information technologies. Families of the victims of the airplane explosion were not permitted to retrieve any belongings nor be given any details of what happened. A heavily-censored story was given to the Main Stream Media (MSM) to distribute. Such as, “High Air Force official mourned after jet crash

How was America distracted from the sabotaged military airplane crash.

No one paid any attention to this story because, two days later, on the early morning of April 19, 1995, the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was blown up killing 168 additional men, women and children. It was never made public that documents proving President Clinton’s involvement in the Fannie Mae bond fraud were destroyed in the Murrah Federal Building as noted in Dr. Willie’s interview.

With the aid of the Corporate controlled Main Stream Media (MSM), President Clinton would win a second term in office. Hundreds of military officers, dedicated to the Constitution, would be fired from the military under Clinton, President Bush and President Obama cabal over the ensuing twenty years.

I learned from Dr. Willie other military patriots did not give up hope for America. Behind the scenes they worked to break the hold of international elites on the Presidency. They worked under America First. This story possibly explains why Trump had come to power under the slogan, he repeated several times in his inaugural speech, America First!

What a remarkable time to be alive!

Last Military Statement Concerning President Clintons’ Treason Against U.S. Before Plane Crash

On April 17th 1995 a Learjet crashed – On board were generals and admirals getting ready to arrest Bill Clinton for treason

President Clinton – assassination of military – the military plane which crashed

President Clinton – assassination of military – MAJOR GENERAL GLENN A. PROFITT II

President Clinton execute military impeachers – All eight aboard Air Force jet die in crash landing attempt

Shock-Man Who Helped Funnel Chinese Money To Clinton Made ‘insurance Policy_ Video Fearing Assassination

The Story Behind Trump’s Slogan

George Papadopoulos Takes on the Swamp

W O K E !

See George’s twitter thread here.

George law firm


George Uk-Aus tweet


George Misfud

Misfud seminar


George Alex Downer.JPG


George cyprus.JPG


George British spy


George and BorisMifsud and Boris


Mifsud UK


Brian Whitaker tweet


Boom 2

George P tweet

We are thrilled to see George on the offense, instead of kowtowing to these international thugs and criminals. If you have a way into George’s network, make sure he sees these blockbuster citizen intelligence reports that prove he is telling TRUTH. If you are on Twitter, make sure he gets this collection of reports.

World Wide Election Rigging by the Queen’s Privy Council


Indictable Evidence: Foreign Interference in US Elections Since 2005


Queen Elizabeth II and Privy Council Rig Elections Worldwide


Malloch or MOLOCH? Either Way – Evil Is As Evil Does


The Windsors – Not Our Friends




Remember ‘Mao Tze Tung Loving’ Communist Anita Dunn?


FLASHBACK TO AUGUST 4, 2016: “Pervasive ties have been uncovered that directly link the former and current personal legal counsels to President Obama, Robert F. Bauer (PDF) (No. 23), and his wife, Anita B. Dunn, and their long-time law firm, Perkins Mao-Tse-TungCoie LLP, with the Facebook Cabal.

Y’all remember Anita Dunn..right?

Her favorite political philosopher is Mao Tze Tung.

Remember the article recently regarding another attorney from Perkins Coie – Michael Sussman? See here.  Connect the dots. They couldn’t be more obvious.

Glenn Beck – New exclusive video of Obama staffer Anita Dunn & her freaky tongue


Anita Dunn and Robert F. Bauer reminded us of some gems in our archives about these two and the corrupt Obama adminsitration. Hope this helps our white hats understand how their operations worked. Get a good picture of this image with this PDF:

disinformation and the white house

Take a look at this one. Here is the PDF.

Strategy to Power


The assessment of Perkins Coie LLP in 2013 was prescient.

Bauer Dunn Cutler

Biographies and related records:

  1. Robert F. Bauer. (Accessed Oct. 08, 2018). Biography and exit press release. Perkins Coie LLP, Wayback Machine.
  2. Anita B. Dunn. (Accessed Oct. 08, 2018). Biography and related records. Wikipedia.
  3. Joseph P. Cutler. (Accessed Oct. 08, 2018). Biography and related records. Perkins Coie LLP.


Obama white house plumbers

Romantic Poet. (Accessed Oct. 08, 2018). Robert Bauer and Anita Dunn (Spouse) in Obama’s White House. Nepotism? Or Political Protectionism? UPDATE! Bauer is “IN”. Romantic Poet’s Weblog.

Perkins Coie Muckety


Ugly Truth About Blasey-Ford Revealed by Independent Media

Independent media is on fire with its citizen-led investigation of Christine Blasey-Ford.

As one astute poster named Fake Nametag wrote:

“LOL at these deep state clowns that think they can defeat determined, crowd-sourced internet sleuthing. This is a new era. Information is literally at our fingertips and many of us out here are much smarter than the uncreative and one-dimensional Comey types. Not to mention that the most determined researchers thoroughly enjoy doing what they do vs the deep staters who are mailing it in for the paycheck. The energy advantage is all on our side.

So many of us exist out here with our broad experience in every imaginable walk of life to cobble together the disparate facts that blow a hole in the deep state and media’s weak narrative construction and coverups. As long as we have a free Internet, they don’t stand a chance. Is it any wonder that their (failing) dual pronged attack is 1) pretend everyone smart online is actually a Russian op, 2) block, ban, and otherwise stop any kind of uncontrolled conservative speech online.”

And what did independent media report on Blasey-Ford today that Main Stream Media and controlled opposition like Drudge did NOT report?



Mitchell asked Ford towards the end of her testimony whether she had ever studied how to take a polygraph, or had instructed anyone else how to take a polygraph. Mitchell asked about three questions in this line to which Ford answered “never” each time.

Ford on why she decided to take a polygraph test. Begin at 3:45


Voila! Now the old boyfriend [6 year relationship] comes out saying she lied.

Christine Blasey Ford’s Ex-Boyfriend Told Senate Judiciary He Witnessed Her Coach A Friend On Polygraphs

And now we find out that Blasey-Ford’s BFF since high school Monica McLean, an FBI agent, assisted her in  preparing for her polygraph.

Christine Blasey-Ford Friend In Delaware Was Career FBI Agent and Likely Together During Accusation Letter Construct

“Ms. Monica Lee McLean, was a 24-year employee of the Department of Justice and FBI from 1992 to 2016.  According to public records Ms. McLean worked in both Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY.

In a 2000 Los Angeles FBI declaration Ms. McLean describes herself as a Special Agent of the FBI, Associate Division Counsel, in the Los Angeles Division Legal Unit.”

Monica McLean.JPG

CTH tweet about McLean.JPG
Read more of this Conservative Treehouse tweet in this thread:


Here Are Some Interesting Facts About Christine Ford’s Friend Monica McLean

Independent journalist Mike Cernovich had a very interesting take on Monica McLean’s duty to come forward with evidence Ford perjured herself being that McClean was an FBI agent.

“Court records show that Monica McLean was an FBI agent in 2000. If McLean remains an agent, and she did not come forward with evidence that Ford perjured herself re: the polygraph, then McLean’s security clearance will be revoked immediately, as she had a legal duty to do so,” Cernovich said.

“There was a Monica McLean at the SDNY office in 2008. Ford’s ex-boyfriend claimed Ford coached a Monica McLean (same person?) on how to pass a polygraph, which contradicted sworn testimony.”

“If McLean is an agent, she would have legal duty to inform the FBI of Ford’s perjury,” Cernovich added.

Polygraph meme ford.JPG

BOOM! President Trump Mocks Christine Ford’s Suspect Accusations at Mississippi Rally


….and then there’s the vocal fry that is so phony, fake and irritating


Hillary’s Intelligence Mole BUSTED

Acxiom red alert.JPG

Hillary Clinton’s Acxiom Corporation, allied with encryption key company ENTRUST, INC., has $ 18,252,108 federal information technology contracts with State Department, GSA and Veterans Affairs. Hillary’s 19-year Rose Law Firm partner Jerry C. Jones runs both ACXIOM and ENTRUST. Bill’s former chief of staff Thomas F. McLarty, III is a director. This gives Hillary almost total control over the dataflow of the Internet in America and abroad.

Mack Clinton Jones

Hillary Clinton’s 19-year Rose Law Firm partner Jerry C. Jones not only ran ENTRUST, but today runs Acxiom Holdings, a rogue C.I.A. brainwashing front headquarters in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Partners. (Accessed Sep. 24, 2018). Acxiom Holdings, Inc. ACXM. Acxiom.

Acxiom Holdings, Inc. ACXM Partners, accessed Sep. 24, 2018, Source: 4INFO, Acuity, Adacus, Adelphic, Adobe, Advert Serve, Aerserve, Aiki, Alterian, AMEX advance, Amobee, AOL, Appnexus, AT&T AdWorks, Audience Science, Bidtellect, Blueconic, Brandify, CMS, Centrol, Chalk Digital, ComScore, Collective, Comcast Media 360, Cisco, Crossix, DataXu, Digital Remedy, DirectMail2go, Dish Media Sales, Doubleclick Bid Manager, Ebay, Eyeview, Facebook, Foursquare, FourthWall, Gay AdNetwork, GroundTruth, HP, IBM, Inmobi, IQM, Jumpshot, KBM Group, Kortx, Krux, LiveIntent, Lotame, Lucid, Media IQ, MediaMath, Microsoft, Millenial Media, Minds Motives, Moasis, NetApp, NinthDecimal, Opera Mediaworks, Oracle Data Cloud, Outbrain, Pandora, Pinterest, PK Media, Prosper Insight & Analytics, Redpoint Global, RhyuthmOne, RocketFuel, Run, Sabio, ShareThis, Simmons, Sito Mobile, Social Reality, Sociomatic, Spotify, ThinkVine, TiVo Research, Torrential, TheTradeDesk, Tremor Video, TripleLift, TubeMogul, VarickMedia, Vertical Health, Verve, Viant, Videology, Virool, XAd, YuMe, Yahoo

Acxiom Corporation ACXM Co. No. 71-0561897. (Mar. 31, 2018). Form 10-K. SEC Edgar.

infobasestrong client relationshipsJerry C Jones 2.JPG


Acxiom Holdings, Inc. ACXM Co. No. 733269. (Sep. 21, 2018). Form 8-K filing by Jerry (Gerald) C. Jones, Chief Ethics Officer, Chief Legal Officer, Executive Vice President, Assistant Secretary. SEC Edgar.

Acxiom Jerry Jones

Acxiom Holdings, Inc. ACXM Co. No. 733269. (Jun. 23, 2004). Form 8-K filing by Jerry (Gerald) C. Jones, Business Development Legal Leader. SEC Edgar.

Acxiom Jerry C Jones 2

A second Hillary Clintonista, Thomas F. “Mack” McLarty, III, directs Acxiom Corporation (Little Rock, Arkansas) where Jerry C. Jones, Rose Law Firm, is chief ethics officer, chief legal officer, executive vice president, interim chief people & culture officer, assistant secretary:

Mack Clinton Jones

Thomas F. “Mack” McLarty, III (born June 14, 1946) is an American business and political leader who served as President Bill Clinton‘s first White House Chief of Staff from 1993 to June 1994, and subsequently as Counselor to the President and Special Envoy for the Americas, before leaving government service in June 1998.

Previously, he was chairman and CEO of Arkla, Inc. (1983-1992), a natural gas company. During that time, he was appointed by President George H.W. Bush to the National Petroleum Council and the National Council on Environmental Quality, and served on the St. Louis Federal Reserve Board.[1]

He is currently the Chairman of McLarty Associates, an international strategic advisory firm headquartered in Washington, DC, and chairman of the McLarty Companies, based in Little Rock, Arkansas. He is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (since 2001) and a partner in Kissinger McLarty Associates with Henry Kissinger.

current affiliationschanged in ownership

Acxiom Corp Co. No. 733269 ACXM. Form 4 (May 21, 2003). Thomas F. McLarty III, initial director share award. SEC Edgar.

Truly magical performance for a Little Rock, Arkansas company:

acxiom 2revenue growth

Acxiom Agrees to Be Acquired

by Silver Lake and ValueAct Capital for $3.0 Billion

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.  May 16, 2007

Silver Lake Partners (Silicon Valley)

Ancestry Online Genealogy and Consumer Genomics 2016 Partners
Ant Financial FinTech 2018 Partners
Aras Product Lifecycle Management Software 2017 Kraftwerk
Blackhawk Network Payments 2018 Partners
BlackLine Enterprise Accounting Software 2013 Sumeru
Blue Danube System Internet of Things (IoT) / Mobile Wireless 2017 Kraftwerk
Broadcom Inc. Advanced Semiconductor Components 2013 Partners
Carbon 3D Printing 2014 Kraftwerk
Cast & Crew Entertainment Payroll Processing and Software 2015 Partners
Cegid Enterprise Software 2016 Partners
Con-Pearl Recycled Lightweight Plastics 2012 Kraftwerk

Credit Karma financing

Ctrip Mobile and Online Travel Platform 2015 Partners
Dell Technologies Enterprise and Storage Solutions 2013 Partners
Didi Chuxing Mobile Transportation Platform 2017 Kraftwerk
EDR Real Estate Tech / FinTech 2018 Partners
Eka Commodity Management Software 2013 Kraftwerk
Endeavor Entertainment and Media 2012 Partners
Fanatics, Inc. E-Commerce 2015 Partners
FATHOM Water Utilities Data Solutions 2014 Kraftwerk
FlixMobility Mobile and Online Travel Platform 2016 Partners
ForeFlight Aviation Software 2014 Sumeru
Global Blue Transaction Processing 2012 Partners
GoDaddy Web Hosting and Domain Registration Services 2011 Partners
GoEuro Mobile and Online Travel Platform 2016 Kraftwerk

Groupon discount coupons

Hyla Mobile Mobile Device Trade-In and Reuse 2013 Kraftwerk
Influence Health Healthcare IT 2012 Sumeru
Intelsat Fixed Satellite Services 2008 Partners
Koubei Online-to-Offline Services 2017 Partners
Locaweb Hosting and Cloud Computing 2010 Sumeru
Motorola Solutions Critical Communications Solutions 2015 Partners
Oak View Group Entertainment and Sports Facilities 2018 Partners
Opera Solutions Data Analytics Software and Services 2011 Sumeru
Peloton Oil and Gas Software 2017 Kraftwerk
Quorum Business Solutions Energy Software and Solutions 2014 Kraftwerk,Partners
Red Ventures Digital Marketing 2015 Partners
Renovate America Technology-Enabled Energy Efficiency Financing 2015 Kraftwerk
Sabre Travel Distribution Solutions 2007 Partners
SenseTime Artificial Intelligence 2018 Partners

Skype Video and audio conferencing

SMART Modular Memory Systems and Solid State Drives 2011 Partners, Sumeru
SoFi Personal Finance 2017 Partners
SolarWinds IT Management Software 2016 Partners
Symantec Cybersecurity 2016 Partners
Tesla Integrated Sustainable Energy Solutions 2015 Kraftwerk
The Madison Square Garden Company Entertainment and Media 2017 Partners
Tintri VM-Aware Storage 2015 Kraftwerk
UFC Entertainment and Media 2016 Partners
Unity Development Software 2017 Partners
Velocity Technology Solutions Enterprise Cloud Application Hosting 2012 Sumeru
Weld North Education Education 2018 Partners
WP Engine Web Design, Development and Hosting 2018 Partners
ZPG Mobile and Online Consumer Services, Software and Data 2018 Partners

Walmart China sellout

acxiom our journey.JPGAcxiom AMS



More indictable proof of Clinton treason and sedition:

Evidence Hllary treason

2007 (Mar 29)    Bill Clinton paid $100,000 for Cisco speech

2007 (May 03)    Bill Clinton paid $150,000 for Citigroup speech

2007 (May 10)    James P. Chandler, III lectured Naval Intelligence in Jacksonville, FL on National Security and Classified Information (Patriot Act usurpation of Bill of Rights)

2007 (May 11)    Bill Clinton paid $170,000 speech for Acxiom speech in London UK

acxiom and Clinton.JPG

2007 (Sep 17+)  James P. Chandler lectured Russia lawyers on intellectual property sponsored by State Department

Here’s real Russian (State Dept.) collusion:

james chandler.JPGRussian lawyers

2007 (Oct 21)      Wal-mart chose SAP (Germany) to be global accounting system; Wal-mart & SAP are both IBM Eclipse Foundation

2007 (Oct 23)      Bill & Hillary registered The Clinton Foundation in India

clinton speaking engagementClinton financial disclosure


Angus King is No Good for America

King 1

Watch: Sen. Angus King Equates Russian Hacking to 9/11 Terror Attacks

Sen. Angus King (I-ME) on Tuesday compared Russian election meddling to the terror attacks of September 11, 2011, during his remarks at a 9/11 Remembrance event in Lewiston, Maine.

King 2

Sen Angus King: Trump Deserves ‘Substantial Credit’ for North Korea Summit

Thursday on CNN’s “New Day,” Sen. Angus King (I-ME) said President Donald Trump deserved “substantial credit” for the upcoming negotiations with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore on June 12. On the release of three Americans from North Korea, King

King 3

Sen King: ‘Impossible’ at this Point for Trump to Say Mission Accomplished

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Sen. Angus King (I-ME) said President Donald Trump’s tweet saying “mission accomplished” about the U.S. military strike on Syria Friday was “impossible to say at this point.” King said, “The second question sort.

King 4

Sen Angus King: Firing Mueller Is Not an Impeachable Offense — ‘I Would Consider It a Crisis’

Tuesday on “The Hugh Hewitt Show,” Sen. Angus King (I-ME) said it would not be an impeachable offense if President Donald Trump were to fire special counsel Robert Mueller. Partial transcript as follows: HEWITT: It’s a conversation. Let me talk to you

king 5

Sen King: Trump Is Going to ‘Extreme Lengths to Undermine’ Muller’s Investigation

Sunday on CBS’s “Face The Nation,” Sen. Angus King (I-ME) addressed President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer John Dowd and suggested special counsel Robert Muller’s probe should end in light of the ouster of FBI Director Andrew McCabe. King said, “I think it’s

The League of Extraordinary Candidates: Economic Nationalist Leaders Plan for Anti-Establishment Midterm Tsunami to Force Change

Conservatives and economic nationalist leaders are looking past the current dysfunction in Washington to a group of new and exciting young candidates throwing their hats in the ring nationwide to break the gridlock with midterm election victories.

Angus King: Russian Hacking ‘The Most Serious Attack on the US Since September 11th’

On Thursday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Senator Angus King (I-ME) argued that Russian interference in the 2016 election is “the most serious attack on the United States since September 11th,” and that Attorney General Jeff Sessions “doesn’t seem very

Sen Angus King: Trump Executive Order ‘the Worst Foreign Policy Decision’ Since Iraq Invasion

Tuesday on CNN’s “New Day,” Sen. Angus King (I-ME) told host Alisyn Camerota that President Donald Trump’s executive order halting immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries was “the worst foreign policy decision” since the United States’ invasion of Iraq. “It’ll

Sen Angus King Rips Trump for ‘Premature’ Germany, Turkey Terror Condemnation

On Monday, President-elect Donald Trump reacted to terror attacks throughout the world, calling on the civilized world to “change thinking.” On Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “New Day,” Sen. Angus King (I-ME) reacted by criticizing Trump and said it was

Sen Angus King: ‘My Concern Is That the Next Pearl Harbor Could Be Cyber’

Wednesday on CNN’s “New Day,” Sen. Angus King (I-ME) discussed the threat from abroad to the United States that comes in the form of cyber attacks. King told CNN’s Chris Cuomo the next “Pearl Harbor” may come in the form

Sen King Not Sold on WH Iran Deal: ‘No Trust,’ ‘Verify Like Hell’

Monday on CNN’s “The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer,” Sen. Angus King (I-MA) said while he was not happy about the letter 47 Republican senators sent to the leadership of Iran, that will not stop him from supporting Sen. Bob

ISIS: King Blasts Republican Ambivalence on Congressional Power

Sen. Angus King (I-ME), who caucuses with the Democratic Party, pointed out Wednesday that while the GOP has plenty to criticize in President Barack Obama’s foreign policy, its own foreign policy is muddled. Worse, he noted, the Republican Party seems

Angus King: No Such Thing As ObamaCare

On “Fox News Sunday,” Sen. Angus King (I-ME) faced questions on how to fix the problems causing American’s problems with doctors and hospitals not accepting their new insurance plans: Follow Pam on Twitter @pamkeyNEN

Angus King: ‘I Would Not Go,’ ‘Send My Family’ to the Olympics

Sen. Angus King (I-Maine) on CNN’s “State of the Union” on the Sochi Winter Olympic games security risks:

Maine’s Angus King: No One Has Been Held Accountable for Benghazi at the State Department

Sen. Angus King (I-ME) on Sunday’s broadcast of CNN’s “State of the Union” elaborated on the Benghazi scandal and his Senate committee’s bipartisan report…

obama 1

Fail: US Has Wasted $154 Billion on ‘Renewable Energy’

On Thursday, the Associated Press reports, “President Barack Obama is ordering the federal government to nearly triple its use of renewable sources for electricity by 2020.” In October, the Department of Energy announced $60 million in subsidies for solar energy

Lib Senator Agrees With Rand Paul On Drones

Senator Angus King, Jr., a political independent who caucus with the Democratic Party, agreed with Rand Paul on setting up oversight for drone strikes against American citizens.

Senate Stays Static

In the final analysis of Tuesday’s national elections, the Democrats will retain their majority in the Senate and slightly expand their lead. They had a 53-47 margin before the election, and now it is 54- 45, or 55-45 if Independent

Democrats maintain control of Senate

(AP) Democrats maintain control of SenateBy DONNA CASSATAAssociated PressWASHINGTONDemocrats secured a majority in the Senate on Tuesday, snatching Republican-held seats in Massachusetts and Indiana and turning back fierce, expensive challenges in Virginia, Ohio, Wisconsin and Connecticut to maintain the control

AP Calls Senate Races for Angus King in ME, Bill Nelson in FL

Two Senate races that were stretches for Republicans have now been called for Democrats or those who will caucus with them, according to the Associated Press. Former Maine Governor Angus King, whom Breitbart News has covered extensively due to his

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Did Angus King Leave Maine With a $1 Billion Deficit?

When Angus King finished his second term as Governor of Maine in January 2003, he left the state with a $1.2 billion deficit, according to the Maine Republican Party. But in television ads paid for by his independent campaign for

Campaign Finance Shenanigans Uncovered In Maine Senate Race

Watch this at WRKO Three Wall Street billionaires, Michael Bloomberg, Peter Ackerman, and John Burbank III, have funded Americans Elect, an organization that has spent more than $800,000 in the past three weeks in support of Independent Angus King’s campaign

Angus King’s Next Public Racket

That sound you hear from Maine is Angus King breaking wind – for gas. King has spent his career making money off championing the use of wind for energy, and used to decry the use of natural gas, but somehow

Three Wall Street Billionaires Chip In To Save Angus King

What do Wall Street billionaires Michael Bloomberg, Peter Ackerman, and John Burbank III have in common with Eliot R. Cutler (pictured at left), the former Independent candidate for governor in Maine and a current State Chairman for the Maine United

Evaporating: Angus King Lead in Maine

Angus King, the supposed independent backed by the Democratic party who once held a gigantic lead of almost 30 points in the Maine Senate race, is now in serious trouble. According to a new poll conducted by the National Republican

DSCC Forced to Pour $410K into Maine Senate Race

The Democratic Party is getting more and more concerned about the prospects for Angus King in Maine. What once was looked at as an easy win has gradually become a horse race, and now the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has

Angus King Sends Wife Trolling for Money

In the same vein as the Obama “personal” e-mails with their ubiquitous whining, moaning, and begging, Angus King has sent out his current wife, Mary Herman, to play victim because poor, weak, Angus can’t do it himself. Dear Friend,   When

The Angus King Federal Bailout

Add former Maine Governor and current Independent candidate for Senate Angus King to the long list of Obama administration cronies who have personally made money off the $800 billion Obama Stimulus program. King’s personal bailout came in the form of

Angus King: How to Waste Money in Maine

Angus King, who is running for the Senate in Maine, has taken out an ad that claims he will “shake things up” and “get things done.”  That’s nice; he certainly shook things up and got things done when he was

Worse Than Solyndra: Obama Admin Buying Maine Senate Seat with Crony Energy Loans

The Obama administration is famous for its crony capitalism. It’s famous for wasting money on disastrous investments like Solyndra to pay off its political allies. It now appears, however, that they go a step further: they put public funds in bad investment loans,



Solution to End Social Media and MSM Propaganda


All hands on deck.

We could use help getting this one page flier to change agents in DC – whether it is your congressional representatives, senators, and/or WH officials.

We are getting sick and tired of the propaganda media and the continuing harassment from social media platforms of independent voices.

We have put this link in a tiny url for tweeting and a PDF for printing and mailing. Please fan this out to your circle of influence. Let’s be a united voice for the Restoration of the Republic. Here is a real solution that we can get behind.

Call and Solution for an Immediate Alternative to Propaganda Media

Contact the White House here.

It’s Time to Storm the Swamp


Word version of the flier that you can use if you wish to personalize the flier:


Dear _____ , I have been a shareholder since 2000 in Leader Technologies, which is headquartered in Columbus. OH. [Substitute the first sentence with an appropriate opening that describes your interest in these matters.]  Leader’s CEO Michael McKibben had rebuilt AT&T’s email system in the mid-1990’s, then he set out to solve Internet collaboration problems, and invented what we now call social networking.

To cut a very long story short, Mike went to Washington, D.C. to find an intellectual property attorney and hired law professor James P. Chandler, III.  Dr. Chandler is the author of the Economic Espionage Act of 1996 (18 USC 1831).  Chandler was also advising Bill and Hillary Clinton and the intelligence community. Chandler pretended to help Leader protect its trade secrets and prepare for patent filings, while he was secretly giving Leader’s innovations to the Deep State shadow government intelligence community after forming the IBM Eclipse Foundation, with David J. Kappos, IBM’s intellectual property counsel and later Obama’s patent office director (2009-2013). This timeline is thoroughly documented and available.

In short, all of the social networking companies that emerged in 2004, including Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Yahoo, blogs and wikis all got their start using Leader Technologies trade secrets. In 2008, Leader sued Facebook and proved on 11 of 11 claims, despite total stonewalling by an Obama judge nominee, Leonard P. Stark, that Facebook infringes their patents, but then Leader encountered the utter corruption of the senior federal courts who circled the wagons around Facebook and failed to disclose their massive holdings of Facebook financial interests. Hindsight shows that Facebook was merely one of many rogue C.I.A. intelligence psyops to perform mass surveillance and media narrative control, while also making their friends wealthy.

Leader shareholders have recently filed liens, effectively, at the White House called “Miller Act Notices” demanding that the Executive Branch pay us for 18 years of free use of our innovations without compensation during the Clinton, Bush and Obama years right up to this day. We know President Trump had nothing to do with this, but the Miller Act law requires we serve him as the President.

The total claim in damages and forward-looking licensing is in the trillions of dollars in uncompensated value, but the Miller Act Notice breaks down the proposal in a win-win scenario. Part of this win-win is for the federal government to collect $500-750 billion in new Internet revenue without raising taxes.

Michael McKibben is willing to dedicate the bulk of his 51% to plowing those funds into the development of a truly Fourth Estate Free Press that will be established on these funds—completely free of corrupt corporate interests that have hijacked the mainstream media.

The Miller Act Notice is teed up so that President Trump can direct the Treasury to write ONE CHECK to Leader Technologies and kick off the immediate establishment of a competitive alternative to the MSM stranglehold on America.  President Trump has the full, singular authority to make this decision based on the prior executive orders that created this theft.

Mr. McKibben is willing to meet President Trump at any convenient location and time.

Bottom line, the establishment of an effective alternative to the MSM is possible with the stroke of a pen. It is teed up and actionable tomorrow.