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New York Times Admits Coup Against Trump

Deep State Panics Over NY Times Confirming Active FBI Coup Against Trump

Let’s get busy, patriots. Time to educate and enlighten your circle of influence about these traitors and international conspirators who attempted to overthrow Donald J. Trump. This is truth history.

James Comey

John Brennan

James Clapper

Susan Rice

Andrew McCabe

Robert Mueller

Mitt Romney

Mark Zuckerberg

Loretta Lynch

Jeff Sessions

Rod Rosenstein

Hillary Clinton

Diane Feinstein

Barack Obama

Michael Horowitz

John Roberts

George Bush

George Soros

Stefan Halper

Christopher Steele

Geoffrey Pattie

Richard Dearlove

Mark Malloch-Brown

Nick Clegg

Richard B. Allan

The Queen

The Pope


Globalist Scumbag John Roberts is Responsible for All 11 FISA Court Judges and for the Illegal Spying Conducted on Trump and Other Americans

Globalist Scumbag John Roberts is Responsible for All 11 FISA Court Judges and for the Illegal Spying Conducted on Trump and other Americans

roberts and fisa court

Fox News Reports: In another unusual twist, the 11 judges are appointed exclusively by the Chief Justice of the United States, without any supplemental confirmation from the other two branches of government. John Roberts has named every member of the current court, as a well as a separate three-judge panel to hear appeals of FISC orders, known as the Court of Review.

The Supreme Court would theoretically have the power to hear any subsequent challenges, but the justices never have– at least not that we know. But the Electronic Privacy Information Center last week directly asked the high court to review the NSA collection of telephone communication data. Roberts himself expressed some reservations about this judicial concept — also known by the acronym FISA — during his 2005 confirmation, one of the few times a federal judge has talked publicly about that court.

Just so everyone knows Chief Justice Roberts has been the ruling factor in blocking Trump’s restrictions on asylum in the Supreme Court today, so I’ve decided to make some connections. Guess what I found? The revealing information through some quick research reveals the fact that Justice Roberts named every single FISA judge who currently sits on the FISA court bench. This basically means that Justice Roberts in a major way is responsible for the illegal use of the FISA court by Obama to spy on President Trump and those close to the President, as Justice Roberts named all 11 FISA Court Judges who sit on the FISA court bench.

The FISA court pretty much allowed Obama’s illegal spy ring on President Trump with Foreign help, where Hillary started it with hiring Christopher Steele to write up the unverified report by Fusion GPS…Which was used illegally because unverified reports violate the FBI criminal statues to get a warrant through the FISA system. So really in a big way Chief Justice Roberts who has been the ruling factor in blocking Trump’s asylum restrictions, is pretty much responsible for the illegal use of FISA on President Trump. SOURCE


ham sandwich…and who knows what this corrupt SCOTUS judge is doing with this mystery Mueller case. It’s probably the Concord Management case where Mueller is trying to indict a ham sandwich from the catering company.

SES Herr Mueller Grasping at Anything to Make a Case About Something from Absolutely Nothing

Supreme Court Intervenes In Apparent Mystery Mueller Case


Let’s remind you about this scumbag and how he handled the Leader v Facebook case. In Leader Technologies’ Petition for Writ of Certiorari submitted to Roberts, he failed to recuse himself since he:

(a) had a personal mentor relationship with Facebook’s appeals attorney, Thomas G. Hungar of Gibson Dunn LLP,

(b) he had substantial holdings in Facebook financial interests,

(c) failed to demand conflict of interest recusals pursuant to the Code of Conduct from the three-judge panel in Leader v. Facebook since each judge held substantial Facebook financial interests. Federal Circuit Judges and Clerk Alan D. Laurie, Evan J. Wallach, Kimberly A. Moore, Randall R. Rader, Jan Horbaly,

(d) failed to set aside the Federal Circuit ruling in Leader v. Facebook once it was discovered that Weil Gotshal LLP attorney Edward R. Reines entered an appearance in Leader v. Facebook on behalf of the Federal Circuit Bar Association (in which the judges were members) while he was simultaneously conspiring with Federal Circuit Chief Judge Randall R. Rader to fix cases (Rader was removed from the bench; he had done nothing to police the multiple breaches of ethics of the Leader v. Facebook panel),

(e) had previously recused himself in a case involving Microsoft, who was and is a notoriously-known principle stockholder and technology provider to Facebook, therefore his Microsoft holdings gave him a recusal-able conflict of interest in Leader v. Facebook,

(f) failed to disclose his common membership and association with Hungar’s partner Theodore B. Olson in the Senior Executive Service (SES) Association shadow government,

(g) failed to disclose his conflict-level camaraderie with Gibson Dunn LLP’s Theodore B. Olson in the former U.S. Solicitor General’s club. Roberts (1992 Plum Book), Olson (1984 Plum Book),

(h) failed to order release of Zuckerberg’s 28 computer devices from his Harvard period (2003-2004) after it was discovered in another case that Facebook had lied about their existence, saying they were “lost,” then magically found to be in the possession of Facebook’s appeals attorney Gibson Dunn LLP the entire time.

(i) failed to order release of Zuckerberg’s 28 computer devices from his Harvard period (2003-2004) after it was discovered in another case that Facebook had lied about their existence, saying they were “lost,” then magically found to be in the possession of Facebook’s appeals attorney Gibson Dunn LLP the entire time, and

(j) failed to stop the persecution of Paul Ceglia by U.S. Attorney Preetinder Bharara in New York (now on the Mueller Witch Hunt that is using fabricated “dirty dossier” evidence against President Trump)  who used fabricated evidence of forgery to arrest; that the so-called evidence against Ceglia is fabricated has now been verified by a NY appeals court.

Bottom line, John Roberts has turned a blind eye to the total collapse of judicial ethics in America.

roberts children.JPG
Some say that the blackmailing began over Robert’s illegally adopted children. But since they are adults now and the dirty secret is all over the internet, what else does his puppet master have on this compromised G L O B A L I S T scumbag who shreds the U. S. Constitution in one horrific decision after another (Obamacare, Leader v Facebook, etc) and supported the overthrow of an American president with illegal spying?

Rules of Removing a Supreme Court Justice


SHUT IT DOWN! The U. S. Government has been infiltrated by Globalists who want to destroy the American nation state

shut it down.5b for wall.

Pelosi and Schumer continue to put Americans in danger. GLOBALISTS are unwilling to protect our NATIONAL borders…so the people say

CLOSE the government. It no longer works for the citizens of America

President Trump Meeting with Democratic Leaders VIDEO

President Trump clashes with GLOBALISTS Pelosi and Schumer over border security (click here to view C-Span video) and government funding during an Oval Office meeting.

We say that the government needs to be shut down, along with defunding Senior Executive Service operatives who do nothing but give no-bid contracts to SERCO and thwart the progress the PEOPLE are trying to make to regain our national sovereignty.

President Trump, please bring our domestic enemies to their knees. We need to demolish their criminal enterprise that has lodged itself in our government so that we can protect our nation and start arresting the criminals.

A great place to start would be shutting the whole thing down and use your budgetary discretion to fund what is absolutely necessary to protect our military, border security, and citizen social security recipients.


grab your orange vests.jpg
Learn more about the American Orange Vest protests to show the globalists like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer that have entrenched themselves into our government and country, that We the People are FED UP.  We do not advocate violence, but promote a massive, peaceful demonstration. We want to show POTUS that we fully support him in shutting down this corrupt, criminal organization called the U.S. Government.

Open this link to learn how to get involved.

Time to Hit the Streets: Demand Hillary’s Arrest and Full Funding for the Wall

More B.S. from globalists Pelosi and Schumer. We don’t want you “hand of friendship,” Nancy. We want $5 billion of OUR TAX DOLLARS to pay for a wall to secure our nation.


On the hunt for Richard C. Walker

Richard C. Walker
Richard C. Walker??

WHO IS RICHARD C. WALKER, the patent holder for the Internet of Things? Our search continues with these nuggets below. Join us in our search to find the most elusive man in the internet.

Some say RCW might be a “front” for Hillary Clinton or James P. Chandler III for some amazing patents. What will your search find? Work the solid leads we are providing you and let us know what you discover. Go to any of our sites and type his name in the search bar to see the other nuggets we have pulled from the information mines.

Below are notes that Kline sold James P. Chandler III’s house to the Islamic Community Center of Potomac.

Harriet’s mother owned the 11201 Spur Wheel Lane, Potomac, MD, 20854 property used in the Kline patent assignment.

richard c walker patentislamic community center  (Her contact info is in the hyperlink.)

real estate agentsLong and fosterspur wheel laneHarriet KlineMargo KlineJames Philip Chandlerliesa mcfadden

Discovered in Judicial Watch FOIA of Hillary’s private email server. This is the ONLY time Chandler’s name appeared in her emails that we have seen so far.

encryption key set up


We are still hunting the most prolific patent holder in U.S. history. Who is Richard C. Walker? Is he a front-man for Hillary Clinton, James P. Chandler, III, and/or some other globalist with evil intentions for the world? How could one man have so many patents, be mentioned in so many other patents…yet NO ONE KNOWS WHO HE IS.

Richard C. Walker. (Searched Nov. 28, 2018). U.S. Pat. No. 6,965,816 referenced 231 times by other patents. USPTO.

So magical.


Broadcom 1Broadcom 2

Richard Clark Walker, Waldorf, MD

Walker presidentKline and Walker

Richard C. Walker, Palo Alto CA

Richard Walker signatureElectronic devicesRichard c walker 2power of attorneyHale and DorrRichard walker 2


Richard Clayton Walker, b. 5/9/1960 (Palo Alto CA)

  • 2066 Oberlin St, Palo Alto CA 94306

Richard Clark Walker, b. 12/10/1948 (Durham NC, prior: Waldorf MD, Potomac MD) m. Jean Walker

  • 700 Finsbury St, Durham NC 27703
  • 15000 Hunters Harbor Lane Waldorf MD 20601
  • 11201 Spur Wheel Lane, Potomac MD 20854 (TRAC patents)

Note on Clark, two email addresses:

Birth certificates

Marriage(s) certificate


[November 30, 2018]

Still on the hunt for Richard C. Walker, one of the most prolific patent holders in U.S. history…yet who is he?

Where is he?

How did he create so many patents?

What is he doing with his most famous patent – The Internet of Things?

Walker signature 2012integrated circuit postwalker patent

Harriet R. Kline (nee Kassan)

9408 Fox Hollow Drive

Potomac MD 20854

Her mother is Ann Kassan (nee Knable)

Her grandmother was Sherry Kassan (d. Dec. 5, 2005)

Her husband Is Michael Alan Kline

Her children are:

Justin Kline

Ryan Kline

Alex Kline

Her maiden name is

Kline obit

Michael Alan Kline


David Kline


tri-state energy.JPGmichael klinemichael kline tri-stateMargo Kline



Calling a Digital Flashmob to Senator Goodlatte’s YouTube Channel

Bob Goodlatte & Serco Celebrate

Goodlatte Joins Patent Separating Company To Celebrate 2 Millionth Application

flash mob.jpgWe are sending you directly to Bob Goodlatte’s video on this so that you can write a comment about SERCO directly to Senator Goodlatte who is now in your circle of influence and needs to be educated and enlightened by our AIM community about SERCO.

Calling a digital flashmob at YT link:

The internet is beyond time and space so it doesn’t matter when you make your comment under Goodlatte’s video. The more time goes by, the more powerful our collective message will be.

Either he is clueless or complicit. Either way, the good senator needs an education from you. Make sure your comments are detailed, as long as you like them, and say what’s on your mind because this is his YouTube official site and someone will have to read these comments especially if they come en masse. Avoid too many hyperlinks so that you aren’t left in ‘moderation mode”.

And if you don’t know what to say, go to,, or and type ‘SERCO’ in the search bar. Many articles will come up. Click on one and grab whatever text you like from the post. Then cut and paste into the YT comment box, adding your own special sentiments.

Foreigners welcomed to participate.  Share the flashmob with your network and ask them to join us.

We are the information warriors.

Very Corrupt FISA Court Judge James E. Boasberg Connected to Judge Jon Steven Tigar

Judge Jon Steven Tigar is a partisan political hack whose backers are all globalists. He has a life-long relationship to a very corrupt FISA court judge James E. Boasberg (Tigar’s globalist handler?), who attended his confirmation. He appears to be yet another globalist soy boy.

Tigar failed to disclose in his ruling against President Trump that he has defended Latin American citizens in U.S. courts previously (1999), and was a member of a self-avowed anti-conservative organization.

Tigar failed to disclose that he has a friend in the FISA court that permitted the illegal surveillance on then candidate Trump. In short, he’s up to his ears in anti-Trump conflicts of interest.

Steven Tigar

CA Judge Jon S. Tigar just blocked President Trump’s latest immigration orders to stop the migratory invasion in the U.S. southern border.

Tigar is an Obama appointee. He had little work experience and his resume shows he is a lightweight, likely a stooge for political forces who pushed him forward.

Tigar, in 1999, represented the California League of United Latin American Citizens.

Tigar is a career-long colleague of FISA Judge James E. Boasberg who actually attended his Senate Confirmation Hearing. See AFI. (Jun. 20, 2014). Pattern of U.S. Scandals Points to Shadowy Group. Americans for Innovation. boasberg (See Boasberg photo on right)

Tigar stonewalled an answer Sen. Grassley’s question regarding his membership in the hard-left American Constitution Society for Law and Policy. Which stated that one of its goals was ‘‘countering right-wing distortions of the Constitution.”

Tigar career buddy James E. Boasberg is heavily invested in Deep State shadow globalist financiers who are promoting open boarders in defiance of the President and the last election mandate to build a southern wall and stop illegal immigration, including 6th St., LLC,, Armstrong Equity Partners / now COX FLP, LTD., Bedrock Billiars, LLP, Berkshire Hathaway Inc Class A, Buffalo Billiards (TN), LLP, Buffalo Billiards (TX), LLP, Microsoft, Inc., Carpool, LLP, State Street Equity Index Fund, T. Rowe Price Cap. App. Fund, T. Rowe Price Sci & Tech Fund, Vanguard Growth & Income Fund, Cisco – Brokerage Acct, Cisco – IRA, DAG II, LLC, DAG, LLC, Etrade Bank Money Market, Fidelity Cash/Money Market, Fidelity Municipal Money Market, Fidelity US Treasury Money Market, Galaxy Dessets, Intel Corporation, Johnson & Johnson, Krispy Kreme Donuts, Linear Technology Corporation, Lowe’s Companies Inc., Mackey’s, LLP, Medtronic, Inc., Moody’s Corporation, BLANK King St. LLC, Procter & Gamble, Inc., Walgreen Co., Wells Fargo Bank, Western Union Co.

Tigar 1

Tigar 2tigar 3

Judge Jeb Boasberg is a corrupt FISA court judge who is heavily invested in Deep State shadow government financiers

tigar 4

tigar 5

Refused to answer Sen. Grassley’s question about his progressivism view of the Constitution.

tigar 6

Represented Japanese globalist Daicel with Mexico presence

3:00-cv-04379-MMC Dean Foods Co., et al v. Eastman Chemical Co., et al
Maxine M. Chesney, presiding
James Larson, referral
Date filed: 11/22/2000
Date terminated: 11/08/2002
Date of last filing: 11/18/2002

3:98-cv-04886-MMC Za-Za, Inc., et al v. Eastman Chemical Co., et al
Maxine M. Chesney, presiding
James Larson, referral
Date filed: 12/22/1998
Date terminated: 11/15/2002

Date of last filing: 06/24/2016

tigar 7

tigar 8

Genetech is a member of Obama’s secret technology council:


Tigar 9

Tigar 10

Represented Raul Rey against Robert Mueller

Settled with Mueller for a $100,000 fine

5:95-cr-20079-JW-1 USA v. Bey, et al
Date filed: 06/21/1995
Date terminated: 12/02/1998
Date of last filing: 08/13/2003

Tigar 11

tigar 12

tigar 13

tigar 14

tigar 15

tigar 16

tigar 17





Matthew G. Whitaker Is Not AG Material

Matthew G. Whitaker

Not AG material. He’s a placeholder and sacrificial lamb.

2008 Plum Book, p. 204


whitaker pay

whitaker 2

whitaker 3

U. S. Patent Office and Justice John Roberts Support Lawlessness in America

Alien Invasion of America by Globalist Attorneys and Judges


Make sure everyone in your circle of influence knows that the U.S. Patent Office STEALS patents from inventors. We have posted much about this over the last year. They are run by British-owned SERCO. Once they steal your patent, good luck finding any thiefcourts to protect you. Until the U.S. Patent office is run by 100% American interests and supported by LAW AND ORDER from the highest court in the land, expect to be ripped-off, left penniless with hefty law suit fees, and permanently silenced in ever expressing your creation again.

Make sure all the entrepreneurs and inventors you know understand how corrupt this office is. The U. S. Patent Office does not protect property rights of inventors. Their attorneys hover over you like the vultures they are and STEAL your property and rights from you – all done very legalistically so that their corrupt courts can uphold their theft.

Just ask Justice John Roberts how he ruled in the Leader v Facebook case, all the while holding Facebook stock, never recusing himself from this huge conflict of interest. So it’s ok for a Supreme Court judge to grab his adopted children through illegal means, then rip off Leader Technologies, financially benefiting from Leader’s invention when its true inventor and courageous patriot Michael McKibben’s has never received anything for inventing this powerful internet tool of scalability.

Facebook Unmasked: How the World’s Most Relevant Entrepreneur Was Screwed by Zuckerberg

Keep in mind that globalists are like lizards. Energetically they are “reptile beings” with lack of imagination and creativity. James P. Chandler III, for example, is/was just a clever attorney, among a swamp of B. A. R. lizard beings, who stole patents from hard-working American entrepreneurs. Chandler never invented or created anything himself, except for teaching more attorneys how to steal from inventors.

Beware of patent attorneys

And who was under Chandler’s tutelage? Hillary Rodham Clinton, for one, a patent attorney, whose early work at Rose Law Firm was dedicated almost exclusively to intellectual property and patent infringement law.

And what is Hillary’s relationship to Richard C. Walker, the prolific patent creator from Agilent who has a patent for the Internet of Things, all the while Hillary holds the encryption keys to the internet.

Frankly, the citizens of America are beyond upset that three branches in Washington cannot clean up this mess.

We have posted volumes on indictable evidence showing the corruption of the swamp, from Rat Rodenstein’s wife Lisa Barsoomian to Dianne Feinstein’s (D-China) foreign interference in the elections, from Robert Mueller’s involvement with terrorizing Americans on September 11, 2001 to the nasty corruption of Mitt Romney who operates rigged voting machines along with his son Tagg, funded by  his globalist colleague George Soros.

American Intelligence Media patriots have placed the entire swamp on notice. And they had better pay attention because We the People are sick and tired of their



GOVERNMENT FAILURE TO PAY FOR VENDORS (Leader Miller Act Notice has still not been paid.)

Hillary R. Clinton
Hillary R. Clinton



To that end, our compatriot Christophe E. Strunk made an official filing with the Supreme Court on Friday. The petition calls out election rigging and the means by which it is done, the corruption of Senior Executive Service, SERCO, the Crown Agents, and the British and Chinese interference with our elections and government operations.

The Writ shows that the government hasn’t paid Leader Technologies for stealing its trade secrets, which have been the technologies that our enemy – the Globalists – have used to censor and surveil Americans. It provides links to hundreds of files from Americans for Innovation and their HUGE crimeline, with judicially recognizable evidence, of illegal and unconstitutional actions of the swamp creatures.

The filing was accepted by Justice Roberts’ office.




take actionLike Christopher Strunk, Michael McKibben, Tyla and Douglas Gabriel, you, too, can take action against a tyrannical government and its bad actors.

Examine the Writ of Mandamus yourself and see what you can do with your talents, skills, and time to push this important citizen-effort into your truth community.

Can you send a copy of the Writ to your Congressperson or Senator? Can you send a copy to VP Pence, who received his own copy from Strunk, but who might need to know you are watching him and that you demand that this globalist nonsense be defeated?

Do you think President Trump would be interested in seeing this filing? Then make it happen.

Are you a foreign person or country, an inventor, a business or person who has been wronged by these criminals?  We suggest that you check out the Crimeline on the AFI site and search the names of the companies and people that have harmed you. Check out the evidence we have and use it to take your own action.

Check out the dozens of citizen intelligence reports on the American Intelligence Media site. Read each one and educate yourself on the true nature of the enemy. Then educate and enlighten your circle of influence.

There are countless ways we can attack these bad actors. This is the Great Information War and we have given you a plethora of information tools to fight the battle in your part of the world.

Now get out there and start reclaiming the Republic.

The Ball (Writ of Mandamus) is in Robert’s Court

As we wait for Robert’s action on the People’s Writ of Mandamus, we are reminded what Judge Roberts said and/or affirmed to Congress between September 12–15, 2005 in his confirmation hearings.

“A judge should inform himself about his personal and fiduciary financial interests”
28 U.S.C. § 455(c) Disqualification of justice, judge

“A judge should avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety”
Code of Conduct for United States Judges, Canon 2

“ROBERTS: …If confirmed, I would resolve any conflict of interest by looking to the letter and spirit of the Code of Conduct for United States Judges . . . the Ethics Reform Act of 1989, 28 U.S.C. § 455, and any other relevant prescriptions.”
S. Hrg. 109-158, Roberts Nomination Hrgs., p. 118.[01]

“ROBERTS: …Well, I don’t think special interests should be allowed to lobby federal judges.”
S. Hrg., p. 431.

“KYLE: …Judge Roberts, I expect you to adhere to the Code of Judicial Ethics.”
S. Hrg., Statement of Hon. Jon Kyl, p. 20.

On threats to the rule of law, “ROBERTS: …The one threat I think to the rule of law is a tendency on behalf of some judges to take that legitimacy and that authority and extend it into areas where they’re going beyond the interpretation of the Constitution.”
S. Hrg., p. 256.

“ROBERTS: …[The Soviet Constitution] purported to grant wonderful rights of all sorts to people, but those rights were empty promises because that system did not have an independent judiciary to uphold the rule of law and enforce those rights. We do, because of the wisdom of our Founders and the sacrifices of our heroes over the generations to make their vision a reality.”
S. Hrg., p. 56; See also p. 447.

“ROBERTS: …I became a lawyer, to promote and vindicate the rule of law.”
S. Hrg., p. 447.

We are watching you, Justice Roberts. Time to get on the right side of truth.

Betsy the bulldog

Emergency Application to Preserve Paper Ballots Filed with U.S. Supreme Court, DHS, VPOTUS

Two Well-heeled NY Veterans Respond Powerfully to Executive Order 13848 to Disclose Proof of Election Interference

Exhibits Prove Foreign Interference from Britain, China and Shadow SES Government

Spread the truth.


On Oct. 29, 2018, two well-heeled U.S. USAF and Navy Veterans, Christopher Strunk and Harold Van Allen, filed an Emergency petition for a Writ of Mandamus and Injunctive Relief.

Their application was officially filed with Chief Justice John Roberts at the U.S. Supreme Court, John M. Mitnick at the Department of Homeland Security, and Vice President Mike Pence as head of the Presidential Election Investigation. Readers should note that both Justice Roberts and Mr. Mitnick are both Senior Executive Service (SES) members that is identified as one of the groups interfering in our elections.

The emergency petition asks: (1) to preserve paper ballots in all 50 states, (2) to convene a court of inquiry into foreign election meddling, (3) to report to DHS from the inquiry and (4) to order other appropriate relief.

Strunk and Van Allen provide over 300 pages of hard evidence, citing thousands of judicially-recognizable government documents, that the 2016 midterm election is threatened by numerous election meddling activities by:

Guarantees of a Free & Fair Vote:

Unbroken, Bipartisan Chain of Custody

One-Citizen, One-Vote

(1) The British Privy Council;

(2) George Soros’ Open Society Foundation in collaboration with former UN Deputy Secretary General Lord Mark Malloch-Brown;

(3) Massive fascist Big Tech election fraud and censorship of conservative voices in conspiracy with the Senior Executive Service (SES), U.S. Digital Service, Hillary Clinton, The Clinton Foundation, ENTRUST, Acxiom, Google, Alphabet, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Alibaba, Baidu,, Lockheed, Big Finance, Big Audit, Big Law, USAID, OPIC, UN and others;

(4) Chinese “courtesy copies” of Hillary’s private server emails about classified U.S. State Department matters;

(5) British-controlled SERCO infiltration, with the British Crown Agents, in most US agencies, including the U.S. Patent Office;

(6) Social networking intellectual property theft (scalability) and brainwashing algorithms;

(7) Election machine tampering and fraud (ES&S, Smartmatic, Sequoia, Diebold, Hart Intercivic, Dominion, OpTech);

(8) Breaches of chains of custody on ballot counts, (8) man-in-the-middle ballot tally fraud;

(9) Congressional confirmation of these frauds (e.g., proposed Wyden Protecting Americans Votes and Elections Act of 2018).

Patriots are encouraged to contact these agencies and demand that all paper ballots be preserved by each state Secretary of State, until such time as a fair vote can be confirmed, and that their votes have been confirmed by bipartisan chain of custody citizens oversight (not bureaucrats and “expert” third parties), and one-citizen, one-vote.

Full SCOTUS filing. (Note: The actual petition is 30 pages. The other 339 pages are exhibits in support of the arguments. Suggest you scan quickly the first 11 pages that establish legal “standing,” then start reading in earnest about page 12.)


Listen to Michael McKibben and Douglas Gabriel discuss the filing with petitioner Christopher Strunk. The People put the Supreme Court on notice

In the audio below we hear from in-the-swamp patriot Christopher Strunk after he delivers the petition to the Supreme Court. The document is now officially received by Justice Robert’s office.

AIM Cats go to SCOTUS on behalf of the PEOPLE


Links to Source Documents:
Executive Order 13848. (Sep. 12, 2018). Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election. 83 FR 48195, Doc. No. 2018-20816, Vol. 83, No. 179 published Sep. 14, 2018. Federal Register. See also

Executive Order 13818. (Dec. 20, 2017). Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption. 82 FR 60839, Doc. No. 2017-27925, Vol. 82, No. 246 published Dec. 26, 2017. Federal Register. See also

Americans for Innovation

Live Action False Flag. Watch Rogue CIA Work Through FBI to Terrorize Americans


Boom banner

LIVE ACTION: Watch the rogue CIA work through the FBI in the continuation of the MAGABomber False Flag in real time. In the just-released complaint documents below (wow that was fast….hmmmm), you will see the desperate narrative that the globalists want you to believe. Can’t wait to see what “energetic material” is.

There are so many things that are outright idiotic in this filing, that we will save it for a Betsy-Thomas discussion. In the meantime remember that the complaint document comes from the same direction as the inter agency task force that Peter Strzok worked out of. He hasn’t been fired… yet….from the CIA, has he? Remember he was both FBI and CIA. He was fired him from the FBI. Is David Brown one of his close associates from the Joint Terrorism Task Force?


Cesar Sayoc

Other points to pay attention to are the jurisdictions involved. As a Conclave member explained to us in a text: “Where people named in a complaint in different areas it’s called diversity of jurisdiction. They only needed one of them to have been in New York to have the excuse to file it…the dirtiest jurisdiction in the country. The one Mueller owns.”

Then where do they find the darn van? In Broward County! Can we say Debbie Wasserman-Schultz?

For every false flag ….there is ‘THE PATSY’. Pictured below is the “over zealous” truck. Notice the professionally and freshly applied vinyl stickers covering windows of a Florida licensed van – which we think is illegal for their vehicle laws. Notice that there is absolutely no graffiti or vandalism on the van!

FBI Arrests Man in Connection to Mail Bomb Campaign

Wow, that was fast! Hmmm…FBI + False Flags + Midterms + Swamp Draining Sounds = Same old crap from the Fibbin’ Bureau of Instigation.

Patsy truck
Close-up of the stickers on the alleged bomber’s van


he is not a republican


bomber arrests 1Bomber arrests 2


Great pictures and videos under the hyperlink below:

Suspect Cesar Altieri Sayoc Jr. Arrested in Bizarre Mailed IED Plot